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How Multichannel Audience Crossovers Drive Ad Campaigns

Digital Marketing
December 11, 2023
10 mins

Cross Media Marketing

Cross media marketing is about utilizing diverse media platforms and formats to execute a unified and cohesive marketing strategy. You are free to employ social media, email, video, print, and web channels to simultaneously promote a new product or service. 

Cross media marketing strategy aims to ensure a seamless and personalized customer experience across various touchpoints and devices. Cross-media strategy enables you to reach a more diverse audience and enhance brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Cross media marketing is strategically important while businesses adapt it to evolving media platforms and keep up with changing consumer behaviors. Today, people consume media through a vast array of digital channels and platforms in anticipation of engaging content tailored to their individual preferences. 

By embracing cross-media ad strategies, businesses leverage unique opportunities offered by media channels. Popular media platforms best deliver impactful and memorable messages. Furthermore, cross-media marketing enhances the customer journey by guiding users from the stage of awareness to action through consistent and compelling calls to action (CTAs).

As a strategic approach, cross-media marketing will benefit you with: 

🔴 Expanded reach and exposure

🔴 Heightened engagement and retention

🔴 Increased conversion and loyalty

🔴 Competitive differentiation and positioning. 

Various media platforms and formats allow you to access broader and more diverse audiences. Cross media advertising lets you create interactive and immersive content that 

🔴 Captures attention

🔴 Fosters interest

🔴 Builds trust and credibility 

🔴 Highlights a unique value proposition.

To ensure a successful cross media campaign:

🔴 Establish clear goals and objectives aligned with your marketing strategy

🔴 Identify and segment your target audience with insights into their media consumption habits and preferences. 

🔴 Choose the most suitable media channels and formats for your campaign, and allocate your ad budget accordingly. 

🔴 Create and disseminate content across selected media platforms, ensuring relevance, engagement, and consistency

🔴 Monitor and measure the performance of your ad campaigns.

Now, let's imagine that your target audience spots your product ad on Facebook and soon encounters it anew on Instagram. 

Audience Crossovers

Running an ad campaign without analyzing audience crossovers is like shooting in the dark. After all, knowing which channels and platforms your target audience visits most allows you to focus on the most effective ones. Furthermore, every new touch with your audience increases brand awareness and recognition. This is one of the proven ways brands surge their conversion rates (CRs)

Audience crossover occurs whenever users see ads within the same ad campaign across various platforms. 

Audience crossover analysis is far beyond stats. It is the key to optimizing your ad campaigns and upscaling ROI. 

Why is it crucial to comprehend and calculate the percentage of audience crossover and how it helps with optimizing ad campaigns,  - we explored all aspects with Vlad Kiselev, Media Technical Lead at Promodo.

Audience Crossovers: for Better or Worse?

Audience crossover is neither a good nor a bad thing after all. With that, knowing how many users you’ve reached across various platforms and what you should do next will surely boost the effectiveness of your ad campaigns.

When we get to an audience crossover, we usually mean several channels where a person comes across an ad: on Instagram, YouTube, or while listening to the radio. If you do not account for audience intersections across these platforms, your chances of reaching unique users fall by 60%. 

However, there are particular intersections within the same channel:

🔴 TV - viewers encounter the same ad across different TV channels. 

🔴 Digital - here we dig deeper into targeting;  a person may hold several interests we use to engage them with targeted ads. 

Say, we mark someone as an "active shopper" and interested in "cooking." If the targeting data is relevant to our ad campaign, the targeted user is more likely to see the ads based on these particular interests, Vlad Kiselev, Media Technical Lead at Promodo.

Why Count Audience Crossovers?

Among the main goals of calculating audience crossover is to understand how often we show ads to the same person, a.k.a.  the "frequency of impressions".

Further, precise calculation allows us to reach users beyond our main communication channel, which is the percentage of unique users from a particular channel.

Frequency of Impressions and the Effectiveness of Ad Campaigns

The frequency of ad impressions affects the effectiveness of your ad campaigns directly. Once the frequency is low, there is a risk of an ineffective campaign that will lose out to your competitor who’ll show the ad more often.

Promodo experts say that a media campaign focused on sales growth here and now should have an estimated frequency of 5-7 times. Anything below 5 will result in less sales, while scoring above 7 will increase the cost per contact.

An ad campaign aimed at increasing brand awareness should have a higher frequency. While this increases the cost of a contact, setting a goal to increase brand awareness by X points will always cost more, Vlad Kiselev, Media Technical Lead at Promodo.

Knowing how often a user sees your ads across all channels, you understand whether you sustain the frequency. Once the frequency increases substantially, you may be wasting your budget. And vice versa, once the frequency is low, you are probably spending our ad budget inefficiently.

Expanded User Reach

Let’s assume you need to show your ad to the target audience aged 55 and up with 85% residing in a single country. You’ll calculate an approximate figure based on census data, migration stats, and Internet penetration. The figure will indicate the amount of potential audience you are likely to reach across multiple online channels. 

In the Facebook and Instagram campaign planner, you will see how to reach an audience aged 55 and up. The figure is smaller than the whole audience we calculated above. This indicates that some people aged 55 and up do not use Facebook/Instagram, so we need to deploy another communication channel to reach them. You should apply the alternative channel to reach additional users who do not see Facebook ads. Understanding your audience intersection between Facebook and the alternative channel communication will let you know how much more audience you’ve reached.

How We Calculate Audience Crossover At Promodo

To calculate the number of unique users to whom we’ve shown our ad, a quick option comes in handy: the coefficients obtained from various digital campaigns by Promodo. 

With other types of ads like TV and radio, the coefficients will not help while there are too many variables among individual ad campaigns. As a feasible solution, we apply the Saintsbury statistical formula:

Saintsbury formula takes audience reach at a particular channel as an individual event. Depending on the reach volume, we get an estimated % of the audience crossover with an alternative channel. 

To get more precise data, it is vital to use real and up-to-date figures on audience size. If we had applied outdated stats on the country’s population, we would have received incorrect figures in the formula, considering the country’s falling demographics.

With hands-on digital marketing expertise, at Promodo we deploy a vast number of figures retrieved from client portfolios which indicate the maximum possible reach across multiple channels.

Audience crossovers always occur across channels. You just need to learn how to proceed with them. At Promodo, we know how to calculate audience crossovers and manage them for the best advantage of our clients. Vlad Kiselev, Media Technical Lead at Promodo.

Сomparing Effectiveness Across Channels 

For one of our clients, we also tried to compare all channels in terms of effectiveness, considering their target audience and total reach. For this purpose, we used the unified TRP* metric, which is suitable for all online and offline channels. 

TRP (target rating point) is a target rating that is calculated during an ad campaign among your target audience. This is the total number of times the target audience views or listens to your ad message.

Media marketing channels

Beyond demographic factors like gender, age, nationality, etc., this calculation necessitates the knowledge of your audience size by targeting people through multiple channels like Facebook, radio, and TV. While Google calculates these figures indirectly, at Promodo we use a spreadsheet that contains all the selected channels, including the target audience size and TRP cost for the deployed channels.

The targeting effects on TV and Facebook are completely different. The contrast-comparison analysis will give you a better understanding of how much you need to pay to reach your target audience across various channels. Even with a decent budget at hand, do not opt for a standard channel split, like: TV, Youtube, Facebook, and GDN (Google display network) banners. It is also clear that Google banner ads always come as the cheapest option due to the lowest frequency of contact. In our sample case, we relied on the hands-on experience not to exceed a certain frequency. With that, we compared other channels by TRP, Vlad Kiselev, Media Technical Lead at Promodo.

Let’s say, we’ve put all impressions within a single placement. 

Our practice shows that targeting all impressions within a single placement is a far worse option than splitting them between Instagram and GDN. By distributing impressions across different platforms evenly, the brand reaches and catches up with the same audience. With that, users are not overwhelmed by ad messages, Vlad Kiselev, Media Technical Lead at Promodo.

While we cannot omit audience crossovers, it is essential to work them out. So, the core question is in understanding the nature and value of audience crossovers.

I would not treat audience crossovers as futile. Audiences intersect in 99% of cases, so you need to learn how to work with them. At Promodo, we know how to calculate audience crossovers and manage them for your best benefit, Vlad Kiselev, Media Technical Lead at Promodo.

If you would like to know more about cross media marketing trends and audience crossovers, be sure to contact our experts

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Written by
Vladuslav Kisilev

PPC Specialist at Promodo

Written by
Maria Kashina

Content Marketing Manager at Promodo

December 11, 2023
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