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  • Cost per conversion decrease techniques
  • Smart bidding tips
  • Campaign tracking and web analytics customization
  • New types of PPC ads you can make use of

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About Promodo

Promodo is a digital marketing agency offering integrated solutions for online projects for 13+ years. Promodo is official Google AdWords & Analytics partner with DoubleClick for Advertisers (DFA) Certification, Bing Ads Accredited Professional and certified partner of Yandex statuses.

Thanks to the special status, Promodo has the advantage of using Google API, Adobe Media Optimizer, and a host of other tools and technologies to ensure the highest ROI and efficiency for the project we promote.

Promodo has worked with such brands as Namecheap, Bwin, De'Longhi, Regus, Teletrade, Karcher, 4for4, Proswimwear, InetGiant, Itransition, Kenwood, Rozetka, Comfy.

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