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How To Use PPC For Insurance Agencies

September 27, 2023
10 mins

Why do insurance companies advertise so much? The insurance industry is constantly changing, and many insurance agents today need to create a strong online presence to generate more leads. Online presence is an excellent way to reconnect with your current clients and attract the new ones that fit within your target audience. Many insurance agents are using strategies like social media and content marketing. PPC is another powerful tool that insurance agencies use to reach their target audience by maximizing search engine traffic with top results, and using paid advertisements and promoted posts on social media. 

If you are an insurance agency and are not currently using a PPC to market your content, you are missing  a decent portion of your marketing budget that could generate massive results in creating a strong sales funnel for your business from minor tweaks in your budget. 

What is the PPC Strategy?

PPC strategy refers to a business approach to paying for pay-per-click advertising. PPC marketing for insurance agents involves outlying a budget and performing research to maximize the success of your campaigns. 

Keyword research is one of the most important roles in PPC strategy. You'll need to outline your target market and discover some of the search terms they would use to find your page. By strategically incorporating these keywords into your advertising copy and the landing pages you’ll promote your insurance services with pay-per-click advertising. You can adjust your bidding strategy based on these important keywords to drive new conversions. 

PPC for insurance agencies

The bidding strategy plays a big role in managing your PPC campaigns in their budgets. A bidding strategy determines the number of bids for each keyword you'll set in your budget, meaning that your most important keywords will often receive the largest portion of your budget. By closely monitoring your advertising and seeing which keywords and campaigns work best, you can adjust your bids and optimize your budget to allocate the best spending to your PPC campaigns. 

How to Start an Insurance Pay-Per-Click Campaign

There are several PPC advertising platforms where you can take the first step to start your advertising campaign. The most popular platform is the Google Ads platform and Microsoft Advertising. Google Ads will help you reach the largest audience, and they will display advertisements for your page or promoted content on YouTube, Google search engine, and across Display Network advertisements in your niche. Microsoft allows for advertising on Bing. 

Find more info on PPC for beginners in our article. 

If you're trying to navigate the process of starting a PPC campaign for the first time, you'll need to create a compelling insurance agency ads copy, conduct your keyword research, and define the objectives of your PPC campaign. For the  beginners, it's often advantageous to trust a professional service to start a PPC campaign and optimize their budget. Marketers with experience can help businesses like insurance agents maximize their PPC campaigns and get started with ads that are ready to compete with their rivals in the local market. 

Why PPC Is a Good Idea for Insurance Agencies

PPC statistics

A PPC strategy best works well for insurance companies and agents that are only beginning and need to gain clientele faster. PPC services and businesses that run these campaigns, including Google, can help get your business on top of search engine rankings or in the immediate view of customers seeking similar products or reading information in the insurance industry. Here are some of the top reasons why PPC works so well for insurance businesses:

  • Targeted ads: PPC works well because you can target individuals looking for services or insurance products that you can provide.  By using targeted keywords, location, and demographic data, you can instantly tailor your campaigns to potential clients who are seeking products like auto insurance or home insurance, and increase the chance of getting qualified leads. With PPC campaigns, you reach the right people at the right moment when they need your service most,  and funnel them back to your page. 
  • Improvements to web traffic: as you see more leads coming to your page, you spot more web traffic, which signals a better optimization of your landing page. If customers click through to your web page, your PPC campaign will induce them to sign up for your newsletter, get exclusive offers, or contact you directly to know more about your services. 
  • PPC leads to more conversions: when an insurance agency displays information about its services to people, it often leads to a highly effective campaign that will gather information about prospective clients or get them to sign up for your services. Make sure you have a planned sales or objective funnel with your PPC campaign to drive traffic. Insurance companies may want to sign up a prospective lead for a newsletter, or initiate a call or an appointment with their agent. 

PPC campaigns serve as a powerful means of reaching a highly targeted audience and increasing conversions from website traffic. With the implementation of advanced PPC strategies, insurance agencies see how clients are seeking their insurance products. PPC works in tandem with the landing pages linked to these campaigns. As insurance agents continue to work with their landing pages and conversion pages, they see growth in conversions. In the same manner, they monitor a surge of new customers when they start a new campaigns that target new demographic groups. 

How Exactly Does PPC Help Insurance Agencies?


PPC ads are crucial for insurance companies while they target people looking for insurance-related keywords and terms. Insurance companies target individuals who are seeking the exact coverage packages they provide. Further, they provide a  compelling advertising copy or information to make customers sign up for a newsletter or contact them as prospective clients. 

PPC ads are extremely flexible. Once the keyword and demographics research is over, you can control your PPC ad campaigns in the most flexible manner in line with your marketing budget capacity.

PPC campaigns on platforms like Google can be controlled by a daily or monthly budget, ensuring that once the advertising spend has run through, the insurance agent will have the option to re-up the campaign or set ad limits. Advanced analytics also allow insurance companies to track the performance of their advertising. That is how they hone their campaigns and use data-driven optimization to determine the best campaigns worth spending . 

PPC enhances brand's visibility and generates leads and traffic for insurance agencies. Rather than relying on media and email marketing, PPC performs as an optimal spending tactic that draws attention to your content and attracts qualified leads. On this sufficient basis, insurance agencies build their communities of loyal clients.

How Should an Insurance Company Advertise?

How to make a PPC campain for insurance company

If you're starting with a PPC campaign, you must follow some tips to get the best possible outcomes. 

  • Work with pros if you’re new to PPC: getting started on the right foot can be helpful if you're willing to work with some professional marketers.  Pro marketers can do thorough keyword research and craft compelling advertising copy that will accomplish your PPC goals. With a more significant spend on the use of professionals, you can fine-tune their strategies and adjust them for tremendous success without having to reinvest  into a new PPC research consistently. 
  • Trust your keyword research: you need to understand your audience and the demographics you're trying to reach, as well as to explore your customers’ search behavior. It is essential to perform analytics research to  craft highly targeted campaigns that will resonate with the customers who are looking for your insurance products. Look at the back end of your website and see how people find  your website and your services. You can also consider some of the demographic data of your current customers and explore the trends to determine your ideal target audience you’ll reach out to in your ad copy. 
  • Focus on landing pages: the pages you link to in your PPC campaigns must be optimized and easily navigated. When a prospective lead follows the link in your PPC campaign, consider their user experience (UX) and include a clear and concise navigation toward your goal for the PPC campaign. 
  • Set up analytics: track your analytics and implement conversion tracking with your PPC campaigns to see what's working and where you can allocate your budget. Regular monitoring and adjustments to your campaigns or landing page will ensure that your PPC strategy improves and that you can focus on new demographics to keep your business growing. 

Want to get the best PPC practices from professionals? Read our recent article.

Attract More Leads with PPC for Insurance Agencies

A well-crafted approach for your landing page and PPC technique can help you create a robust information funnel for your page. To draw more customers to your page, you can push this strategy further by creating lead magnets like valuable content guides or e-books. 

PPC that targets the keywords, used by your clients while they are searching for insurance services online, will help you find leads ready to talk about your services and sign up with your business. 

Combining PPC strategies with different goals will help you build more tips for your various services or for the leads likely to sign up for newsletters and other products. This will help you create valuable contact lists for future PPC ad campaigns.

Attracting more leads and optimizing your online presence with PPC will help you expand your reach. Refining your strategy based on customer data will ensure the long-term success of  your PPC campaigns and determine the most effective  campaigns you should continue spending on. Pick the campaigns that offer a consistent conversion funnel and adjust your marketing budget to help you capture more traffic and leads through these campaigns.

There are a number of common mistakes made by PPC beginners. Check our article to know what to avoid, or get in touch with our dedicated team to get help with putting your PPC campaign on rails.

PPC FAQs for Insurance Agencies

Where do I complete keyword research for PPC campaigns?

Tools like the Google Keyword Planner, SEMRush and others will help you opt for focused keywords. Look at long-tail keywords from your competitors to see where they capture market leads. Hiring a professional for keyword research can speed up the process of capturing high-quality keywords for your PPC campaigns. 

How do I track my PPC campaigns?

Conversion tracking goals like form submissions from your PPC inbound links, phone calls from your ads, or quote requests in an online form can show you which PPC campaigns have been most successful. Find your most successful campaigns and allocate extra budget. 

How long does it take to see the results with PPC?

The timeline for pay-per-click results depends on factors related to your campaign. You may start to see results in a few days or weeks of your campaign, but you’ll capture campaign  data and experiment with it over months. The quality of your ad copy, the competitive stance of your insurance products, and the budget you spend on your bids all predetermine your PPC success.

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September 27, 2023
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