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7 How-Tos Your Vet Clinic Should Build Up Its Online Presence

September 15, 2023
20 mins

There's no denying that digital marketing opens a door of opportunity to businesses of all sizes and across various niches. While marketing for vets is not the exception to the rule, Promodo experts have prepared a bunch of essential insights to boost your online presence. 

In one of our veterinary blog articles, we’ve emphasized the vital importance of digital performance marketing solutions for vet clinics. Today, we would like to dive deeper into the nuts and bolts of going digital. 

Veterinarian Marketing Services: Going Digital 

Some 47% of U.S. businesses reported an increase in their marketing budgets in 2023 with an average revenue allocation of 7-10% to marketing purposes. This indicates that more and more businesses are going digital today.

Marketing Budget

Simply put, if you are not on the Internet in today’s digital reality, you are nowhere. Nobody knows about you without a digital presence. And, why should anyone care whatsoever? 

Worse than that, without pursuing ‘bricks-and-clicks’ mode, your vet practice risks losing competition to the new market entrants around the corner. Thousands of emerging start-ups are trying their luck in one way or another, which means your stance as an established local vet clinic might be shaken over time. That’s where marketing for vets comes into play.

While at Promodo we emphasize digital marketing for veterinarians, it is high time you consider sound digital opportunities to expand your practice. In this pursuit, we suggest doing step-by-step homework:

  1. Set strategic goals for your vet business venture within three years. 
  2. Define a target audience for your vet practice and granulate search intent among pet owners by pet age, breed, diet, individual health needs, and wellness concerns.  
  3. Develop a strategy as a reliable roadmap that will drive your business forward. 
  4. Set a realistic budget for your digital marketing campaigns.
  5. Work out the most efficient marketing channels and creative solutions
  6. Measure interim results. 

Our expert says: You’ll reap a greater return on investment (ROI) on your marketing spend by tracking sales and conversions on your site. Mariia Shevchenko, Sales Strategist at Promodo.

Marketing To Vets: SEO As Marathon

The sad truth across today’s digital landscape is that the overwhelming majority of businesses downplay search engine optimization (SEO) while attempting to gain a solid online presence. Trying to save on professional facilitation by digital marketing agencies, they do their utmost to skip SEO metrics and let the process develop as is. 

Unfortunately, digital marketing doesn't work that way. In times of harsh rivalry across markets and rising demand for goods and services, the ultimate winners are the companies that invest in digital marketing beyond their physical brick-and-mortar activity. 

Say, you are a mid-scale local vet practice that serves pet owners within a ten-mile radius. That is how geographic bond to the local area limits your business opportunity. 

You may even have dozens of satisfied and loyal customers who apply to you for regular vet checkups. That all sounds well if you are okay with staying as a small-sized local vet care business forever. And if that’s the case, you’ll never get outside the local box.

Sure, there’s a wider opportunity for you notwithstanding whether you are an established vet clinic or a vet practice start-up. And that’s where all rivers run to the full-funnel digital marketing

Trying to be penny-wise, most businesses get pound-foolish eventually. Company owners are absolutely stubborn in trying to do digital marketing on their own. Instead of turning to a professional veterinary marketing agency, they spend tons of time and money managing digital marketing on their own. 

Even a broad overview of veterinary SEO services shows a whole bunch of metrics embraced by SEO, varying from quality content and backlinks to authority scores and target keyword rankings. 

While placing your veterinary marketing services online, craft a website and launch a blog. The corporate site will mark your online presence and serve as a primary touchpoint with the target audience and prospects. These are minimum requirements, while further search engine optimization steps necessitate professional marketing facilitation.  

While there are more than 200 ranking factors defined by Google as essential, your digital marketing success mostly depends on catching up with SEO metrics and performance KPIs.  

Google ranking factors

Here are the core SEO metrics you should permanently track, or better outsource this task to a reliable veterinarian digital marketing agency

Major Takeaway: Marketing to veterinarians is a serious business where SEO is only part of the job to be done to rank high on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Veterinary Advertising: Benefiting From Online Directories

Despite a broader market reach over time, you’ll primarily serve pet owners as a local vet practice. 

Given this pivotal association, be sure to set up your vet clinic account in Google Business Profile. Other sites for going local online are Yelp, Whitepages, and Touch Local where prospects will easily find you. 

Your visibility on these resources is vital, while most customers will reach you in case of an emergency. They need you in no time whenever something bad happens to their furry companion. So, while pursuing digital marketing for veterinarians, top your local competitors by being one phone call away within a six-seven-mile radius. 

Considering the urgency of vet care in most cases, arrange a live chat on your site where human consultants will communicate with customers 24/7. Beyond formal presence on local directories, this feature is extremely important to connect with pet owners and win their loyalty. 

The importance of online communication

Veterinary Marketing Strategies: Getting Across Social Media

The simple truth nowadays is that the more you are visible online, the more people will recognize you as a reputable business venture. That said, you should get in touch with your target audience and potential clients online. 

Essentially, the success of your brand awareness depends on social media platforms where people spend a fair share of their daytime. Granulate pet owners by demographics and you’ll spot the most promising social media channels that will bring you clientele. 

Three major generations of pet parents, Baby Boomers, Millennials, and Gen Zs use different social media platforms and expect customized targeting strategies on your end. 

Your home task here is to spot the ones that will work best in your case and fill your online presence with creative approaches. The pursuit requires perpetual experimentation with A/B tests. That is the only way to know why a certain campaign brought you end customers, whereas the other one failed.  Constant experiments through trial and error will also show you how site visitors are converting into leads on your site pages.

Take Your Vet Practice Onto The New Level!
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While there is a binary approach to social media marketing: paid and unpaid, you will not be able to lead a systematic business performance without regular investments in ad campaigns and social media promotions. The good news here is that digital marketing is a measurable business, so you always know where you should change your strategy and/or improve it. 

Major Takeaway: Your social media marketing success through wider networking is a long-haul journey. While there's no room for stable constants, everything changes pretty fast here. So, your strategic task is to monitor pet care marketing trends and stay creative. 

Veterinary Marketing Ideas: Pursuing Video Extravaganza

With YouTube on the rise for four consecutive years now, there’s no excuse for neglecting this social media channel. Beyond all the digital marketing legwork you are to perform, YouTube marks your special online presence.

Regardless of the format you choose, your vet care brand should be present on YouTube. This is the surest platform where you can prove your professional expertise and share hands-on vet care experience with your target and potential audiences of pet owners. 

Watching you online and attending streams and live sessions is the most efficient trust-building approach among the applied veterinary marketing strategies. Over time, viewers will develop a visual and emotional connection with your brand and recommend your vet services to others. 

Use longer videos (preferably up to ten minutes) to educate pet owners and share your veterinary expertise. Alternatively, benefit from YouTube shorts (up to one-minute-long videos) to entertain your audience and make their vet care experience less hectic.

For the latter purpose, you may also benefit from TikTok as a popular social media channel, particularly among Gen Z pet owners. There is, of course, much more in marketing for veterinary practices.

Major Takeaway: Personal touch with your audience here is not a one-way street. As a powerful social media platform, YouTube holds space for comments and customer feedback. That is your golden opportunity to land potential customers on your website.

Crafting a User-Friendly Design

Despite the wide range of digital marketing channels you’ll use to attract potential customers for your vet practice online, your website is the final spot where people take action. 

User experience (UX) and User interface (UI) are essential digital marketing building blocks that predetermine the quality of a customer journey on your site. 

That is where you should come up with creative design solutions. In addition, the pages on your site should embrace must-have elements we’ve discussed in our most recent blog article:

  • Smooth site navigation
  • Contact information
  • Social media links 
  • User-friendly mobile version
  • Unique brand elements
  • Color-balanced imagery
  • Subtle textures
  • Pop-ups with discounts and loyalty offers 
  • Regular vet checkup reminders 
  • Live chat
  • Call-to-action (CTA) buttons 

Major Takeaway: The more engaging your design is, the longer users will stay on your site. This is how you’ll boost conversions and mitigate bounce rates.

Digital Marketing For Veterinarians: Paying For Clicks

Pay-per-click (PPC) is among the most efficient digital marketing approaches to target quality audiences and turn them into the end customers for your vet services. The approach entails an “order here and now” strategy. Once the key phrases you target resonate with the search intent among pet owners, you’ll get immediate orders.

While PPC attempts will cost you an extra marketing budget, it is worth adding to your overall digital performance strategy. The major mistake made by the majority of players is to cease bidding on the keywords once previous attempts have proven ineffective. While PPC is about immediate results, it is also much about harsh rivalry. 

Similar to SEO, PPC assumes a long-term marathon through trial and error. Occasional losses may soon compensate for substantial revenue if you keep on trying with feasible pay-per-click tactics.  

Major Takeaway: Take PPC as a long-haul marketing strategy, where you continuously experiment with individual campaigns and learn from past failures. 

Keeping Email Marketing In Place

Beyond a wide range of digital marketing channels, the days of email marketing are far from being gone. Nonetheless, the strategy is overwhelmingly downplayed across the niches. 

The magic of email marketing is in keeping in touch with your audience by sending them useful vet care content. 

Much of your digital marketing success is about generating a loyal customer base, the clientele you will always rely on. While customers appreciate brand loyalty, they want to hear from you periodically. 

That’s where emails come into play. In this vein, we suggest exploring email marketing strategies run by the top five global vet players. Use Similarweb to spot the world’s top vet care providers and see how they apply email marketing as a feasible communication channel. 

While email marketing is different from retention marketing apriori, still it’s among the best-fit approaches to sustain your client base. Pet owners, and especially emphatic pe parents, appreciate every extra mention and extra connection.  

E-mail marketing

This is your ace in the hole, so make sure you play this card well to win more customers from the competitors: 

  • Inspire personalized approaches filled with extra bonuses, seasonal discounts, and loyalty offers 
  • Send personalized reminders about regular vet checkups
  • Offer free-of-charge vet consultations online
  • Schedule convenient appointments
  • Greet your clients and their pets with birthdays and anniversaries
  • Send snapshots referring to your vet blog
  • Suggest subscribing to your email newsletter by offering a one-time discount.

Major Takeaway: These and other email tactics will help you get you far closer to your target audience, and will turn more people into regular customers of your vet services. That’s how email marketing makes an indispensable part of digital marketing for veterinarians. 

Today, we shared a bunch of insights that reveal marketing for vets from within. We dived into the subject matter to show you the very minimum you should do to place your vet practice online. 

Once you need professional assistance and facilitation throughout your marketing journey, our qualified digital marketing experts are here to help.

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Written by
Taras Bereza

Content Marketing Manager at Promodo

Taras has 16 years of hands-on copywriting experience overseas with 3000+ unique copies.

Accredited with Certificate of Proficiency in English (C2 level) by Cambridge University. Studied at Writing Launch Academy (United States) and owns an Academic Writing Certificate from Oregon University. Author of 12 dictionaries with Apriori Publishers.

September 15, 2023
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