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6 Digital Marketing Strategies For Realtors

Digital Marketing
October 10, 2023
20 mins

So, you’ve now been a local realtor… Congratulations! 

Now it’s high time you explored competition in a local property market and made the best use of the win-win marketing approaches used by seasoned players. 

As a real estate agent or property manager, you are hardly likely to withstand local rivalry without applying digital marketing channels. And even though brick-and-mortar marketing is a core of your physical performance, there’s no way to stay competitive without digital marketing solutions.

So even with a stable local clientele, you risk not getting your business to a statewide or national level without the full-funnel digital performance marketing. 

Recently,  the real estate sector has been through a major transformation. The industry has been driven by digital marketing channels, while more and more realtors are relying on online platforms. 

Much of property search, communication, and real estate transactions have gone online. Digital marketing is a proven way to connect with potential buyers and sellers. 

While almost half of the homebuyers are pursuing their property search online, the Internet has turned into a primary source for property searches. Some 90% of your target audience is browsing for real estate and property management services like yours online. 76% of homebuyers visit a home they spotted online. 

Homebuyers seek local properties online

1. Pursuing Local SEO Leverage 

Homebuyers and sellers, tenants, and local property investors are all among your target audience. While the real estate market is highly competitive, your strategic task is to seek the points of comparative advantage. Ask yourself, how can you stand out from your closest rivals and catch up with the 10 top market players in your area. 

With 19 years of hands-on expertise in digital marketing, we suggest search engine optimization (SEO). Our client-oriented practice shows that a sound starting point is a full-scale site audit. Technical SEO will help you optimize key parameters of your website performance. With that, more users will be able to find you online, engage with your offers, and convert into customers.

On-site SEO will help you rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs) and generate more quality traffic. You’ll want to be seen as a proven real estate agent on Google’s first page for local property searches. 

Local SEO
Real estate agent

On-site (on-page) SEO, the practice of optimizing elements on a website, is about the optimization of HTML source code on your pages and the content on your site. Essentially, SEO homework should be done to make your pages resonate with people’s search intent, i.e. the most popular search queries for properties across your area. 

Quality on-site SEO on your end will help search engines understand whether users are likely to visit your pages. This is much about whether the content on your site brings enough value to users interested in local property deals. 

On-site signals will prove your real estate authority, experience, and expertise (Google’s E-E-A-T factors) for search engines and among your target audience.

In online marketing for realtors, you should care about a decent level of user experience (UX) on your site. This is of crucial importance while user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) predetermine the engagement capacity of your pages, i.e. how long people are staying on your site. The same indicators are important to mitigate the bounce rate on your site. 

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There’s another stage of optimization through off-site SEO, which is about external backlinking to the content on your pages. Most importantly, external references to your content will help you win people’s trust and loyalty. That’s essentially how SEO boosts your brand awareness and generates buzz around your good name in the real estate business.

As part of your off-site SEO effort, make sure to list your real property business in Google Business Profile. The account will make you way more visible in Google Search and Google Maps. Your potential customers will easily spot your contact details and geolocation. Further on, customer feedback and reviews will add to the overall success of your online presence. 

Local property reviews and testimonials are of particular significance while some 88% of consumers rely on first-hand reviews and recommendations. 

User trust

Being locally listed with Yelp and other available services will add to your online visibility and brand identity.

Our expert says: Mind that, property seekers, renters, and sellers across your local community are looking forward to receiving convenient real estate and property management online services. Herewith, your strategic task here is to play the long-lasting SEO game. Rimma Vasylieva, SEO Expert at Promodo.

While SEO is not about getting quick results overnight, it is the evidence-proven marketing strategy that bears fruit over time.   

2. Crafting A User-Friendly Website

The above SEO-focused section has emphasized the importance of having a quality website.  Again, we suggest exploring the websites of your closest 5 local competitors and retrieving the best practices that will work well for your real estate business.

Look at the design and content they use, the menus and navigation, pop-ups and call-to-action (CTA) buttons, and the landing pages where they generate leads. Use freely available tools like Similarweb to compare site performance in terms of page load speed and other technical parameters. Be sure to estimate the amount of monthly traffic, see whether their web pages are mobile-friendly and whether they are interconnected with the social media platforms.

As we’ve mentioned above, the UX/UI criteria are important to maintain to make people stay on your pages. 

Mobile search

While you do not need to have a super-expensive website, make sure it is well-designed, easily navigated, mobile-friendly, and holds updated local property content. To win a competitive advantage over local property rivals, you should craft mobile-friendly websites with responsive design to ensure a seamless user experience (UX) on their smartphones.

Mobile friendliness

Simply put, your website serves you as a business card did a while ago. That said, your online presence is about the very first impressions people make about your business. 

Mostly, local contacts will seek your properties within a radius of about 10-mile proximity. While Internet marketing for realtors is a serious business, your prospects are anticipating first-hand customized service. So, be sure to quit automatic chatbots on your site and use human managers instead. Your target audience strives for a human touch and expert advice in the most empathic manner.

So now you know what’s the real estate website worth visiting! This is the surest way to encourage potential customers to order your property services. 

3. Winning People’s Trust With Quality Content

Pursuing online marketing for real estate agents, concentrate your content across real property listings you are selling. Expand them to a wider knowledge base on your pages to make your offers comprehensive to mainstream visitors. Notable home listings will help people learn more about your services and trust you.

Local properrty inquiries

Speak to people in the same language you hear across your local community. Without much ado and technical terms, explain everything clearly and to the point to make your content resonate with people’s property intent. This is how the content on your site proves your hands-on expertise, while shared success stories help you engage more customers.

To attain the greatest effect, integrate keywords associated with local property searches. Proven online services like Semrush and Ahrefs will help you a great deal to experiment with long-tail keyword combinations. 

Launching a blog on your site is a great idea to stay informative. Over time, people will refer to your site as a reputable data source about real estate and property management

Your local property blog posts will soon get shared on social media and reputable real estate sources. To enhance your credibility, use reputable online sources to build quality links back to your site.

You may also prove your name as a trusted real estate agent by starting your own YouTube channel. YouTube is not only about greater online visibility, but it is also your chance to contact your potential customers directly through comments and feedback on your videos.

Local Real Estate
Local real estate

Another great idea to resonate with the wider readership is to offer guest posts to external real estate and property management blogs. This is how you’ll pursue a two-way street in promoting your local brand name to a broader readership and communicating with potential clients. 

With guest blogging, you will soon turn into a real estate and property management influencer. Hence, external posts are not only about getting links back to your site. This is a sound way to promote your name as a trusted local realtor. 

4. Getting Active on Social Media

Social media platforms are where many of your users spend a decent share of their daytime. Baby boomers, Millennials, and Gen Zers are all there on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

Online Search

Social media impact is pivotal in digital marketing for real estate agents. More than half of realtors rely on social media to generate leads. These numbers prove that social media platforms are effective performance marketing channels used by real estate agents to: 

  • Promote their property offers
  • Engage with potential customers
  • Build stable relationships.

Benefit from social media as a strategic digital marketing channel and use it to convert people into leads on your website. 

Both organic and paid ad campaigns are feasible to promote your real estate and property management services.  However, keep in mind that social media networking is not about direct sales; rather these popular platforms will serve you well as an efficient channel of communication with wider audiences beyond your local reach. 

5. Visualizing Your Property Offers

Quality images tell much about your reputation as a decent real estate agent. In today’s realms of instant data flows, customers mostly concentrate on visuals and video content. In Internet marketing for real estate agents, this is an important signal for you to include high-quality resolution images of the offered properties on your site. 

High-quality images

High-resolution images are about higher engagement rates and faster closure of property transactions. Image legwork is, therefore, an essential part of your web design effort to ensure higher customer engagement and lower bounce rates on your pages. In addition to highlighting your local property offers with the finest imagery solutions, be sure to mix the content on your site with quality photos. This is the surest way to keep people reading, commenting, and staying longer on your site.  

Graphical content will add to an overall impression and perception of your property offers and real estate content. That said, creative graphical solutions will make your website way more user-friendly and appealing to customer intent.  

6. Growing Your Customer Base With Email Marketing

Email marketing is certainly not a thing of the past. This powerful digital marketing channel works wonders for accumulating and retaining your customer base. 

As part of your performance marketing strategy, send personalized letters across your customer base. This is the finest way to: 

  • Remind people about your real estate offers and property management services 
  • Surge local presence above the competition
  • Boost brand awareness
  • Engage new customers with seasonal offers and one-time discounts
  • Share your niched content.

To accumulate a decent base of email contacts, craft a landing page on your site with a special offer. With both organic and paid promotional campaigns, target your readers to that particular page where they will leave their contact information in exchange for a gift, personal bonus, or discount. That’s how you’ll generate a decent amount of qualified leads who are inherently interested in your local offers and services. 

You’ll advance your email marketing campaign with proven online services like MailChimp. The platform will help you collect qualified emails, insert signup forms on your website, and compose highly customized marketing messages. 

In addition to sending periodic listings of new local estate or open house locations, use  newsletters to direct prospects to your blog content or make them share your social media content.

Local SEO
Customized property approach

Email marketing strategy is also a indispensable part of retention marketing. In your digital marketing plan for real estate, retention is strategically important in marketing while this is how you educate your customers about your brand and core services. Once customers are satisfied with your services, they will get back to you for more.

While brand-new customers may not closely engage with your brand, use email marketing as an efficient reminder and follow-up strategy. Be sure to ask them whether they liked your services, if all’s clear to them, and perhaps they have additional questions or may need extra support on your end.

Wrapping Up

The analyzed digital marketing approaches are a sound way to enhance your community presence as a trusted realtor. You’ll prove your name as a reputable name in local real estate 

As in other commercial domains, much of your success in selling local properties depends on quality communication with customers. We’ve pursued a full-funnel performance marketing approach so you can also educate your customers about quality properties and benefit from the best seasonal offers. 

Personal touch and empathy for essential property needs shared by your target audience are at the core of your marketing journey. So the more feasible marketing channels you integrate, the more you are likely to succeed in the local brand positioning. 

While each individual channel adds to your grand marketing strategy, keep in mind that the performance of every channel is measurable in digital marketing. This is to emphasize that through the test and trial, you’ll spot the most efficient channels to expand your business.

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Written by
Taras Bereza

Content Marketing Manager at Promodo

Taras has 16 years of hands-on copywriting experience overseas with 3000+ unique copies.

Accredited with Certificate of Proficiency in English (C2 level) by Cambridge University. Studied at Writing Launch Academy (United States) and owns an Academic Writing Certificate from Oregon University. Author of 12 dictionaries with Apriori Publishers.

Written by
Rimma Vasylieva

SEO Expert at Promodo

October 10, 2023
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