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How Brand Lift Helps Measure the Effectiveness of Advertising on YouTube and Facebook

Contextual and media advertising
June 30, 2023
7 mins

Creating media advertising campaigns on YouTube and Facebook makes it nearly impossible to directly measure their impact on company revenue. However, it is possible to assess how they influence brand recognition, loyalty, and purchase intent. One way to achieve this is by utilizing the Brand Lift tool.

In this article, together with Vitaliy Aleksandrov, the team lead of the Advertising Department at Promodo, we will briefly discuss brand lift meaning, brand lift insights, brand lift benchmarks and key metrics for evaluating the effectiveness of brand lift digital marketing. Additionally, we will compare brand lift on YouTube and Facebook.

What Is Brand Lift and Why Is It Important

Brand Lift surveys is the measurement of the effectiveness of your advertising in terms of how it changes and shapes consumer perception and behavior. It shows the results that your brand achieves after launching a media digital advertising campaign in video formats, demonstrating the interaction of consumers with your brand. To do this, a survey is conducted where the network asks users questions with multiple-choice answers during the advertisement to obtain direct feedback on metrics such as ad recall, recognition, preference over other brands, and purchase intent.

In simple terms, Brand Lift is a panel study that helps measure the impact of media advertising on YouTube on one of the main media metrics:

  • Ad recall;
  • Recognition;
  • Consideration;
  • Brand preference;
  • Purchase intent.

In Brand Lift on Facebook, the following metrics are available:

  • Ad recall;
  • Recognition;
  • Consideration;
  • Purchase intent.

To achieve this, a survey is conducted where users are asked questions with multiple-choice answers during the YouTube or Facebook ads. By following these Brand Lift metrics, we can find out if people are aware of your brand and if they remember your ad.

How to Conduct the Survey Correctly

This survey is launched together with the start of the advertising campaign. Brand Lift divides the respondents into two audiences:

  • People who have seen your ads - the test group.
  • People who could have seen your ads but didn't - the control group.

Next, the system creates a representative sample, typically consisting of around 4,000 users divided into two roughly equal groups (those who viewed your video and those who didn't see your advertisement).

The Brand Lift research is conducted within three hours to three days after viewing the video clip. During this period, users are asked up to three questions. The survey results are then compared.

The number and type of questions depend on the budget. In campaigns with a small budget, Brand Lift may not be launched because the number of people will be insufficient to create a representative sample.

The research is available for all advertising formats on YouTube. Typically, these can be 6-second Bumper Ads or 10 or 15-second In-Stream ads with or without the ability to skip. Surveys are not conducted for banner and Discovery ads. Another advantage of this tool is that you can optimize your campaigns in real-time based on the almost real-time results and adjust them according to demographic indicators, age, interests, etc.

Vitaliy Aleksandrov,
Team Lead of Media Marketing at Promodo

Key Metrics and Benchmarks for Brand Lift Research Evaluation

How to measure Brand Lift?

All Brand Lift metrics are calculated qualitatively, not quantitatively.

Brand Lift works here and now. It shows the result for the period when you are communicating with your audience and how it impacts a particular metric.

Vitaliy Aleksandrov,
Team Lead of Media Marketing at Promodo

Brand Lift measurement on YouTube includes:

  • Ad Recall: Measures the effectiveness of your ads in terms of how well users remember seeing them.
  • Brand Awareness: Assesses the impact of your ads on increasing awareness and recognition of your brand.
  • Consideration: Determines if your ads have influenced users' consideration of your product or service.
  • Favorability: Measures the change in users' perception of your brand and whether it has become more favorable after viewing your ads.
  • Purchase Intent: Evaluates the impact of your ads on users' likelihood to purchase or engage with your brand.

These YouTube brand lift study benchmarks provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of your advertising campaign and help you optimize your strategies based on real-time data.

brand lift

Ad Recall is a research metric that reflects the number of people who remember the advertisement within 2 days after viewing it.

Important: This metric does not exceed 50-55%—which is the maximum achievable level of brand perception.

Brand Awareness is a metric that indicates how well users know about your brand or product after viewing your advertisement.

Consideration is a metric that shows to what extent users consider your brand as a potential choice when making a purchase decision.

Favorability is a metric that measures how positively users perceive your brand or product after viewing your advertisement.

Purchase Intent is a metric that indicates the extent to which users intend to purchase your product or service after viewing your advertisement.

There is a belief that Brand Lift should be launched in "sterile" conditions, without any other marketing activities from external sources. The rationale behind this is to ensure that YouTube (or Facebook) doesn't attribute the achievements of other activities to itself. However, such an approach is not entirely accurate because the impact of other activities can interact with the individuals who are exposed to or not exposed to the ads shown on YouTube (or Facebook). In other words, brand recognition growth resulting from external advertising will equally affect both the control group and the test audience. Therefore, Brand Lift will demonstrate the effectiveness of the specific channel's advertising, whether it is YouTube or Facebook, in our case.

What is the difference between brand lift Facebook and brand lift YouTube? Let's explore further.

brand lift

In addition to the above, here are some other key differences between Brand Lift on YouTube and Facebook:

  • Audience: YouTube generally has a younger audience compared to Facebook.
  • Content: YouTube is a video-sharing platform, so Brand Lift campaigns on YouTube can be visually appealing and engaging compared to campaigns on Facebook.
  • Targeting: YouTube offers more targeting options than Facebook.
  • Reporting: YouTube provides more detailed reporting than Facebook.

Ultimately, the best platform for your Brand Lift campaign, whether YouTube or Facebook, will depend on your specific goals and objectives.

Brand Lift on Facebook is rarely launched in video format. However, there was an experience with Multiplex where brand awareness increased from 55% to 63%.

Vitaliy Aleksandrov,
Team Lead of Media Marketing at Promodo.

Read more about it in our case study.

Insights About Brand Lift Marketing From Our Expert

  • Launching an ad campaign to a broad audience allows identifying the most effective audience segment (gender, age, etc.) during the flight and adjusting it for better results. For example, when advertising for a bank, the age group initially targeted was 18-55 years old, but Brand Lift showed that the 18-24 age group responded better, leading to adjustments in audience segmentation and improved results.
  • Mistakes with Brand Lift are unlikely, but there is a significant risk that it may not gather sufficient data due to a limited budget or may not show growth in the specific metric being measured due to an unsuccessful video.
  • Brand Lift allows confirming or debunking hypotheses. For example, in a recent survey, it was discovered that an advertisement for a certain brand of oil had a significant impact on women but had no influence on men. Such insights can guide future advertising efforts.
  • When launching a YouTube ad campaign, it is highly recommended to conduct surveys, even if the data collection is incomplete or insufficient. These surveys provide valuable insights for media professionals to reflect on and plan future advertising strategies.

Brand Lift is a useful tool for measuring the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. It allows you to create surveys for your target audience to track the impact of your advertising product or brand on the audience. Using the system, you can make changes to your campaigns to ensure the achievement of your goals.

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Written by
Anzhelika Krasiienko

Content Manager at Promodo since 2023.

In 2014, I started my professional career as an assistant literary editor. Currently, I am actively gaining experience in writing articles about digital marketing and other related topics. In my work, I strive for an expert approach and creativity, which helps to create unique content aimed at providing a high-quality and effective solution in this area.

June 30, 2023
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