Benefits of Email Marketing

Permission-based email marketing provides the perfect opportunity to grow your revenue by regularly interacting with your current and potential customers. No matter how large your contact database is, email marketing allows you to communicate with all of them efficiently and in a personal way. We’ll help you leverage the power of email marketing to:


  • Increase Overall Sales Volume

    Email marketing helps you reanimate your inactive prospects and turn them into active customers. At the same time, you can warm up your cold contacts and convert them to returning customers
  • Increase Average Revenue per Customer

    The easiest way to grow your revenue is to cross-sell and upsell to your existing customers with email marketing
  • Build a Loyal Customer Community

    Email marketing efficiently helps you communicate with your existing customers, which contributes to customer retention. You don't have to be actively selling to build a relationship with your customers (which can turn into more sales later)
  • Beta Test New Products and Services

    When launching new products and services, you can beta test them on your existing loyal customers to collect their feedback and tailor further marketing efforts to reach new customers with maximum efficiency

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What You Get with Our Email Marketing Services

  • Contact Database Segmentation

    We help you segment your contacts according to interests, past sales behavior, and other criteria. This is the most important step in email marketing as it lays a solid foundation for future successful campaigns, ensuring that you target the right customers
  • Email Marketing Strategy Development

    Once you have segmented your audience, you will need a strategy incorporating an individual approach to each segment. We help you develop those strategies
  • Integration with Email Marketing Software

    Automation saves time and lets you process large customer databases efficiently
  • Email Templates

    The more appealing your messages are, the higher the conversion rates and revenue will be. Your emails should be responsive and remain readable even in plain text format. We'll provide attractive templates to make the design process easier
  • Schedule and Run Campaigns

    Reaching your audience at the right time with the right message is the key to success. We'll help you identify the right times to send emails and will oversee your campaigns
  • Track Analytics

    The email marketing software we use provides comprehensive statistics on the efficiency of your campaign, including delivery rate, open rate, and click-through rate. Based on this data, we can identify ways to improve your campaign

What Types of Email Marketing Campaigns We Offer

Depending on your business goals, we can run any kind of email marketing campaigns, including, but not limited to:

  • Email Newsletters

    The main goal of such emails is to establish a relationship between your customers and your company. Newsletters don’t feature any explicit sales pitches and serve to educate and inform your readers
  • Transactional Emails

    These types of emails are sent based on customer’s behavior and interaction with a company. Transactional emails provide a great opportunity for cross selling and upselling
  • Direct Emails

    These emails usually include information about special offers or new products, and they increase both overall sales volume and revenue per customer
  • Trigger Emails

    These personalised emails are sent to users according to their actions on your website. These boosts sales, generates leads, increases customer loyalty, and provides a great return on investment.

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