Making the most of email marketing in the beauty industry | Case Study

How to engage your mailing subscribers to visit your website? What’s the optimal mailing frequency? How to increase your conversion rates with email marketing? These questions are frequently asked by marketers. The situation gets even more challenging when it comes to the subscribers of a well-known beauty brand. In this material, we share the email marketing case study of AVON Kazakhstan. Learn how optimisation of email campaigns helped a cosmetics giant to make the most of the email marketing channel.


AVON is one of the largest direct selling cosmetics companies in the world with a 130-year history and a turnover of $5.571 billion in 2018.


  • create a new content strategy and increase website traffic coming from the email channel;

  • Preserve audience engagement and loyalty to the brand.


We analysed the latest emails sent by the company and identified potential growth points.

makeup marketing email


Optimisation of mailing frequency

Previously, the frequency was 3+ emails per week. To maintain engagement and reduce exodus of the contact base, we decided to reduce the number to 1 email per week and developed a new content email strategy.

As a result, AVON subscribers started to receive only three promotional emails with different content types while each new catalogue was valid:

  • New items in the catalogue
  • Bestsellers
  • Products from the “Sale” section/promotional offers

optimisation of email campaigns

optimisation of email campaigns

optimization of email campaigns

A/B testing

After analysing the brand’s email campaigns using the click map, we found out that most of the time, subscribers visited to the website after clicking on the first block, without scrolling to the end.

This means that they had time to get acquainted with only a few new products, missing information about other exclusive offers from AVON.

makeup marketing email

Catalogue preview

To achieve the maximum coverage of subscribers with each new campaign, we have added a block with a preview of the current catalogue to all promotional mailings.

email marketing


 email marketing

What’s next?

We continue to develop and test hypotheses to get the most positive response from the audience: not only in terms of activity, but also in favour of the commercial component.

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Making the most of email marketing in the beauty industry | Case Study

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