Nikon Corporation is a company that manufactures and sells optical instruments, including imaging products, microscope solutions, semiconductor lithography systems, and industrial metrology solutions.

This spring, Nikon launched a new flagship camera – Nikon D7500 DSLR. The task for the local agencies around the world was to adapt advertising campaigns for the local markets.

  • To promote Nikon D7500 DSLR among the target audience on Facebook;
  • To drive targeted traffic (photographers and fans of the brand) to the website.
  • To adapt Nikon’s marketing campaign for the Ukrainian market;
  • To support the campaign with a non-standard communication channel;
  • To increase the coverage among the target audience and bring users to the site.
Target audience
Nikon belt


The team has selected Facebook Canvas as the main promotional instrument. This format is a logical follower of the Facebook’s Carousel format, which allows viewing several photos of an advertised product.

Canvas, in turn, enables to show the full-screen advertisements to the target audience with the possibility to scroll, watch videos, and interact in other ways.

Benefits of Canvas:

  • Storytelling. Canvas allows you to tell the story of your product or brand consistently,
    creating a consistent user experience.
  • Adaptability. The instrument is displayed in the same way on every mobile device,
    regardless of axis and resolution.
  • Interactive. You can involve the users into your story using the Canvas tools:
    Carousel, active buttons, video, and panorama.
Nikon gate

Facebook Canvas Ads

nikon 2


To promote the Nikon D7500 DSLR, we used all available Canvas tools:


The video showed the possibilities of the camera for popular music.



Tell the user to turn the device around.


Slide show

Facebook Canvas has shown itself as an effective tool able to support traditional digital marketing instruments. It has helped the marketing team attract the target audience and increase the website visits.


The place for performance among the
of all countries that launched canvas
on local markets
Depth of view
Cost per click
The number of visits
to the website

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