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Effective Therapy Advertisement: Proven Strategies to Get More Clients

Digital Marketing
June 7, 2024
20 mins

In today’s featured blog post, our healthcare marketing experts share the best strategic approaches to promote therapist businesses online and attract more clients. Top tips by our professional marketers will help you maximize client reach and dive into effective strategies for therapists! 

Therapist Ads: Challenges in Targeting the Right Audience

Advertising is among the most effective tools across the therapy industry. However, the niche is over-competitive, and that’s why most therapists face lots of challenges underway. 

Today, we’ll try to ease your marketing effort by showing you proven ways to find and attract the right audience for your therapist services. 

Key Strategies for Therapy Ads to Promote and Grow Your Practice

The establishment of a proven full-funnel marketing strategy starts with a patient-focused approach. On the tip of the therapy advertisement iceberg, these are the minimum requirements for starting your digital marketing journey:  

✍️ Knowing your niche 

✍️ Drawing an ideal client portrait

✍️ Crafting a professional website

✍️ Delivering quality content on blogs

✍️ Utilizing the best of search engine optimization SEO practices

✍️ Benefiting from social media opportunities

✍️ Setting Google Business Profile

✍️ Listing your therapist practice across healthcare directories 

✍️ Promoting paid therapy ads on Google and social media platforms

✍️ Pursuing email marketing

✍️ Launching a therapist podcast / YouTube channel

✍️ Participating in professional conferences and webinars

✍️ Networking with other therapists

✍️ Sharing your expertise with HARO reporters

✍️ Running referral programs

✍️ Initiating affiliate incentives

✍️ Asking for patient feedback and online reviews

✍️ Offering free consultations

✍️ Getting featured across local and national media

✍️ Hosting therapy-related workshops

✍️ Establishing and leading online communities.

However, there’s much more to that if you dive deeper into the realms of digital marketing opportunities for therapists. 

Here at Promodo, we emphasize a continuous marketing pursuit throughout the funnel to ensure your stable performance and business growth. That’s because we save our clients from falling into the loop of special promotions where your therapist ads will solely depend on lower market prices. 

1. Setting a Conversions-Optimized Therapist Website 

The ultimate goal you should care about is establishing a powerful online presence by creating a conversion funnel on your therapist's website. Conversions are at the bottom of the digital marketing funnel, so you should strive to turn your website visitors into quality leads.   

From day one of your digital marketing journey, you should perceive your therapist practice as a patient-focused business venture.  

Customer Journey Map

You should understand your future patient’s needs at each stage of the funnel. So, treat your patients individually with maximum care and attention, and always do so in a business-like manner. Customize each patient as your lifetime client to ensure their lifetime value with your therapist practice.

Patient Journey
Stages of Patient Journey

With a sound-looking user-friendly aesthetic website, you’ll stand a higher chance to convert visitors into your end patients. 

Conversion Funnel in Healthcare

We suggest the following patient-oriented strategies to ensure a highly optimized website with strong conversion potential. 

Make your therapist practice sound professional

Visitors who will hop around from page to page on your website will never book an appointment with your therapy practice. Rather they will get back to Google and check in with your closest local competitor. 

This is to say, that all your local therapy-service website should ultimately aim at generating leads. So, make it without abundant components like a navigation bar at the top. Leave a single Menu button instead. Whether they click on a Home page, Services, or Staff, these pages should all transfer your visitors to the page called ‘Packages & Pricing.’

✍️ Free your website from a Navigation Menu 

✍️ Make sure your visitors are not confused with Menu buttons

✍️ Insert a clear call-to-action button at the top of your homepage 

✍️ Do not insert more than two CTAs on a page

✍️ Make your contact page and sign-up forms stand out

✍️ Do not make your blog text-heavy, split all the content into digestible paragraphs. 

Manage therapy blog

As an indispensable part of your content marketing strategy, we recommend betting on continuous blogging. So far, producing informative quality content is the finest way to attract more traffic to your site. 

A good piece of content should be patient-focused to resonate with people’s needs for therapy treatment. Also, a regular blog on your website is an organic way to promote your therapeutic services

Many of your readers will want to know more, and that’s a direct way to book a consultation or reserve an appointment with your clinic.  

Free Cosultation with Therapist
Example of CTA Offering Free Cosultation


Once you know your target patient audience, you’ll use content on your blog to speak to people who need your services most.  

✍️ Make your blog about 2,000 words to rank high on search engines

✍️ Include rich interactive content filled with quality images, videos, and booking CTAs 

✍️ Insert a sound amount of external links to reputable niche-related websites 

✍️ Interlink your content with your site pages

✍️ Leverage local short-tail and long-tail local keywords 

✍️ Sequence H1, H2 and H3 tags.

Make a gift

It sounds great to attract your first-time visitors with a sort of gift at the right sidebar of your website. Make it eye-catching enough so your potential patients would like to click and download it. 

The strategy always serves as the first impression touch with your future clients. 

In return, you’ll get their name and email address, which is important for further expansion of your outreach.  

If you know your target audience well enough and are sure the thematic therapist offers will best resonate with their current needs, go ahead:

Inspire action 

Along with quality therapy practice content, fill your blog posts with clear call-to-action (CTA) buttons. 

Position CTAs on your webpage consistently in the same spots across your pages to create order and ensure an awesome user experience:

✍️  Turn your CTAs into empathy-driven messages 

✍️  Make CTAs resonate with the current needs of your targeted patients 

✍️  Keep CTA buttons around five words

✍️  Encourage visitors with action words

✍️  Communicate the click benefit 

✍️  Guide your website visitors with action-driven CTAs.

CTAs are among the best ways to gather information from your visitors and follow up with them as part of your email marketing and retention campaigns.

Subscribe CTA
Example of CTA Calling Website Vistors to Subscribe

Talk to your patients

Among the evidence-proven approaches is to invite your future patients to a free talking session online:

Talk to your patients online
Example of Talk Offer CTA


Win therapist leads with chatbox 

Another way to attract user attention in the therapist business is to design an inviting chatbox icon on the lower right-hand side of your website. 

That’s another piece of a great user experience with your service. Afterward, many people will want to book an appointment to get more therapist services at your clinic. 

Even a few minutes of friendly conversation with your in-house therapist will break the ice and make a person far more disposed to booking with your practice.  

A chatbox on your website is another way of gathering contact information from website visitors. 

Want to grow your therapy practice?
Attract more patients with the finest marketing services for therapists!

2. Getting Listed in Top Healthcare Directories

Beyond the initial part of your marketing homework of crafting a patient-friendly therapist website, expand your online presence across popular healthcare directories. 

The show-up strategy will help you maintain a competitive stance continuously. That’s why more people will choose your practice instead of the competitors not present there. 

Beyond the reputable healthcare directories like Psychology Today, register your local therapist practice on:

✍️ Better Business Bureau

✍️ Bing Places for Business

✍️ Facebook

✍️ LinkedIn

✍️ Google Business Profile

✍️ Yelp

✍️ Yellow Pages

2024 Professional Listings for Therapists

Alma stands as a burgeoning therapist directory, dedicated to connecting individuals with high-quality yet affordable mental health care options. Membership is priced at $125 a month or at a discounted rate of 25% when billed annually.

BetterHelp is a distinguished as one of the largest networks of licensed and experienced therapists in the U.S.

Choosing Therapy is an up-and-coming therapy resource platform featuring a free directory that empowers individuals to find therapists based on specialization, cost, and availability.

Good Therapy is another widely-used directory catering to solo practitioners, group practices, and treatment facilities. Membership in Good Therapy is $29.95 a month.

Headway is a newcomer in the online therapy directory arena, committed to simplifying the process of finding a therapist and facilitating affordable payments through insurance. Membership for providers is free of charge.

Mental Health Match prioritizes the connection between therapy seekers and suitable therapists who align with their needs. Membership is approximately $24.97 a month.

Psychology Today serves as a primary destination for those seeking therapy, boasting one of the largest directories encompassing psychotherapists, psychologists, and treatment centers offering mental health services. Membership on Psychology Today is $29.95 a month.

TherapyDen is a well-regarded mental health directory committed to streamlining the process of finding the right therapist or counselor. 

TherapyTribe operates as a directory site facilitating the discovery of exceptional mental health resources. Membership on TherapyTribe costs $29.95 a month.

Zencare is a newer platform providing directory and software services for marketing and managing private practices. Individual membership is priced at $59 a month..

Zocdoc stands out as a prominent online directory for locating doctors, therapists, and other mental health professionals. 

Leverage these professional directories to boost your therapist practice’s weight on Google and show up atop the search results pages, SERPs

While sole paying for advertising on these platforms is not a key to your ultimate digital marketing success, our major advice here is to set up a competitive website and fill it with quality content continuously. Driving visitors to your territory will serve as a much more productive strategy in terms of a sound return on investment (ROI). 

Still, as part of a search engine reputation management SERM strategy, you should advertise your therapeutic services on renowned industry listings to show up once people are looking around the therapist services like yours:

  • Behavioral therapists 
  • Counselors
  • General therapists 
  • Licensed clinical social workers 
  • Licensed marriage and family therapists 
  • Massage therapists 
  • Mental health professional 
  • Online therapy providers
  • Psychologists 
  • Psychotherapists 
  • Specialists in psychotherapy and counseling.
  • Telehealth experts.

Core benefits of being listed across top healthcare directories:

✍️ Greater outreach for your therapist services  

✍️ Closer connection opportunities with local patients who need your services most

✍️ Local SEO boost to enhance your search engine visibility with essential business requisites: your practice brand name, phone number, address, and business hours.

✍️  Enhanced website traffic with backlinks to your website offered by various listings

✍️ Wider opportunity for client reviews to enhance your online reputation and credibility. 

best SEM agency

Setting Google Business Account

Having your professional account listed on Google Business Profile is your must-have as a competitive player in the therapist niche. This opportunity is among the finest ways to attract more attention to your professional therapist services online.

Along the way, you’ll show up in Google Maps and the Google Map Pack. Google Maps is a great way to direct local clients to your practice. 

Advertising Power of Google Maps
Example of Advertising Therapist Practices on Google Maps

The plus side of Google Maps is its popularity among smartphone users which will make a lion’s share of your targeted patient audience.  

Owing to Google Business Profile, the system will showcase your therapist's business in the map pack atop the search engine. 

And, once above the fold on the first page of Google, you’ll stand a tremendous chance of being clicked on first above the rivals.

After establishing a wide online presence, you may start with a powerful pay-per-click advertising strategy on Google Ads. 

3. Running Google Ads for Therapists

Paid ads have always served therapists as a quick win to gain more therapy practice clients. 

Our major advice here is to start paying Google once you have done a good marketing job of (1) setting competitive website and (2) getting promoted on professional listings. 

This is because with pay-per-click advertising, every dollar counts whenever someone clicks on your ad. And you’ll sure want those clicks to convert into quality leads, your end clients.

Google ads are proven as rather effective in terms of a pretty sound return on investment (ROI). However, you should carefully opt for specific types of Google ads.

Unlike other healthcare niches, the therapist market is comparatively unsaturated, you won’t pay much for ads for therapists. Still, you’ll hardly manage it effectively over time without an in-house PPC team. So, that’s where Promodo Healthcare PPC experts are at hand to run your paid advertising campaigns on Google. 

According to our 2024 Healthcare Benchmarks Report, the most effective is Google Search Ads. 

Local Therapist Service
Example of Google Ads for Therapists

As a useful piece of advice, be sure to leverage these tips for running Google Search Ads for your therapy practice: 

✍️ Target the right niche-related local keywords that resonate with your patient search intent when browsing for therapist services.

✍️ Target your finest patient audience you’ll most likely reach with your ads by exploring their therapeutic needs and concerns.

✍️ Craft personalized ads that directly speak to your potential clients like “depression therapy for teens in Boston”

✍️ Make your ad campaigns target the right locations with the most concentration of your prospective patients

✍️ Tailor your ads relevant to the exact therapy-related needs shared by your target audience. 

✍️ Highlight the benefits of ordering therapeutic services with your practice

✍️ Deploy effective call-to-action to make your potential clients book a free consultation or schedule an appointment.

✍️ Monitor your ad performance regularly. Check in on your ad manager to track how well your Google Ads campaigns are performing to make changes and improvements.

Here are the finest examples of effective Google ads for massage therapy to enhance your business:

Example 1: Relax and Unwind with Professional Massage Therapy Looking for relaxation and rejuvenation? Visit [Name] Massage Therapy! We offer specialized Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, and couples massages. Our skilled therapists will ease your stress and tension, leaving you revitalized. Contact us today to book your appointment!

Example 2: Expert Stress Relief Massage Therapy In search of effective stress relief and management? Massage therapy is an excellent way to reduce stress and tension. Visit [Name] Massage Therapy for top-quality treatments tailored to your needs!

Example 3: Premium Quality Massage Therapy Services Need a break from your busy schedule? Book a massage today! At [Name] Massage Therapy, we take pride in providing the highest quality massage services in [City]. Our experienced therapists will create a customized treatment plan just for you.

Leverage PPC Potential for Therapists

4. Running Facebook Ads for Therapists

Leverage social media advertising as a strategically important touchpoint with your target audience. In particular, Facebook ads will help you reach many patients interested in therapist services like yours. 

A permanent presence on social media platforms is a great way to increase your brand awareness. Still, while people regard social media as entertainment, they might see your ads without engaging with them.  

5. Crafting Patient-Focused Landing Pages

For all sorts of paid media advertising, you’ll need to transfer your potential clients to professionally tailored landing pages. That’s where your prospects will convert into end clients. CTA buttons will help you get the desired action from your website visitors. 

Therapist CTA Exampe


Make the landing pages for your therapy ads full of action. When your prospects leave their name, phone number, and email address, this means you can follow them up and communicate their needs through personal touch. 

Mastering Google Ads for Therapists with Promodo

Want to attract more potential customers to your therapy clinic through online advertising? Let us know your essential online marketing needs. 

Promodo healthcare marketers are right at hand to help you convert people into your loyal lifetime patients. We know how to best attract more leads to your therapist website and grow your patient base continuously. 

Contact us at your earliest convenience to discuss your case. Schedule a free consultation to develop an effective therapist business strategy!

Let's reach your therapist practice goals with a profound marketing strategy!
Contact Promodo experts today for a free consultation.
Written by
Taras Bereza

Content Marketing Manager at Promodo

Taras has 16 years of hands-on copywriting experience overseas with 3000+ unique copies.

Accredited with Certificate of Proficiency in English (C2 level) by Cambridge University. Studied at Writing Launch Academy (United States) and owns an Academic Writing Certificate from Oregon University. Author of 12 dictionaries with Apriori Publishers.

June 7, 2024
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