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Author's Page: An Important Element Which Strengthens the Trust of Both a Reader and Google

Digital Marketing
April 11, 2023
11 min

In the world of digital writing, the value of which is leveled by tons of AI-generated content, the value of the individual rises. Today, in order to stand out from the competition, it is important to personalize the content you deliver to the reader. The unique ideas of the author, non-standard approaches, professional experience, and expertise of a specialist in the field are characteristics of quality content. Following these principles, your writing will be valued by both readers and search engines.

Creating and promoting an author profile is one of the effective ways to personalize content, gain readers' trust, and rank better in search engines. We asked our senior SEO specialist Vladislav Trishkin to share his experience, reveal insights, and provide recommendations that will allow maximizing the benefits of writing an “about the author page”. 

What is an Author Page

After another update of search engine algorithms in 2019, the presence of an authoritative author became a mandatory condition for a good ranking of YMYL sites.

Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) are pages that Google considers affecting the future health, well-being, financial stability, or safety of people. When evaluating such pages, not only the relevance but also the veracity of the information is particularly important.

Our Senior SEO Specialist Vladislav Trishkin emphasizes that creating, properly filling, and promoting an “about author” page is highly effective for all sites that publish articles and information blocks. Therefore, marketers, SEO specialists, and site owners should consider this simple but effective tool for organic promotion.

The author page is a separate landing page on the website that contains information about the author and their experience in the field of work.

Example of an Authors Page on Promodo’s Website
“An author page is a cross-channel necessity for effective organic search, Google Discover, and Google News. Although the latter two appear in the referral channel in Google Analytics, they have a very significant impact on generating organic traffic.” Vladislav Trishkin, Senior SEO Specialist at Promodo

How to Write About the Author Page?

The SEO specialist claims creativity to be the best approach to filling an author page with content. “There are general recommendations that are suitable for news sites, entertainment blogs, online product stores, etc. However, they are not enough for the medical, financial, or technology industries. For a good ranking of YMYL sites, the expertise, and professionalism of the author are crucial. Writing about the author page on such websites you need to think more broadly and add unique components to the author's profile, such as conferences with the participation of an expert, scientific publications, inventions, etc.,'' emphasizes Vladislav Trishkin.

Let's look at a few author page components that you can add to your site.

  1. Author's Bio: A biography of the author should briefly describe the writer, including information about education, work experience, and writing articles.
  1. Author's Photo: Including a photo of the writer on the author's page can help to personalize the page and the content created. 
  1. List of Published Articles: An “about author” page should contain a list of links to materials under the writer’s authorship. This information can help readers find other interesting articles and evaluate the content creator's expertise in various niches. At the same time, it will also benefit your site traffic and increase reader engagement.
  1. Links to Social Media Profiles: Including links to the author's social media profiles will also personalize the author's page. However, Vladislav Trishkin notes that you should provide links only to those social media platforms that contain professional information. Only in such a way, the combination of the author’s page and social media profiles will create the effect of synergy and enhance authority and trustworthiness. 
  1. Media Features: If the author has any media features, such as webinars, interviews, or content on other websites, including links to external sources on the author's page can help to prove the author's expertise and the page's credibility in search engines.

Although these elements on the author page are enough for good SEO optimization, please do not limit yourself to them.  Writing an about the author page, you should include the information that reinforces the author's expertise, authority, and trustworthiness in the eyes of readers and Google. 

Author's Page as Factor Affecting E-E-A-T

E-E-A-T is an acronym used by assessors to rate the quality of Google search results,  which stands for Experience, Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. We’ve already discussed this and other 2023 SEO trends in our article

An author's page on a website is an effective tool that can help the website to be highly valued according to all components of E-E-A-T. Google uses the concept to evaluate the quality of websites and their content. As a result, the approach plays a critical role in determining a website's ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs).

“Author’s page is being objectively evaluated by Google and subjectively evaluated by the assessors based on the E-E-A-T factors”. Vladislav Trishkin, Senior SEO Specialist at Promodo

Here are some ways that an author's page can contribute to high evaluation according to E-E-A-T factors:

Experience: Experience is the newest E-E-A-T component introduced by Google in 2022. With the properly created author's page, you may demonstrate the experience of the writer in the field. For example, the fact that a content creator has experience working in the marketing sphere for 7 years definitely makes him/her an experienced one. 

At the same time, you shouldn’t forget to demonstrate your own experience and impressions from it in the structure of the article. Just like we described our experiments with the ChatGPT in one of our recent articles.

Expertise: An about the author page can demonstrate the writer's expertise in a certain field. By providing information about the writer’s background, education, and writing experience, the page can help to establish the author as an expert in their field. This can signal to both search engines and assessors that the website is a credible source of information. As a result, the website gets a higher rank in SERPs.

Authority: An about the author page can also help to establish the website's authority in its niche or industry. By including information about the author's accomplishments, such as awards, media features, and publication history, the page can demonstrate the author's authority in the field of writing. As a result, it can be one of the signs for assessors that the website is a valuable resource, which can also benefit the ranking.

Trustworthiness: You may also highlight the trustworthiness of the website through a properly created and filled author’s page. By including information about the author's credentials, such as education, career, and challenges accomplished, the page can help to establish the author as a trustworthy source of information. 

Benefits of an Author's Page for Readers

Establishing Trust and Authority

One of the primary benefits of writing an about the author page for readers is the establishment of trust and authority. By providing detailed information about the author's background, expertise, and published works, readers can develop a deeper understanding of the author's professionalism and credibility. 

Creating a Connection with Readers

Another benefit of about the author pages is the opportunity to create a connection with readers. By sharing personal details about the author's biography, career, and life, readers can feel more interested in the author's work. At the same time, it also increases the chance that they will find other articles or attend events where the author participates as an expert. Additionally, an author's page can provide a platform for authors to communicate directly with their readers.

Benefits of an Author's Page for Google Ranking

An author's page can have a significant impact on search engine optimization (SEO) as it can improve the website's overall visibility and ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). Here are some ways that an about the author page can affect SEO:

Website Traffic Growth

First of all, the author profile is a separate landing page with its own keywords and relevant content. Secondly, due to the adaptation of the site to E-E-A-T requirements, it ranks higher in Google, which in turn increases organic traffic.

Vladislav Trishkin also shared with us a successful case study. Due to the creation and filling of profiles authors, editors, and site team, as well as other implemented SEO methods, the client's organic traffic grew by more than 200%.

User Engagement Increase

Another benefit of creating about the author pages is improving user engagement on the site. If the reader likes the writer’s article, the user can go to their profile and find other publications of the author. As a result, we have improved SEO indicators.


Our SEO expert admits that Promodo clients usually do not order the creation of author pages as a separate service. They turn to our company, as the best performance marketing agency according to the IAB, in order to improve their traffic, increase the number of leads, and paying customers. And then it's up to our specialists.

In this article, we’ve revealed the SEO insights and impressive results of creating and filling out an author's profile. By launching the provided recommendations, you can gain the trust of both the reader and search engines.

If you also want to get such results, contact our team!

Written by
Olesia Holovko

Team Lead of Content for

Content marketing manager at Promodo with 7+ years of writing.

When creating valuable business content, I always seek fresh data, interesting facts, the expertise of professionals, and meaningful insights to bring relevant ideas to the audience. I believe that good content can enrich the experience of marketers, empower business owners to make data-driven decisions, and enhance companies in growth.

Written by
Vladislav Trishkin

SEO Team Lead at Promodo

Vladyslav has been working as SEO Specialist for over 5 years.His portfolio of projects includes:, Sinoptik,, etc.

He is a fan of Ahrefs, enjoys reading Google's Assessor's Guide, and is always ready to have a discussion about SEO.His main specialization is promoting content and media projects, and he has numerous successful case studies.

Beneficial link on Vladyslav's expertise:




April 11, 2023
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