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The Relationship Between User Experience (UX) Design and Conversion Rates

Digital Marketing
January 3, 2024
14 min

The impact of poor user experience (UX) on the conversion rate in eCommerce is significant. Even the slightest error leading to user disappointment can result in abandoned shopping carts. 

The Conversion rate, or the conversion coefficient, is one of the most obvious metrics for eCommerce performance.

In this article, we explore how to analyze the website conversion improvement and the factors influencing this indicator. It's important to note that drawing accurate conclusions based solely on the conversion rate displayed on, for example, the first page of Google Analytics, is impossible. The metric needs to be more generalized and formed from many independent indicators. However, by properly isolating the metric, valuable insights can be gained.

The first thing to pay attention to is the distribution of traffic sources for conversion rate optimization UX.

Branded and Direct Traffic

Several key factors influence the conversion rates in the categories of branded and direct traffic, with a crucial role assigned to user experience (UX) in these cases.

Branded Traffic

Brand Awareness: Users arriving through branded traffic are likely already familiar with the brand, trusting it, and having a positive user experience. This can positively impact the conversion rate.

Consistency: Maintaining consistent brand style and design across all touchpoints, from the website to marketing materials, builds trust and recognition.

Relevance of Content: The website's content should align with the brand message. Users expect to find what they came for.

Direct Traffic

Intent Clarity: Direct traffic often includes users who directly type the website's URL. Therefore, the website's URL should facilitate easy search and conversion into the desired action.

User Expectations: Users arriving through direct traffic may have specific expectations based on previous experiences. Meeting these expectations is crucial for conversion.

Smooth Navigation: Users might be looking for something specific, so the path to their goal should be unobstructed. Simplify navigation and provide clear calls to action (CTA).

Where is this Relevant?

ux conversion optimisation

Typically, the audience for branded and direct traffic is the most loyal, so in this group, the conversion rate should be high (15-25%). Unfortunately, not every website maximizes the full potential of this type of traffic.

Here, it's important to consider two crucial points for :

Users arriving on the homepage will have to navigate a longer path. This means there's a chance of losing some users due to weak handling of user journeys.

In our reality, earning from the first customer purchase is extremely challenging due to the rising cost of traffic. Therefore, profitability heavily depends on the monetization strategy of returning customers.

A common case in Promodo's practice is a brand traffic share of 2-3%, yet the share of revenue from it ranges between 20-40%.

“​​Regardless of whether a website deals with branded or direct traffic, UX design plays a crucial role in optimizing the conversion rate. It ensures alignment with user expectations, fosters brand trust, and ensures smooth functionality, ultimately leading to increased conversion rates and customer satisfaction”.

Yevhen Ivliev, Head of UX/UI Department at Promodo

Shopping and Product Dynamic Search Ads (DSA)

This type of traffic leads directly to the product page.

The unique aspect of Shopping and Product DSA is that, in addition to an interest in the product, customers should be presented with reasons to choose your brand, and the decision-making process happens right then and there. 

In certain niches, the conversion rate for this channel rarely exceeds 2%, and conversion depends on the quality of the landing page.

website conversion improvement

In addition to the conversion rate, triggers for optimization can include the shares of traffic and profitability. For instance, a client may have 42% of users coming from Google Shopping campaigns, but the share of revenue from them is only 11%.

“The user-friendly presentation and quality of content play a crucial role in converting visitors into buyers. A well-thought-out user interface can enhance the conversion rate. A professionally designed interface consists of a convenient layout, clear navigation, persuasive visual effects, and call-to-action (CTA) elements to optimize the conversion rate across all traffic channels”.

Yevhen Ivliev, Head of UX/UI Department at Promodo

Category Traffic

In this case, the landing page would be a product catalog or a portal page with subcategories. Setting aside the factor of assortment diversity, the Conversion Rate in this scenario can indicate:

ux conversion optimisation

For example, in the fashion industry, photography holds the utmost significance, while in the pharmaceutical sector, it is much more important to display the full product name.

Targeted and Media Traffic 

Traffic from these channels often exhibits a low conversion rate (CR) because these campaigns are geared towards emotional purchasing. Hence, alignment between the landing page creative and overall marketing tactics is crucial in this context.

"All the aforementioned sources should be further divided into two segments – mobile and desktop. Sometimes, we recommend treating them as two separate sites since the interaction mechanics are too different. In specific cases, attention should be given to geographic segmentation. In our practice, there have been cases where a client's description of a logistic service was focused solely on major cities. The audience from regions did not immediately find answers to their questions, leading to a partial loss of conversions".

Pavlo Chenchyk, UX/UI Specialist

If the product cost is relatively high, be sure to analyze the Google Analytics data:

ux conversion optimisation

People sometimes need more time to make a decision, and they may return to purchase through different channels. Because of this, businesses may underestimate valuable traffic sources.

“To uncover hidden conversion paths in Google Analytics, methods such as the 'Multi-Channel Funnels' report and the 'Attribution Modeling' tool should be utilized. Considering regional customer characteristics during geographic segmentation is crucial as it allows identifying regional preferences, trends, and behavior, enabling targeted marketing and website optimization to enhance conversion in different regions”. 

Yevhen Ivliev, Head of UX/UI Department at Promodo

How to Increase Sales with UX 

In competitive eCommerce niches, increasing conversion on product pages is a significant challenge. However, several UX/UI strategies can be employed to enhance the persuasiveness of the offer and boost conversion. Let's explore the key ones.

High-Quality and Realistic Product Imagery

Provide detailed images and videos showcasing the product from various angles, highlighting features, and presenting it in context.

Detailed Product Descriptions

Offer comprehensive information about the product, including its features, technical specifications, advantages, and examples of use. Emphasize what sets your product apart from competitors.

Mobile Optimization

Ensure that the product page is optimized and displays correctly on mobile devices, with user-friendly navigation. Given the increasing trend in mobile purchases, this is crucial.

Streamlined Checkout Process

Simplify the checkout process by using minimal form fields, and consider options for guest checkout to reduce cart abandonment.

User-Generated Content

For UX conversion optimisation, Include user reviews and ratings in the description. Real feedback from other buyers can significantly influence purchase decisions.

Compelling Calls-to-Action (CTA)

Adapting UX design to improve website conversions, use persuasive and action-oriented CTAs, such as "Add to Cart" or "Buy Now." Make sure these buttons are prominent, contrasting, and strategically placed.

Product Availability and FOMO Effect

Display information about the number of units in stock to create a sense of scarcity. Use countdown timers for limited-time offers or urgent sales.

Transparency in Pricing

Clearly communicate the price, any discounts, and shipping costs. A good idea of UX  design to improve website conversions is providing price comparisons if necessary.

Cross-Sells and Upsells

Recommend related or higher-priced items to increase the average order value for website conversion improvement.

Interactive Elements

For the purpose of UX conversion optimization, incorporate interactive elements like image zooming, 360-degree product views, and size charts to engage users and reduce uncertainty.

How Relevant Purchase Motivators Can Enhance Offer Appeal? 

Integration of relevant purchase motivators is crucial. To enhance persuasiveness, it is necessary to integrate purchase motivators that align with the specific product and audience. Here are some UX design hacks to improve website conversions. 


“In competitive niches, it is crucial to continuously analyze user behavior and conduct A/B testing of various design and content elements to optimize the conversion rate. Combining a well-optimized product page with relevant purchase motivators can significantly increase the persuasiveness of the offer and boost conversions”.

Yevhen Ivliev, Head of UX/UI Department at Promodo

User Experience Importance: Aspects to Consider in User Behavior on Mobile and Desktop Devices during eCommerce Conversion Analysis and Optimization 

Screen Size and Layout  

Mobile: Limited space on small screens, prioritize essential elements. Maintain concise menus and navigation, utilize vertical layout.

Desktop: More space for content and navigation, create larger layouts and include additional content.

Touch vs. Click

Mobile: Users interact with touch gestures, be mindful of button sizes and spacing to prevent accidental clicks.

Desktop: Users interact with a mouse or touchpad, use hover effects and tooltips for precision.

Navigation Patterns 

Mobile: Users prefer vertical scrolling and simplified menus for easy access to key pages.

Desktop: Users are accustomed to horizontal navigation menus and may expect a different navigation structure.

Speed and Performance  

Mobile: Users are more sensitive to page load speed; optimize images and code for quick content display.

Desktop: Users may be more forgiving of slight increases in loading time but maintaining good performance is crucial.

Form Filling

Mobile: Inputting information in forms can be challenging on small touch screens, implement auto-suggestions and mobile-friendly form elements.

Desktop: Forms can be traditional and require more interaction; ensure the layout accommodates full-sized keyboards.

Context and Intent 

Users on mobile devices often have specific intentions, seeking quick information or performing tasks on the go.

Consider that users may switch between devices. Ensure seamless operation and consistent branding and messaging across different platforms.

Conversion Pathways 

On mobile devices, users may prefer a simplified checkout process, while desktop users might find multi-step checkouts more convenient.

Responsive Design 

Implement a responsive design approach, adapting the layout and content to various screen sizes for a consistent user experience.

*Responsive design is a type of adaptive design that involves a flexible layout that transforms based on screen width.

“To boost conversion rates in online stores, always analyze user behavior across various devices—conduct UX tests, gather analytics, and consider design nuances for each platform”.

Yevhen Ivliev, Head of UX/UI Department at Promodo

The value of the Conversion Rate, as an important metric, is undeniable. However, accurate conclusions can only be drawn through proper analysis. It's not advisable to seek average conversion rates across the market, as two websites in the same niche may have different traffic dynamics.

“One site may invest to capture all traffic while having a lower CR. Therefore, immerse yourself in the development of your site as a full-fledged online product. In most cases, this doesn't require radical redesigns”.

Pavlo Chenchyk, UX/UI Specialist

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Written by
Maria Kashina

Content Marketing Manager at Promodo

Written by
Yevhen Ivliev

Head of UX/UI at Promodo

‣ Experience in international markets (East Asia, Africa, South America).

‣ As a Design Lead, developed innovative design solutions and strategies that helped improve user experience and reflected in positive changes in key performance metrics.

‣ Project leadership and management: While working in design agencies, he has successfully led project teams, ensuring that tasks are completed on time and within budget.

‣ While working for a startup, he played a key role in growing the company from one market to five, which led to increased sales and revenue.

‣ Successfully assembled and managed a multi-national team of 15 talented professionals from different countries, fostering cultural diversity and creativity.  

‣ My design solutions have contributed to increased conversions, reduced bounce rates, and increased user engagement, positively impacting key business metrics. ‣ Ensured high quality UX/UI products, taking into account the needs of users, which led to excellent reviews and customer loyalty.

‣ Successfully collaborated with various internal teams such as product development, marketing, and analytics, which contributed to a harmonious approach and achievement of common goals.

‣ Actively contributed to the development and implementation of design processes and methodologies, which ensured more efficient and synergistic teamwork.

Written by
Pavlo Chenchyk

UX/UI Specialist

January 3, 2024
ux conversion optimisation
ux conversion optimisation
ux conversion optimisation
ux conversion optimisation
ux conversion optimisation
ux conversion optimisation
ux conversion optimisation
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