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Driving Growth and Trust: Email Marketing for Fintech Companies

Email marketing
June 6, 2023
10 mins

Email marketing has become a vital tool for financial service companies in the fast-paced, constantly-evolving world of fintech, where financial technology meets creative solutions. 

The power of financial services email marketing is its capacity to create direct  customer touch points with clients that enable fintech businesses to traverse the digital terrain and engage their target audience successfully.

Fintech businesses can develop effective campaigns that support their overall marketing goals and work in alignment with other marketing channels, for example SEO. They utilize email marketing specifics for financial and insurance companies. Marketing campaigns are absolutely beneficial as they establish trust, foster customer relationships, drive conversions, and more.

Let's dive into the specifics of email marketing in the fintech industry and see how it may advance corporate performance of startups and established players. 

What Is Email Marketing for Financial Services?

From welcome emails to transaction confirmations to savings tips, fintech email marketing is primarily about two things: reliability and value. 

You are probably using  fintech services, anything from payment solutions and personal finance management to fin apps or neobank solutions. What do you expect to see in your inbox from companies like these ? I assume letters that convince you that you have entrusted your money and personal data to the right company. Or, perhaps, valuable financial content specifically tailored to your current needs.

Hence, emails that are on point, provide solutions to your real-life problems and perhaps inspire you to try out new services the company can provide and make your life easier. 

Why Would You Need an Email Marketing Strategy for Your  Fintech C

Today individual consumer expectations are vital as never before . Email marketing has turned into crucial means for financial organizations to interact with their target markets directly. Unlike other advertising media, email marketing is the way of contacting people right in their inboxes. 

Stats show that a defining share of the Internet users still prefers to receive business communication via email.  Once someone shares their email address with you, they expect you to reach out to them with valuable information and offers. 

Email marketing is an invaluable option for financial institutions as it helps them build and sustain lasting connections with customers, provide relevant and timely information, advertise their goods and services, educate users on complex financial issues, and develop meaningful conversations. 

Fintech businesses must have a clear email marketing plan to accomplish their business goals. Mostly, financial companies segment their audiences, adapt content depending on consumer requirements and preferences, and automate email processes to pursue effective customized communications.

Therefore, it is crucial to establish an email marketing plan in the financial services sector. Here are some other reasons:

Taking Care of Consumer Data

Financial service businesses may effectively handle consumer data by using email marketing. Customer information may be synced with email software via integration with CRM tools and databases that enable targeted and customized email messages.

Maintaining Consistent Communication 

To succeed, financial service companies should maintain permanent contact with the clients. A financial email marketing plan is what fintech businesses use to handle continuous communication, boost engagement, fortify customer relationships, and increase overall satisfaction. Financial email marketing strategy makes people aware about the nature of the provided services, products, and current changes so that the clients can make informed decisions. For example, here’s an email I’ve got from Wise about increasing fees: 

Notice how this email explains why the fees have been increased and offers me to check the new transfer costs. This shows how the company is concerned for customers and allows me to decide whether I would like to use their service any further.

Driving Customer Retention and Engagement

Email is an efficient method to boost client engagement and retention. Customers are engaged and kept up to speed on the newest goods, services, and promotions via frequent mailings, updates, and tailored offers. 

Assisting Clients in Accessing Their Financial Information 

Owing to the email marketing approach, financial service companies communicate important messages  to customers without forcing them to visit a physical branch. Emails serve as convenient means of  providing customers with updates, documents, transaction verifications, and other related services.Financial companies apply email marketing strategies to make financial information available everywhere. 

Ensuring the Security of Transactions and Interactions

Emails can and should be used as the reliable means of verification and multi-factor authentication that keep your customer accounts secure.

Benefits of Email Marketing for Financial Services

We've already touched on the reasons why you should include email marketing in your corporate strategy, but let's now consider additional email marketing opportunities for fintech companies.


Email marketing is capable of generating the return on investment (ROI) of $36 for every $1 spent. It allows you to reach large audiences with a minimal cost per every email sent. Besides, email marketing provides you with essential data that helps you measure the success of your campaigns and make changes to optimize your marketing  budget.  

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Enhanced Brand Image:

Brand Personality, email design and tone of voice are crucial for fintech, since they reflect the revolution undergoing in financial services. It's vital to design emails that are aesthetically attractive and consistent with the brand image. According to the Head of Retention Marketing in Promodo, Svitlana Fursa, the right tone of voice should be clear, simple and serious but still it should resonate with the language of the youth and keeping in mind that the primary target audience of fintech companies are Millenials and Gen Z. By following these rules and reflecting  Brand Personality in your emails, you will establish strong associations with your brand among your target audience.

Conversions and Lead Generation: 

Financial services email marketing is an efficient means to engage leads and turn them into customers. Financial services organizations establish eligible subscriber lists by collecting email addresses via multiple channels like website sign-ups or lead magnets. They further develop targeted email campaigns to nurture leads and boost conversions. Here is our evidence-based proof on email marketing potential.

Upselling and Cross-Selling: 

Financial organizations benefit from email marketing to advertise new goods and services to their customers. Fintech companies cross-sell and upsell their offers to extend the lifetime value of each client and boost revenue growth. In this pursuit, they carefully design email campaigns that emphasize relevant items based on individual customer profiles and preferences.

Best Practices for Insurance & Fintech Email Marketing 

Clear and Engaging Copy 

Financial service emails must be transparent, truthful, and compliant with the rules. To prevent coming off as spam and to persuade recipients to read emails, pay close attention to the subject line and preview content. The use of clear and concise terms makes the financial services less mysterious and more approachable to larger audiences. 

Personalization and Segmentation 

The financial services sector emphasizes customization. Make sure your offers are relevant to actual customer needs, their individual life phases, and available resources by granulating  your client  base and delivering personalized emails to individual consumer groups. 

One of our clients operated as an online payment service provider. We have used very narrow segmentation based on people’s financial behavior. We have sent out separate emails to people who pay their utilities online, separate to the drivers who need auto insurance. It worked pretty well, as we catered different services to people who were most interested in them. As an email marketing specialist, you should always focus on delivering the right message to the right recipient.
Svitlana Fursa
Head of Retention, Promodo

To produce more relevant and tailored information, segment your audience by age, geography, and purchasing preferences. Use merge tags and dynamic content to customize subject lines, preview text, copy, and call-to-action links. The approach is among the most useful email marketing strategies in the financial sector.

Set Up Email Automation 

As a fintech or insurance company, you will need to send automated letters to your customers to inform them whether their transaction was successful or someone logged in their account from an unusual spot. You are welcome to read more about retention marketing automation here. 

Use Attention-Grabbing Subject Lines 

Ensure your subject line is engaging and attention-grabbing since it will be the first thing people see when they open your email. In the subject line, be sure to explain why someone should open your email. To maintain confidence among your subscribers,  avoid spammy or deceptive subject lines. 

Do not overuse emojis as they mostly appeal to younger populations of consumers . 

Provide Useful and Relevant Content 

Emails about insurance and fintech services should engage readers with valuable facts, expert views, and solutions to their immediate financial problems. To become a dependable email marketing financial advisor, provide educational materials, business updates, financial advice, and direction. Focus your effort on the content that is relevant, useful, and helps users make informed decisions.

Here is an example of a useful email from an online trading company, Freedom 24:

Include a Clear Call to Action (CTA) 

There should be a distinct and visible call to action in every email. Make sure your CTA is noticeable and  clickable. It is vital in all cases: whether you urge readers to seek a price, join up for a service, or invite them to explore additional information. You may also balance persuasion and urgency tactics here.

Be Upfront About Your USPs

Firmly promote both new and former financial services. Introduce them in a new light to make people associate your financial services with lifetime solutions. Take a look at an email example from Interactive Brokers:

It highlights the benefits that make the company stand out without sounding intrusive. 

The content should be interesting, it should help to add life hacks, real-life stories of how a company's service can help a customer out. It also helps to come up with good storytelling and wrap it around a given service. I would recommend adding a feedback block to such campaigns, where you could ask customers if they like such content and whether they would like to receive the letters like this in the future.

Svitlana Fursa

Consider Adding Gamification 

While you want to maintain credibility, not all kinds of gamification elements will bee appropriate and you need to be careful when choosing on. 

Svitlana told us how her team came up with a calculator element for the bank that estimates how much a client will save over time if they set aside a certain amount each month.

Another great example of gamification in fintech is quizzes. For example, a quiz on financial literacy helped to educate customers about corproate services.

Here is an example of gamification from Binance that promises bonuses for completing verification, which turns the boring process in an interactive quest with a pleasant reward:

Maintain Regulation Compliance 

Fintech and insurance sectors are highly regulated. Make sure that your email marketing techniques adhere to the applicable legislation, including the CAN-SPAM Act and the GDPR. Obtain valid permissions before sending finance emails. 

You will much increase your institutional credibility by having all legally essential texts and information in the footer, such as unsubscribe buttons and contact information. Make sure all the unsubscribed users are black-listed right away so that you don’t violate their privacy. 

Track and Analyze 

Observe email data, including open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and unsubscribe rates. Examine the statistics to determine what is working and what needs to be improved to best serve individual financial needs of your audience. Utilize the information to improve your tactics in email marketing financial services and develop more successful campaigns. Here you can read more on what metrics you should consider to measure the success of your email campaigns. 

Maintain Data Security 

Data security is vital in the insurance and fintech industries. Put strong security measures in place to safeguard client data and uphold confidence. Use encryption, secure servers, and industry best practices to protect sensitive information.

How to Select a Reliable Email Service Provider

We suggest emphasizing these essential qualities:

  • Security: Pick an ESP that places a high priority on data security and regulatory compliance.
  • Scalability: Ensure the ESP can manage your increasing traffic through email for financial services without experiencing performance concerns.
  • Deliverability: Seek an ESP with a solid history of excellent finance email deliverability.
  • Reputation Monitoring: To maintain a good email for financial services' sender reputation and increase deliverability rates, use an ESP that monitors sender’s reputation.
  • Personalization: Look for an ESP with personalization and dynamic content possibilities.
  • CRM Integration: To ensure successful segmentation, confirm that the ESP aligns with your CRM system.
  • Marketing Automation: Use an ESP with marketing automation tools for more efficient campaigns.
  • List Management: Determine if the ESP provides enough list management options. Consider using an ESP that offers real-time data and analytics to measure the performance of your marketing campaigns.
  • Reliable Customer Support: Select an ESP that provides dependable customer service.


Email marketing comes as a critical factor in the success of fintech startups. This is how financial service providers build trust, improve client connections, and promote company development. 

Fintech organizations may successfully manage the constantly changing financial services sector owing to innovative solutions assumed by financial email marketing .

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Written by
Anastasia Marchyshak

Content Marketing Manager at Promodo

Immersing myself fully in any topic I explore and my appreciation for simplicity are the driving forces behind my work.

Written by
Svitlana Fursa

Head of Retention Marketing

I've been working in email marketing since 2016. I passed the way from a junior specialist with the thoughts "email is spam in the mailbox?" to the real jedi of retention marketing. I worked with the largest Ukrainian eCommerce projects. I'm keen of the latest technologies and non-standard technical implementations.

June 6, 2023
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