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Tire Market Trends to Succeed in the Automotive Industry

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October 28, 2022
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The automobile industry is a huge driver of the global economy, which includes trillions of financial turnover, billions in profits, and millions of employment opportunities.

Can you imagine that the revenue of the manufacturing segment itself reached $2.86 trillion in 2021 and is projected to grow to $2.95 trillion in 2022? Nevertheless, the automobile industry does not consist of only the production of vehicles, it also includes consumables, tires, electronics, oils, wear-and-tear parts, accessories, etc. We’ve taken the tire niche of the automobile industry for a detailed investigation, although let’s discuss everything in order.

Global Automobile Industry Overview

Undoubtedly, the automobile industry is the major driving force of the tire niche trends. That is why it is critical to view the conditions of the vehicle segment for a more profound analysis.

Size, structure, and prospect of the vehicle segment

Currently, the global automotive manufacturing industry is estimated at $2.95 trillion which is a huge amount compared to other segments of the world economy. The Coronavirus pandemic had a considerable negative effect on the sphere because the value dropped from $3 trillion in 2019 to $2.71 trillion in 2020. In 2023, the market is planned to exceed the pre-pandemic results, which provides great prospects for the participants of the automotive business sector.

automobile market analysis
Global automotive manufacturing industry revenue between 2019 and 2022 (in trillion U.S. dollars)Source: Statista

The production capacity recovers slowly compared to the financial criteria. According to the Statist Research Department, the number of passenger cars sold worldwide is to reach 71 million units in 2023, when the manufacturers used to produce up to 75 million units before Coronavirus.

Viewing the product structure, passenger cars possess a larger share in motor vehicle sales, namely 68.2%. As for commercial vehicles, manufacturers produced 26.29 million units in 2021. The overall motor vehicle sales increased by 5% worldwide from 2020 to 2021.  

automobile market analysis
Number of passenger cars sold worldwide from 2010 to 2022, with a 2023 forecast (in million units) Source: Statista

The structure of global manufacturers has also changed in the automobile market. Chinese brands have increased their market share, resulting in 21.24 million units made in 2021. What is more, compared to Japan which is placed in second position in the ranking, the country produced only 6.62 million vehicles, which is almost four times less than in China.

automobile market analysis
Passenger car production in selected countries in 2021  (in million units) Source: Statista

Electric vehicle market boost

An increasing number of electric automobiles are driving on the roads. More and more customers choose alternative fuel cars for their environmental sustainability and financial efficiency In such a way, the number of electric vehicles in use worldwide grew from 1.9 million in 2015 to 16.5 million in 2021.

Viewing the structure of the electric automobile market by type, the majority of consumers choose battery cars, although plug-in hybrids sales also continue to grow. Europe is the largest consumer of electric vehicles, enumerating 1.39 million units in 2020. China has almost the same electric vehicle in use, namely 1.33 million. Electric-engine cars are also popular in the US, South Korea, Canada, and Japan as these markets have the largest amount of plug-in automobiles.

automobile market analysis
Estimated number of electric vehicles in use worldwide between 2016 and 2021, by type (in 1,000s) Source: Statista

Currently, the market share of electric-engine vehicles in the overall structure is at 3%. However, it is estimated to reach 28% by the end of 2030. Bloomberg NEF states that electric cars will capture the largest share of the industry, namely 58% by the end of 2040. Hence, we see tremendous opportunities in the niche.

Strongest players in the automobile industry

Even though the automobile industry rivalry is rapidly growing, it has a list of outstanding competitors that possess the largest market share. Toyota Motors is an absolute leader in the segment of passenger cars with over 10% of the market structure. It is followed by Volkswagen and Honda which hold 6.4% and 5.3% of the market share respectively. The rank of top automobile brands also includes Ford, Hyundai, Nissan, Chevrolet, Kia, Mercedes, and BMW.

automobile market analysis
Global automotive market share in 2021, by brand Source: Statista

As for the electric vehicles market, a strong leader in the segment is Tesla with 17% of the worldwide structure. The Chinese manufacturer BYD is the follower that possesses 13% of the market share. Considering the fact that the majority of well-established companies launched electric-engine car models, they also form considerable competition for the market leaders. In such a way, the sales of BMW, Volkswagen, Nisan, Kia, Huinai, Renault, and Chery vary from 5% to 3% of the overall value. With the increasing popularity of battery and plug-in automobiles, the rivalry in the niche is planned to become more intense.

After-Sales Automobile Services Market

The global auto parts market is a large important element of the automobile segment, the size of which reaches $378.4 billion. Having beneficial growth prospects, the niche is expected to strengthen by 4% by 2027. Tires possess the largest share of expenses in the auto parts market. Consumers also spend on batteries, brake parts, filters, body parts, lighting, and electronic components, as well as wheels. In the European market, tires are estimated at 9.1% of the whole auto parts market. Hence, let’s view the global tire market itself in more detail.

tire market analysis

Global Market of Auto Parts

World Tires Market

Size, structure, and prospect of tire segment

The size of the global tire industry is enhancing stability. Unlike automobile sales and production, the growing tendency of the tire market was not affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. In such a way, the size of the segment grew from $112.16 billion in 2019 to $121.29 billion in 2021. Great news for tire manufacturers and distributors! According to the Statista Research Department, the tire niche will jump to $154.4 billion by 2027. The industry participants face beneficial growth prospects.

tire market analysis
Size of the global automotive tire market from 2019 to 2027 (in billion U.S. dollars). Source: Statista

Passenger car tires are the most popular product in the segment, which captures 46% of the world market structure. Light commercial vehicles and trucks possess 19% and 13% of the market share respectively. Agricultural tractors, motorcycles and scooters, construction and mining vehicles, as well as industrial vehicles, demonstrate less than 10% of the overall sales.

Drivers of the tire market growth

Undoubtedly, stable and remarkable growth of the tire segment in the automotive industry is a considerable benefit for its participants. However, it is also critical to understand what tire trends affect such progress. We have developed a list of powerful drivers of the tire markets:

  • Growing Vehicle Production

Considering the fact that the estimated worldwide vehicle production increased from 58 million items in 2000 to almost 80 million vehicles in 2022, the demand for tires is also constantly enhancing.

  • Increased Car Accident Rate Across the Globe

According to the WHO, approximately 1.3 million people die each year as a result of road traffic crashes. Unsafe vehicles are on the top list of such terrifying statistics. That is why car owners become increasingly attentive in the aspect of an in-time tire change.  

  • Regulations Related to Vehicle Safety

Not only car drivers are looking for possibilities to decrease car accidents on the roads, international organizations and governments are also concerned about the issue and but implement additional regulations on tire quality and servicing. As a result, it stimulates sales in the segment.

Key tire producers

The global tire market is saturated with a wide range of manufacturers from different countries of the world. Major leaders in the market are the Japanese producer Bridgestone and Michelin from France that possess the largest tire market share. In addition, Continental AG from Germany and the US brand Goodyear are also strong players that possess considerable tire market share.  At the same time, the list of outstanding tire market producers includes Hankook Tire (South Korea), Pirelli C. S.p.A. (Italy), Toyo Tire Corporation (Japan), Kumho Tire (South Korea), Giti Tire (Singapore), Maxxis International (Taiwan), and Nexen Tire Corporation (South Korea). Even though the industry rivalry is rather intense, it still has low barriers to market entry that creates additional opportunities for new companies in the market.

tire market analysis
The world’s largest tire producers in FY 2020, based on tire-related revenue (in billion U.S. dollars). Source: Statista

Customer Analysis of the Tire Market

Customers apply an attentive approach to the process of tire and auto parts choice. According to the tire industry outlook, price is the major decision factor for clients choosing tires. In addition, they also consider the year of production and country of origin which are also essential for car owners. Brand, product characteristics, size, and type of tires are on the list of tire purchase decision factors. Nevertheless, tire demand is constantly growing.

tire market analysis
Key Tire Purchase Decision Factors

We have also investigated aspects that tire sellers need to consider to maximize their sales. As the majority of clients prefer buying tires online, it is critical to know the tire availability and price shown on the website in order to make the online shopping process as simple as possible. In addition, considering the fact that 80% of customers buy tires for 1 and/or 2 cars, a wide choice of brands, tire sizes, and consultation of professionals need to be offered by stores. The additional services of trade-in, warranty, and free delivery would also become considerable benefits when choosing the distributor of tires. Hence, take into account the developed factors of choosing a seller in order to gain competitive advantages in the market.

tire market analysis
Key Factors of Choosing a Tire Seller

Distribution Channels in the Tire Industry

The distribution structure of the automotive tires e-retailing market has one major trend: the value of online channels is becoming more and more remarkable. One of the moving factors for such a condition has become the global pandemic which stimulated eCommerce. Viewing the online distribution in more detail, in the United States, is the online shop with

the highest eCommerce net sales, with a revenue of $559 million in 2021, followed by with $401 million. Third place is taken by with $353 million in revenue.

tire market analysis
Top online stores in the Car parts & tires segment in the U.S. in 2021, by e-commerce net sales (in million U.S. dollars). Source: Statista

The level of revenue of the British online distributors is smaller. For instance, in spite of being an absolute market leader, generated $163 million in revenue in 2021. At the same time, and have $61 million and $51 million in revenue respectively. Nevertheless, the power of online channels is enhancing in the tire markets in different countries.

tire market analysis
Top online stores in the Car parts & tires segment in the UK in 2021, by e-commerce net sales (in million U.S. dollars) Source: Statista

Best Traffic Channels to Apply for Tire Brands

A properly implemented digital marketing campaign is one of the key success factors for tire online stores. Hence, let’s look at which traffic channels work best in the market. The direct channel is the largest and most effective one, which captures 67.3% of the overall structure. It means that the customers in the global tire market have considerable brand awareness and loyalty to certain manufacturers. They are likely to type the URL to visit the site directly. That is why companies need to invest in the development of brand awareness and customer loyalty.

tire market analysis
Global Tire Market Traffic Channels

The display ads and referrals possess almost 13% each. Their remarkable shares in the structure need to be considered when developing digital marketing campaigns. At the same time, the growth opportunities for the participants of the tire market are email and social marketing channels.

Having been working with numerous companies from the automobile, automotive parts, and tire segments, Promodo has proved all traffic channels and marketing tools to work well for the market players. For instance, we have maintained market analysis, qualitative research, and quantitative research, as well as developed positioning, branding, and media strategy for car tires and rims online store Infoshina. We have been enhancing sales and revenue of the auto parts eCommerce for the Exist brand, using a retention marketing channel. If you also want to get impressive results from the digital marketing campaign, turn to our professionals.

2023 Trends in the Tire Segment

Large tire sizes are in high demand

Sales of 17-inch and larger tires grow faster than other types of tires. It’s predicted that tire ratio with a high diameter will grow continuously in the medium-term and long-term perspective.

Airless tires are a growing trend

Airless tires are Oon the list of the key tire market trends. Manufacturers’ demand for airless tires rises as the popularity of EVs grows.  Currently, the radial airless tires market is $32 million. The global value of the segment is expected to enhance by more than 10% by 2030.

Innovation of smart tires

Bridgestone introduced the concept of smart tires designed to make driving safer, which became one of tire trends. This tire sends information to the car, due to a sensor in the inner wall. The manufacturer states that the technology will be launched without increasing the product price significantly. The smart tires niche is expected to increase by more than 75% by 2030, which creates considerable opportunities for tire market producers.

The intelligent tire and sensor market is full of opportunities

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are expected to account for almost 40%

of the global automotive intelligent tire and sensor market in 2024, which is a considerable amount. This market is predicted to enhance from $47 billion in 2018 to $77.5 billion in 2024.

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