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5 Benefits of Using Interactive Content in Digital Marketing

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February 16, 2023
16 min

Interactive content has become an increasingly important aspect of modern digital marketing, and for a good reason.

With the rise of digital technology and the increased time users spend online, interactive content marketing provides a way to engage and retain customers in a competitive landscape.

Think about it, when was the last time you remember taking a boring survey? But when you come across a fun quiz that tells you which “Friends” character you are, you’re suddenly all in. That’s the power of interactive content. It creates a memorable and enjoyable experience for your audience while helping you achieve your marketing goals.

And the best part? This type of content is highly shareable, which means your audience can spread the word about your brand to their friends and followers.

Whether new to digital marketing or a seasoned professional, this article will provide the knowledge and inspiration to take your marketing efforts to the next level with this type of content.

By the end, you’ll understand why interactive content has become an essential aspect of modern digital marketing and how you can leverage it to increase sales and conversions.

Let’s begin.

What is interactive content marketing?

types of interactive content

Interactive content marketing is a strategy brands use to create content that actively engages the audience and encourages their participation. In other words, this type of content is designed to be more immersive and memorable than traditional passive content.

The idea is to create content that is both informative and entertaining, and that leaves a lasting impression on the audience. Hence, by providing interactive experiences, brands can create a more personalized and immersive experience for their users.

While the primary focus of text-based content is on written information, adding visual elements such as images, videos, and infographics can make the content more engaging and informative.

Hence, some interactive content examples include:

  • eBooks
  • Virtual reality
  • Interactive videos
  • Simple calculators
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Interactive infographics
  • Interactive assessments
  • Augmented reality overlays
  • Polls and interactive surveys
  • Personality tests and assessment quizzes

Modern content marketers incorporate interactive content into their marketing strategies to stand out from the crowd and offer instant gratification to their audience.

Incorporating this type of streaming content into your marketing strategy can help you stand out from the competition and provide your audience with a more engaging experience. These interactive content examples, from quizzes and polls to AR experience, virtual reality, and interactive videos, can help you get started.

For a better understanding, let’s take an example of a cleaning company aiming to market its brand from scratch. The company can engage its customers by creating quizzes to educate them about its services. This way, customers can make more informed decisions about their cleaning needs.

On the other hand, these quizzes can also provide valuable data for the cleaning company. This is because a cleaning company can gain insights into trends and patterns that can inform its business strategy by tracking customer responses.

Another way to use interactive marketing content is by incorporating a product recommendation engine or a successful calculator into your content. These tools allow users to input information about their needs and preferences and receive personalized recommendations for products or services that meet their needs.

For example, a beauty brand could create a product recommendation engine that asks users about their skin type, concerns, and preferences and then provides them with personalized recommendations for skincare and beauty products. Quick questions can also be used to gather customer feedback and insights, which can be valuable for improving products and services.

This can help users find the products that are best suited to their individual needs and can also help the brand to build a stronger relationship with its customers by offering them personalized and helpful recommendations.

Now that we have discussed the different ways companies can use interactive content, let’s explore the benefits of using interactive content for companies in more detail.

5 benefits of interactive content with successful examples

benefits of interactive content

According to the Content Marketing Institute, interactive content is a powerful tool to help B2B marketers create active engagement with their target audience.

By leveraging interactive content types, such as quizzes, interactive product recommendations, flashy infographics, and virtual reality experiences, B2B marketers can create a more engaging and memorable experience for their users.

Here are five key advantages of interactive marketing types in your content marketing strategy:

1. Increased Engagement

interactive content ideas

Picture a scenario where you can captivate your audience using interactive content on a platform that offers both static content and text-based content.

An interactive content platform can deliver a level of engagement that goes beyond just providing text-based content.  Such platforms encourage users to participate actively, leading to a more immersive experience with the brand.

Interactive content is designed to be more engaging than traditional static content, as it encourages users to participate actively and interact with your brand. This can lead to higher engagement and longer social media platform visits, as users will spend more time exploring and interacting with your content piece.

Moreover, by providing interactive content types, such as quizzes or interactive posts that ask simple questions, brands can create a more immersive experience for their users.

This is because users are likely to stay engaged with your brand when actively participating in an interactive experience, especially regarding interactive content types, like assessments or surveys. For example, offering a quick 15-minute assessment rather than a lengthy survey can help keep users engaged and reduce abandonment rates.

Artificial intelligence can also be leveraged to create even more personalized experiences that boost your content marketing efforts. Take, for instance, Artificial intelligence-powered chatbots. These chatbots can be used to provide interactive content that allows users to ask questions and receive personalized recommendations.

Let’s take another successful example of using different types of interactive content:

Imagine you’re a fashion retailer and sending out an email newsletter to your subscribers promoting your latest collection. Instead of a standard text-based email, you include interactive email content like high-quality images and videos to showcase your latest products and provide styling inspiration that helps your customers feel more confident about their fashion choices.

To even take it up a notch, you can offer exclusive content, such as early access to sales, product promotions, or new collections. This can create a sense of urgency and excitement that encourages customers to take action and make a purchase.

By creating interactive email experiences that provide value to your subscribers and offer instant gratification, you can increase the chances that they will open and engage with your emails.

Similarly, let’s consider how to make a simple solar panel eCommerce site more engaging with interactive content. By providing helpful and informative content in blog posts, the site can establish itself as a trusted and authoritative source of information for customers looking to buy solar panels. This can help build a loyal customer base and increase customer trust in the brand.

You can implement this strategy by creating infographics on the site that provide information about the benefits of solar panels, how they work, and the available types. Unlike traditional text-based content, infographics could include augmented reality, rock content, animations, and videos to help explain complex information in a fun way and increase the engagement rate.

Similarly, you can create an interactive calculator tool that allows customers to calculate their energy savings and payback period based on their current energy consumption and the type of solar panels they choose. An interactive calculator used this way can help them see the financial benefits of switching to solar panels.

Take a look at how Shopsolar Kits includes an interactive calculator highlighting these factors. When included as a content tool on an eCommerce site, a solar calculator can consider several factors to provide customers with a more accurate and personalized estimate of the costs and benefits of going solar.  

types of interactive content

By incorporating these personalized types of streaming content into your content marketing efforts, you can provide valuable information and resources to help customers make informed decisions about different products or services and boost your brand’s overall engagement.

2. Boosted Conversion Rate

Interactive content is a powerful tool that has the potential to increase conversion rates in several ways.

For starters, this type of steaming content helps you find your ideal customer as it helps you pre-qualify leads by gathering information about their needs. The information collected can then be used to determine if they are a good fit for your products or services, making it more likely for them to convert.

types of interactive content

Let’s take an example of how an eCommerce website selling medical SOS smartwatches can be used to collect information and increase conversions.

The website could include recommendation quizzes and surveys to gather information, such as the needs and preferences of consumers’ views. These simple questions could include their daily routines, mobility, and health conditions.

The results can then be used to determine which type of medical alert smartwatch would be the best fit for the customer, making it much easier for them to select and purchase a watch.

Similarly, the eCommerce site can also implement a virtual try-on feature that lets customers see how the medical SOS smartwatch looks on their wrist. This can help increase conversions by giving customers a better feel of what the product looks like and how it will fit.

Finally, the site can offer live chat and interactive video content for customers who need additional assistance with choosing the right medical SOS smartwatch, providing a more personalized shopping experience and helping the site collect valuable information about the customer’s needs and preferences.

By collecting information from customers this way, the eCommerce site can tailor its product recommendations, messaging, and marketing efforts better to meet the needs and preferences of each customer. Ultimately, this can help lead to higher levels of user engagement and improved conversion rates.

3. Increased Brand Awareness

Interactive content marketing can be a game-changer in boosting brand awareness. As users engage with your content, they are more likely to remember your brand in the future and associate it with positive experiences.

Campaign Monitor is a successful example of how interactive content can increase brand awareness, through its interactive email builder, which is a tool that allows users to create and send interactive emails with ease.

With a crowded inbox, it can be challenging for emails to stand out. However, Campaign Monitor’s interactive email builder allows users to create visually stunning emails that include interactive elements, such as clickable buttons, GIFs, and videos. This helps the emails to stand out in a crowded inbox and increase the chances that customers will engage with them.

Similarly, let’s take an example of how a dog training business uses interactive educational content to create a positive user experience and increase brand value. One way they do this is by creating a virtual dog training class or program. The virtual class could use video conferencing technology to provide live and interactive training sessions for dog owners and their pets.

Take a look at how this website includes interactive streaming content and virtual classes that are personalized to the customers’ dog’s individual training needs.

interactive content

This interactive content can increase brand awareness by aiding customer experience and personalization. By offering a virtual dog training class, they’re providing customers with a unique and engaging experience they will be sure to remember.

Not only that, but virtual dog classes are accessible from anywhere, at any time, making them convenient for busy pet owners who may not have time to attend in-person classes. This creates a positive user experience as customers can participate in the classes on their own time and from the comfort of their own homes.

On the other hand, these classes allow trainers to give personalized attention to each pet owner, providing a more tailored experience, which can help pet owners feel more confident in their training skills and can improve the overall user experience.

To sum up, virtual dog classes can create a positive user experience and increase brand awareness by offering pet owners a convenient, personalized, and user-friendly experience. The brand can differentiate itself from competitors and establish a loyal customer base by providing high-quality training and support.

4. Improved User Experience

According to content marketing institutes, Interactive content can enhance the user experience and drive marketing success by making campaigns more engaging and memorable.

One way they do this is by improving the learning experience. Interactive blog posts can help you educate customers about a brand’s products or services more engagingly, increasing their understanding and interest in the brand.

Similarly, this engaging type of rock content allows you to gather user feedback in real time, which can be used to make data-driven decisions about your marketing strategy. You can make adjustments to improve the user experience and increase engagement by monitoring response rates, completion rates, and other metrics.

For example, an information guide on flights can incorporate a flight search engine tool that includes interactive flight maps to help educate customers on routes and destinations. This can include a map that allows users to zoom in and out, view flight paths, and get more information about different destinations.

Content portrayed this way can better showcase their offers and increase brand awareness for flight search engines such as Google flights.

interactive content

In today’s digital age, it is more important than ever for these websites to offer their customers a user-friendly, engaging, and personalized experience.

Let’s take an example of a job search advice website.

Job search advice websites play a crucial role in helping job seekers navigate the job market and find their next opportunity. By incorporating interactive elements into their website, such as assessment quizzes, simulations, and networking tools, job search advice websites can provide a personalized experience for their users that offers instant gratification.

Look at how the website Careersidekick includes a unique element like resume builders to engage their users. An interactive resume builder on their site can help job seekers create a professional-looking resume in minutes. Additionally, the site goes one step ahead and offers courses on creating a killer resume to land the perfect job.

This type of content marketing strategy employed will be an effective way for the website to demonstrate its expertise and create a positive user experience as users are guided step-by-step on the whole process and actively participate in it.

interactive content

In summary, an interactive content platform like this one can be a powerful tool for engaging your audience, reducing abandonment rates, and increasing response rates. By providing an interactive experience instead of just static content, you can gather quality feedback from users and make data-driven decisions to improve your interactive marketing content.

5. Increased Lead Generation

interactive content 3

As mentioned earlier, interactive marketing content requires the audience to engage with it, leading to longer dwell times and increased engagement. This engagement level helps keep the audience interested and invested in the content leading to higher conversions and greater lead generation.

Additionally, this content can help you collect valuable data from potential leads. For example, interactive assessments and quizzes can gather information about the user’s interests, needs, and preferences, which can target future marketing efforts.

A site that sells wearable goods like KN95 face masks can create a mask finder quiz that asks questions about the user’s needs and preferences, such as their occupation, the type of activity they’ll be using the mask for, and their budget. You can then provide recommendations and direct them to the right products based on the answers of each customer.

Similarly, you can create a health quiz asking about the user’s health and pre-existing conditions. The quiz can then recommend the most appropriate type of KN95 mask for their needs and provide information on why it’s the best option.

Moreover, interactive marketing content can be designed to personalize the user experience based on the user’s actions or inputs. For instance, a SUP board finder on a paddleboard website leverages quizzes and other interactive tools to gather information about a potential customer’s needs and preferences.

interacting content

In this case, the SUP board finder allows a user to answer questions about his experience level, preferred type of activity (such as touring, racing, or yoga), and budget, and in turn, provides personalized recommendations for the right inflatable paddle boards. This helps potential customers quickly find the value in your offer.

Based on my answers, I was recommended the following 3 paddleboards.

interacting content

Overall, interactive marketing content can be a powerful tool for your content marketing campaign in increasing lead generation. Whether you use quizzes, white papers, games, or other engaging types of content, the key is ensuring that the content is relevant and valuable to your target audience.

Now that we’ve covered some of the key benefits of using interactive content, let’s talk about ways to improve your text-based content and make it even more effective. By optimizing your content for engagement, shareability, and conversion, you can maximize the impact of your content and achieve better results for your brand. Here are a few interactive content examples and strategies to keep in mind as you create and refine your interactive marketing content.

4 Ways How to Improve Interactive Content

To create effective interactive content, it’s important to understand and follow best practices for content development. From crafting a compelling story to incorporating safety measures, these best interactive content services will help ensure that your content is engaging and effective in achieving your desired outcome.

A. Improve Your Content

Revamping and updating your existing content is crucial to effective content development. Not only does it keep your audience engaged, but it also helps maintain your credibility and sets your edge over the competition.

In addition, interactive marketing content created in the form of rock content can provide significant benefits to companies, including increased traffic, improved SEO, and greater engagement from their audience.

Rock content is a type of content that is designed to be evergreen or timeless and provides long-term value to the user.

For example, a company selling outdoor equipment could create an interactive hiking trail guide that allows users to explore different trails and learn about the unique features and challenges. Similarly, rock content can be visually stunning and attention-grabbing.

This type of content can showcase the beauty and ruggedness of outdoor environments, and can draw potential customers in by capturing their imagination and desire for adventure.

Streaming content is also used in interactive content marketing to engage with customers and provide them with a more immersive and interactive experience. With streaming content, companies can create a real-time connection with their audience, which can help to build brand awareness and customer loyalty.

For instance, streaming content can be used to provide coverage of live events, such as conferences or product launches. This type of content allows customers who are unable to attend the event in person to still participate and feel like they are part of the action.

Overall, both rock and streaming content are important for effective content marketing because they can work together to create a more engaging and interactive experience for customers.

B. Produce Interactive Content For The Funnel Steps

Producing content for each sales funnel step is crucial in developing interactive content. It allows you to analyze your customer’s shopping behaviors to meet your audience’s specific needs and interests at each stage.

The sales funnel represents a customer’s journey from awareness of your brand to becoming a customer. It typically includes the following steps:

  • Awareness Content: This is the first stage where customers become aware of the brand and its products. You can include wins for people in the form of rewards, interactive papers, digital brochures, quizzes, assessments, and interactive infographics.
  • Interest: In this stage, the customer expresses an interest in your brand and what you offer. Interactive content examples at this stage can include a personality quiz to attract the audience’s attention better or interactive print paper to engage with print materials in a new way.
  • Decision: Here, the customer is ready to make a purchasing decision. The content used at this stage includes product configurators, ROI calculators, and interactive product recommendations.
  • Action: This is the final stage, where the customer takes action, like making a purchase or signing up for a trial. streaming content in the form of games can be used at this stage for instant gratification.

By producing interactive content for each step of the sales funnel, you can create immersive experiences for your audience and help guide them toward a desired outcome, such as making a purchase or signing up for a trial.

C. Keep Track Of Your Company’s Security

Keeping track of company security is a crucial best practice for any content marketing institute  because interactive content often involves collecting and storing sensitive information like personal data and financial information.

If this information falls into the wrong hands, it can cause serious consequences for the company and its customers. To keep company security top of mind, here are a few best practices to follow so that your business can minimize the risk of financial loss and protect its bottom line.

  • Use secure servers
  • Encrypt sensitive information
  • Regularly update your software

A business can provide a better experience for customers and achieve success by ensuring that its systems are secure. Additionally, integrating a reliable VPN into the security framework can provide an extra layer of protection, enhance data encryption and maintain confidentiality across all operations.

D. Improve SEO

Improving SEO is essential for the success of your interactive content. Hence, making your content visible to Google search engines is key to attracting more visitors to your site. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want their content to reach a wider audience?

Some interactive content examples you can implement are using keywords and optimizing your content for mobile use. This way, you can ensure that your interactive content is easily accessible and visible to your target audience, helping you achieve your digital marketing goals.

Similarly, creating high-quality, engaging content that attracts backlinks and social shares can also help you boost your search rankings and attract more organic traffic to your site. Streaming content can be a great way to create interactive experiences that attract backlinks and social shares.

Also, consider hiring a virtual assistant to help you automate and streamline various tasks, from identifying relevant keywords and phrases to effective content optimization to help with search engines.

By leveraging the capabilities of marketing virtual assistants, you can focus on creating high-quality and interactive content while improving its visibility and search engine rankings. Overall, improving SEO helps increase visibility and drive traffic to your site, boosting your content marketing efforts.


Interactive content marketing is truly a game-changer in the digital world. By incorporating some of these interactive content examples into your digital marketing strategies, you can create memorable and impactful campaigns that drive results and help achieve your marketing goals.

In addition to the 5 key benefits mentioned earlier, there are a few extra pieces of expert advice to keep in mind to get the best out of your content. First, it’s important to make your content shareable. Users who interact with a piece of content they enjoy are more likely to share it with their friends and followers on social media.

And since interactive content is one of the most common types of content shared on social media and elsewhere online, you should encourage your audience to share it on their social media channels.

Including social media sharing buttons improves your online visibility and attracts more users to your website.

Additionally, you should measure and analyze your content’s performance to better understand what’s working and what’s not and change your strategy accordingly.

If you want to improve your use of interactive content in your digital marketing, we at Promodo are here to help. Our team of experts specializes in creating and executing engaging and effective digital interactive service offerings that drive results for our clients.

From strategy development to content creation and analysis, we have the skills and experience to help you reach your marketing goals. Don’t miss out on the power of interactive marketing content.

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He helps innovative B2B companies implement revenue-driven SEO strategies to scale their organic traffic to 1,000,000+ visitors per month.

February 16, 2023
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