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How SERM Services Can Help Your Business

Cope with negative comments, reviews, and slander on the Internet using effective digital marketing solutions. Handle a reputation crisis as well as improving your brand image online which will allow you to obtain new opportunities and reach your goals.

Your target audience decide to use businesses and professionals with plenty of positive reviews, and therefore, good reputations. Customers, competitors, and independent experts leave comments on blogs, tweet about their experiences, and post updates on social media. Both positive and negative feedback, should be taken into account or else you risk to lose clients.

This is true for local businesses, governmental organizations and public persons. This is where search engine reputation management becomes helpful:

  • To gain exposure and build your brand online if you are a business start-up or have been trading within 12-24 months
  • To protect yourself and your company against attacks, e.g. mitigate potential damage done by negative customer feedback, competitors, and/or control organizations
  • To restore your reputation in case it has been damaged
  • To cope with the consequences of a reputation crisis and fix the problems.


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What Types of SERM Campaigns We Offer

  • Auditing

    Receive information and analysis of your current situation, along with potential solutions and recommendations
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    Leverage strategic keywords and positive content that drives traffic to your website so that you gain new leads while sharing trusted information about your business
  • Executing content marketing strategy

    Position your company as a reliable source of information on subjects your target audience is interested in, focus on your expertise, and avoid sensitive topics
  • Improving brand perception using PR tools

    Develop a strategy of creating and sharing authentic materials about your business and its services in related reviews, major newspapers, influential blogs, etc
  • Performing UI/UX

    Improve your website to provide users with the best experience so that customers abandon other resources that possibly have negative information about your business, products, and services
  • Using SMM opportunities

    Make your company look personable, polite, attentive, and client-focused by paying attention to the content posted by your employees, competitors, partners, and independent experts on social media

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