SMM Case Study:

How to double the subscriber base on social mediaby unique content and unified style


Comfy is the first multi-channel retailer of home appliances and consumer electronics in Ukraine.


• To increase the number of subscribers

• To ‘humanise’ the Comfy social media profiles

The Comfy’s motto — we work with people for people!

Sasha ZhylyayevHead Of Digital & Brand at Comfy

Initial Data

The Comfy social media profiles are not sales platforms, commercial pages or hidden “traps” for its users. The primary goals of the SMM strategy are to strengthen the brand image and awareness, as well as to create a convenient place for communication with customers. The brand builds trusting, friendly relations with subscribers; people are their main asset.


Considering the company’s approach, we set the following challenges:

Push = Happiness

The Banda creative agency created a new brand mascot named Push, which mirrors the Comfy’s values. Push is not an ordinary character. This is the fuzzy material that symbolises the happiness and emotions people experience after a new purchase. Bright, friendly and pleasant by touch, it can take any form.

Facebook profile before we started working on the project



Instead of regular discounts and promotions, we published useful, informative content, which subscribers liked to read and share on their own profiles.

Entertaining content

COMFY is always in the public eye with trends and follows the latest technical innovations, movie premieres, and other newsworthy events that can interest the target audience.

The development of ongoing rubricator has systemised the publications and formed the regular rubrics the brand perception is formed through.
New Rubrics “Quiz” and “Rate”

COMFY is constantly in touch with their subscribers. New rubrics help to establish communication with users and dilute useful content with a kind of interactive posts.

“Guess” Rubric

With the help of a ready-made Emoji set, we display the plot or key elements of a book/movie/TV show. Subscribers need to complete the puzzle and leave their answer in the comments.

Animation attracts attention, makes the content diverse and finds favour among users, especially if the publication is devoted to a newsworthy event

After Apple’s presentation, we reminded subscribers of the new Series 4 features in an unordinary way: these were animated as a slot machine

The Star Wars Day is celebrated annually by fans on May 4th. Gifs help geeks choose a theme gadget and make an online purchase.

New Facebook Functionality

The concept of the unique Facebook photo column was utterly changed. We replaced the boring reports from events and stock photos by interactive 3D posts.

The average number of give aways per month

The average give aways coverage per month

The number of participants per month

The Current Design Of GiveawaysAfter Development Of An Unified Style

Reach: 744 917

Likes: 11 438

Comments: 17 659

Shares: 12 140

Reach: 523 120

Likes: 7 180

Comments: 14 400

Shares: 6 435

Reach: 209 559

Likes: 3 672

Comments: 5 056

Shares: 3 070

Reach: 126 336

Likes: 2 303

Comments: 3 643

Shares: 2 786


New Approach To Managing An Instagram Account

Before the Promodo team was involved in the project, most of the content on Instagram containedstock images and photos from COMFY retail stores.After upgrading, the profile acquired aesthetics and a unified style. It was filled with useful and exciting posts, received a thoughtful rubricator, and unique photo content.



Shopping Tags

COMFY was one of the first to start testing Shopping Tags in Ukraine. Tags on an Instagram photo allows users to find out all the product information they are interested in with one click.

Shopping Tags solve a number of important issues:

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is a good tool for engaging users in the brand life. 65% of subscribers watch stories first, andonly then visit posts. COMFY stories are alive and relevant. They entertain subscribers, give useful information and sum up the giveaways. COMFY employees are the heroes of COMFY stories.

How content is created

Instead of stock images, unique photo content on the COMFY social media profiles is created by our SMM specialists.

This is how the process and the actual result look like:


Although our first priority was to increase brand awareness and the level of communication with subscribers, user loyalty led to increased transactions and revenue from online sales.





Switching to completely unique content, the development of the unified style and the connection of the rubricator allowed us to increase the COMFY subscribers base to almost twice the original size.

Facebook Performance Growth

Although our first priority was to increase brand awareness and the level of communication with subscribers, user loyalty led to increased transactions and revenue from online sales.


Organic Reach

Overall Reach

Engaged users

Instagram Performance Growth


The average number of likes per post

The average number of comments per post

*Images in this case study were translated into English specifically for Ukrainian is the only original language for Comfy profiles in social networks.

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