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Optimizing Google Ads for Auto Repair Services and Shops: 4 Easy Steps

February 16, 2024
10 mins

Digital marketing is essential for car companies wanting to reach their audience, get their name out there, and increase sales. This is why those in automotive marketing invest 33% of their whole marketing budget into digital ads, showing just how important online advertising is to repair shop business strategy.
In this article, we'll show you how to make Google Ads for auto repair shops work better. We collected some tips on how to optimize auto repair ads and make sure that the invested budgets bring the desired results.

Let's dive into how you can make your Google Ads bring more customers to your auto repair business.

Why Ads are Important for Auto Repair Shops and Services

While digital marketing strategies like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and email marketing are powerful and budget-friendly, we still recommend investing into auto repair ads.

Here are a couple of reasons:

  • Ads are vital for auto repair shops and services because they help increase the visibility of the business in a competitive market. This is especially important for smaller-scale companies.
  • By using targeted advertising, auto repair services can reach potential customers who are actively searching for repair services or maintenance. This means that people who click on an ad are highly likely to become clients. 
  • Auto repair ads that work allow shops to highlight their special offers, expertise, and unique selling points. Do you offer something that sets you apart from competitors? Make sure to mention it in the ad copy. 

Repair shop ad example

  • Through online ads, auto repair businesses can also target customers based on their location, ensuring that they reach the local audience most likely to use their services. 
  • Effective advertising can significantly boost a shop's reputation by showcasing customer testimonials and success stories. Ads also play a crucial role in reminding previous customers of the services offered, potentially increasing retention. 
  • Lastly, well-crafted ads can enhance the overall brand image of the repair shop, building trust and credibility among potential customers. Even if someone doesn’t need your services now, they will remember you next time they will need their car repaired. Most customers are too busy to research and compare all the repair shops available in their location. When their car breaks down, they are likely to go for the first option that comes to their mind.

4 Steps to Optimize Auto Repair Ads that Work

With new trends always popping up in digital advertising, it's important to stay up-to-date. We've taken into account some latest trends in PPC for better use of Google Ads for auto repair service. 

1. Incorporate AI-Powered Keyword Optimization 

Incorporating AI-powered keyword optimization means using technology to identify key search terms for auto repair services. AI tools analyze search data to find trends and select keywords that drive traffic and conversions. This lets auto repair shops focus on the most effective keywords, ensuring ads appear in relevant searches, boosting business chances.

AI adapts over time, refining campaigns for better targeting. For example, tools like Google's Keyword Planner and SEMrush use AI to suggest high-performing keywords and predict search trends. 

To use AI for keyword research, start by entering your core service terms into these tools. They'll provide insights on search volume, competition, and related phrases. Continuously update your keyword list based on AI recommendations to keep your ads effective. 

2. Enhance Ad Personalization For Your Auto Repair Ads

If you catch yourself asking “what kind of ads about auto repair can I use that will grab my audience's attention?”,  here is some good news. Google Ads algorithms can answer this question for you by collecting and analyzing a huge amount of customer data. It also offers tools to A/B test different ads and find out which of them work better.

Thanks to AI-powered personalization, ads can talk directly to what each customer needs or likes. For auto repair shops, this could mean showing someone an ad for a service that fits exactly with the type of car they have or the repair work they usually get done. This makes people more likely to notice and react to your ads because they feel like the ad is speaking just to them, making it more likely they'll book a service.

Repair shop ad example

AI can change your ads on the spot to match what different people like. For example, if one person clicks on ads for cheap oil changes more than anything else, AI can show them more ads like that. This makes sure your auto repair shop is always talking about what each customer is interested in, making each ad feel like it was made for them. This helps get more people to click on your ads and come to your shop.

Also, AI gets smarter over time about what your customers like. The more it learns about what makes people click on your ads, the better it gets at showing ads that will catch their eye. For auto repair shops, this means your ads keep getting better at bringing in customers. By making your ads feel personal, you're not just getting their attention; you're also building trust by showing that you know what they need.

To personalize your auto repair ads using AI within Google Ads, follow these specific steps:

Collect Customer Data 

Start by gathering data from your Google Ads account and your website analytics. Look for trends in searches, page visits, and service inquiries related to auto repairs.

Leverage Audience Segmentation 

Utilize Google Ads' audience segmentation tools to target users based on specific behaviors, such as previous website visits or interactions with your ads. This helps in delivering personalized ad content.

Implement Smart Bidding 

Use Google Ads' Smart Bidding feature, which utilizes AI to optimize your bids in real-time based on how likely each click is to result in a conversion. You can target conversions like booking an appointment or inquiring about a service.

Use Responsive Search Ads 

Create Responsive Search Ads in your Google Ads campaigns. Input multiple headlines and descriptions, and Google's AI will automatically test different combinations and prioritize the ones that perform best with your target audience.

Dynamic Remarketing 

Implement dynamic remarketing campaigns that show ads tailored to the services users have previously viewed on your website. This requires setting up a feed in Google Ads that contains details about your services.

3. Optimize Bidding Strategies 

Optimizing bidding with AI means using technology to manage your ad spend effectively, ensuring your auto repair shop ads appear at the right times without overpaying. Bidding is crucial as it determines your ad's placement and visibility, directly impacting your ability to attract customers. AI analyzes data to identify optimal bidding times and amounts, adjusting based on ad performance to maximize efficiency and results.

To optimize your bidding process:

  1. Set clear goals, such as increased bookings or website visits.
  2. Implement Google Ads' Smart Bidding.
  3. Regularly check your campaign performance to refine your strategy.

4. Measure and Refine Ad Performance Using Analytics

Using AI analytics within Google Ads allows you to track and enhance your ad performance effectively. By analyzing metrics such as click-through rates, session duration on your website, and conversion rates, AI helps you identify which ads are successfully attracting customers and which ones are not as efficient. For auto repair shops, this means you can see precisely which ads lead to service bookings and adjust your spending accordingly.

The average CTR benchmark for car repair shops and services is 5.91%*. 

* Need more insights into how to evaluate your campaign’s performance? Read our benchmark report for the automotive industry.

For instance, if Google Ads' AI analytics show that ads featuring discounts on oil changes are generating more clicks and bookings, it suggests focusing more on this type of offer in your future campaigns. Conversely, if ads for tire services aren't performing well, the AI might recommend changing the ad copy or the visuals to see if that improves engagement. To do this, you can use Google Ads' A/B testing feature to compare different versions of your ads, letting the AI determine which variation performs better based on real data. This approach, driven by AI, ensures that your advertising efforts become more targeted and effective over time. You're leveraging detailed insights from Google Ads to refine your strategy continually, helping your auto repair shop attract more customers efficiently.

Elevate Auto Repair Ads with Promodo

By following the aforementioned tips, you can start optimizing your Google Ads campaigns for auto repair services and shops. To achieve quick and guaranteed results, trust the extensive experience of Promodo PPC professionals. 

Get some insights and check out some of our case studies below.

Drive more sales and grow revenue of your dealership!

Strengthen your digital marketing strategy with our expertise!
Written by
Anastasia Marchyshak

Content Marketing Manager at Promodo

Immersing myself fully in any topic I explore and my appreciation for simplicity are the driving forces behind my work.

February 16, 2024
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