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+921.4% Organic Traffic and Lead Generation from Blog for the MacBook Parts Provider


Apple Parts



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Apple Parts



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AppleParts is a brand selling MacBook spare parts, headquartered in Middleborough, Massachusetts. Having over 1,000 SKUs of genuine Apple parts, the company offers international shipping, partnering with FedEx.

We’ve already described how SEO experts managed to improve the online visibility of the brand with technical, on-page, off-page, and international SEO strategies. 

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Let’s take a look at how Promodo's SEO team that promotes blogs achieved remarkable results with the Blog section on the AppleParts website.


​​➔ Leveraging a blog as a growth opportunity to compete in the electronics industry;

​​➔ Increasing organic traffic by creating content for informational keywords. 

Initial Data

The website had a Blog section, but it needed technical optimization. Besides, as the blog had only two posts, it required filling with interesting and valuable.


We have created a content strategy to regularly fill the website with unique and SEO-optimized articles. The goal was to attract additional traffic through informational queries and convert readers into users of the service.

seo case study

Target Audience Analysis

Audience analysis is critical before creating content briefs for blog posts, as it helps ensure that the articles match the interests, preferences, and needs of the target audience, ultimately increasing the relevance and effectiveness of the content.

seo case study

Keyword Research

First, we selected low-frequency keywords for articles. Even though they are less popular, they also face lower competition from other websites. In this way, we managed to drive organic traffic to the blog quickly and with less effort.

After the blog started generating steady organic traffic, we added high-frequency keywords to the content in our strategy.

Blog Posts Creation

We started to regularly publish optimized articles on the blog, namely 4 times a month. Promodo's SEO team selects topics based on competitor analysis, business priorities, search frequency, and keyword competitiveness.

We try to make posts not only well-optimized for search engines but also valuable for readers. That’s why we focus on the following theme types:

  • DIY MacBook repair;
  • replacement guides;
  • solving problems that MacBook owners may face.

💡 Even though Promodo's team of copywriters crafts high-quality content for the blog, the client approval of the niche articles is crucial. They can provide a specific, unique answer to the customers' question and pain points. For example, when we created the article about Apple Trackpads, the client revealed a specific reason for problems with them, when competitors only had general information about software issues. This is what allowed the article to get into the Featured Snippet.

seo case study
Examples of Articles on Apple Parts Blog

💡We recommend adding Call-to-Action blocks that encourage readers to take a specific action with each article. For the AppleParts Blog, we placed CTAs offering to visit the product page mentioned in the article.

Translating and publishing articles in three languages, namely English, French, and German, enabled us to reach a broader audience and attract organic traffic for additional keywords in these languages.

Improvement of Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness 

To meet Google's E-E-A-T algorithm, we also created authors' pages on the website. An author page is critical to demonstrating experience and building trust with both the reader and Google.

Promodo's SEO experts also created an author profile on Quora, which helped attract a target audience, validate the author's expertise, and enhance brand visibility. Additionally, our team consistently updates the Quora account, dedicating approximately 10 hours per month to this effort.

seo case study
Example of the Author Profile on Quora

Strengthening Link Profile in the Blog

Once we achieved consistent organic traffic to the blog and analyzed the potential of published topics, Promodo's SEO team decided to integrate it into the link-building strategy. 

Initially, we acquired only 4 backlinks per month, gradually increasing the number to 6. 

The strategic placement of these backlinks on thematic websites allowed for achieving a substantial boost, all within a reasonable budget.

seo case study
Referring Domains. Source: Ahrefs


In a year of collaboration with the client, the Promodo SEO team accomplished an impressive +921.4% growth in organic traffic. 

Growth of Traffic in the Apple Part blog. Source: Google Analytics

Currently, the blog generates a significant 72.3% share of the overall organic traffic channels, and notably, it has also begun to bring leads for the company.

Share of Organic Traffic Generated by Blog

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