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Email Marketing Case Study: How We Increased Conversions From Email Channel By 33%







AVON is one of the largest direct selling cosmetics companies in the world with a 130-year history and a turnover of $5.571 billion in 2018.


Create a new content strategy and increase website traffic coming from the email channel; Preserve audience engagement and loyalty to the brand.


We analyzed the latest emails sent by the company and identified potential growth points.

Design of promotional email campaigns 

Previously, the company used several templates for their email campaigns. The emails didn’t have "Zest", and only the design of individual elements was changed. It was necessary to introduce a new style so that each email was unique and complete.

No segmentation of the contact database 

Among the subscribers to the AVON mailing list, there were not only clients but also the brand coordinators, who were to receive different content.

​​Inappropriate use of the first screen in the email 

Usually, a banner with one or more best-selling products was placed at the top of the email. As a result, users did not scroll down to check for all the offers from the email, but instead reached the website by clicking on the first screen.


Optimization of mailing frequency

 Previously, the frequency was 3+ emails per week. To maintain engagement and reduce the exodus of the contact base, we decided to reduce the number to 1 email per week and developed a new content email strategy. As a result, AVON subscribers started to receive only three promotional emails with different content types while each new catalog was valid:

  • New items in the catalog 
  • Bestsellers 
  • Products from the “Sale” section/promotional offers

Segmentation of subscribers 

We introduced a new type of mailing for the brand coordinators. Such emails not only introduced each new catalog, but included special promotions and programs for company representatives ("Leadership Bonus", "Golden Marathon"), as well as an outlet catalog. Thus, we made the work of brand coordinators more comfortable, collecting all the most important materials for them in one email.

News for coordinators

A/B testing 

After analyzing the brand's email campaigns using the click map, we found out that most of the time, subscribers visited the website after clicking on the first block, without scrolling to the end. This means that they had time to get acquainted with only a few new products, missing information about other exclusive offers from AVON.

This is how a preamble appeared in each letter

 In order to solve this problem, we added a separate block with the AVON team addressing subscribers at the beginning of the email. In the first email with a preamble, we communicated the change in the format of the mail exchange to the clients, this way avoiding any misunderstanding. The preamble helped to increase audience loyalty, introduce the AVON team to the subscribers and give a brief overview of all the new products and great offers the email contained.

Catalog preview

 To achieve the maximum coverage of subscribers with each new campaign, we have added a block with a preview of the current catalog to all promotional mailings.

According to the click map, the block with the catalog preview resulted in up to 60% of the clicks of all subscribers who opened the email.



Conversion rate from the email channel


Website visits from mailing subscribers


Of engaged mailing subscribers

What’s next?

We continue to develop and test hypotheses to get the most positive response from the audience: not only in terms of activity but also in favor of the commercial component.

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