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How to Run a Dental Search Engine Optimization Campaign on a $1000 Budget

May 22, 2024
15 mins

While niching our healthcare marketing expertise down, we’ve developed the finest search engine optimization (SEO) tips for dentists. 

Most of our first-time clients are not ready to allocate big marketing budgets to promote their dental care clinics. That’s why, our healthcare SEO experts decided to share the best-fit dental search engine optimization recommendations on running dental practice promotions with a shoestring budget starting at $1000 a month. 

The Necessity of SEO Optimization for Dental Websites

Let’s be true, the lion’s share of small-to-midsize dentists are hesitant about spending extra on marketing promotion of their businesses. That’s particularly the case of yet-unestablished startup dental clinics about to launch their digital marketing journey. Fragile and prone to multiple external market challenges, they virtually count every dollar. 

The good news for yet unestablished local dental practices is that SEO marketing for dentists holds a vast promotional potential across today’s digital landscape. 

SEO optimization is crucial for your dental website because 90% of your potential patients will seek your practice online before booking an appointment. 

Booking appointments online

Yes, you may still count on the loyalty of your current local patient base within the range of your neighborhood or immediate community. However, that’s a pretty limited approach if you are serious about building and scaling your dentistry business for the next 5–10 years. 

As the baseline strategy, SEO marketing for dentists will help your dental website rank higher in search results. That means more potential patients will spot your services on search engine results pages (SERPs) while browsing for dental services like yours. 

💡 Tip #1: Key SEO Benefits for Dental Practices

  • Boosting your competitive online presence as a quality provider of dental services among other medical professionals
  • Building a dental SEO strategy based on local keyword targeting and patient-oriented SEO content
  • Enhancing your online visibility on top of popular online search results, like “dentists near me” or “quality dentist service in Palm Springs” 
  • Targeting the most popular keyword combinations browsed by your target patient audience 
  • Growing your practice by scaling your dental brand positioning beyond local reach
  • Attracting qualified traffic of patients ready to book an appointment and show up at your clinic
  • Growing and retaining your loyal dental patient base. 

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What Impacts the Cost of SEO Services for Dental Website

Having acknowledged vital SEO benefits for your dental practice, there’s another big question about the cost of SEO services for dentists. 

There’s no one straightforward answer as monthly SEO costs depend on several factors. One thing you should keep in mind is that SEO is among the most cost-effective marketing strategies for dental clinics. The cost strikingly contrasts with TV/radio ads, pay-per-click advertising, and social media marketing.

💡 Tip #2: Core Factors that Impact SEO Cost for Dentists

  • Size of the dental practice
  • Location of your dental practice
  • Market competition 
  • Current condition of your website
  • SEO services you need.

Budget Allocation of SEO Marketing for Dentists

Budgeting for SEO services is an essential marketing practice downplayed by many owners of dental clinics. Without in-house marketing teams, they usually perform essential SEO tasks randomly.   

By doing pre-SEO homework well in advance, you’ll know how much you should invest.

💡 Tip #3: Major SEO Budgeting Tasks for Dental Clinics

  • Realize your current needs and strategic business goals. To compete in a rivaling marketplace it is essential to know your business goals, spot your closest competitors, and draw a perfect patient profile. 
  • Research local SEO rates. It is crucial to plan your SEO budget by benchmarking average pricing across your city while SEO rates depend on regional variations.
  • Focus your SEO effort on a lifetime value. You should plan your SEO budget from a long-term perspective. You’ll eventually get the return on marketing investment (ROMI) by focusing on the lifetime value (LTV) of your loyal dental patient base.  

Essential SEO Services and Their Common Prices for Dentists

While breaking down average costs for SEO services, we take each client’s case as unique and elaborate highly customized strategies. 

The average monthly dental SEO service cost varies from $750 to $2,000. The medium benchmark will be $1500, however, our healthcare marketers may start at a lower range of $1000. 

We provide affordable SEO packages for local dental businesses to boost your patient traffic online and make your dentistry brand name beyond local reach. 

Website Traffic Growth

The median costs for our services will help you perform an effective SEO strategy for the initial promotional period of six months and then save on SEO marketing expenses.    

Following the first six months of our cooperation, your SEO budget allocation will drop considerably. All you’ll need is to fill your business site with quality content and maintain an enhanced dental profile online.

💡 Tip #4: Breaking Down Median SEO Costs

Dental SEO PackageMedian Monthly ValueService DescriptionTimeline
Website Audit$500 to $1,000With a detailed SEO audit, our core web vitals experts will optimize your website performance by outlining major flaws and spotting opportunities for greater search visibility.14 days
Keyword Research$250 to $500Our SEO marketers will perform extensive keyword research to detect the most popular local dental terms searched by patients online. We will rely on the user intent of your potential patients to further optimize your website pages and content.14 days
On-page Optimization$850 to $1,500In the course of on-page optimization, we will currently optimize your page titles, metadata, URLs, and content for target dental service keywords.90+ days
Link-building$1,000 to $2,000Leveraging the best link-building practices, we will help you gain quality backlinks from lead dental industry websites to improve domain authority (DA) for your website and SERPs rankings for keywords.90+ days
Local SEO$500 to $1,500With the customized local SEO practices, we will rank your dental website high for searches within your area.90+ days
Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM)starting at $1000As part of the SERM service, we apply the best-fit approaches ranging from optimizing local-focused content to managing listings and processing patient reviews.90+ days
Performance Monitoring$250 to $500A crucial phase in SEO promotion is monitoring your performance. We do weekly reporting by tracking analytics and deploying insights into your dental website search performance.90+ days

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1. Website Speed Optimization for Dental Clinics

Regardless of the size of your practice and whether you are a startup or an established dental clinic, the first question we ask our clients at Promodo is whether you have a website and how good it is. Search engine optimization for dentists is about an in-depth audit of your website performance. 

Core Web Vitals marks our primary SEO service to check up on and fix core website performance metrics. 

💡 Tip #5: Core website performance metrics 

Website Speed Optimization

  • Largest Contentful Paint indicates how quickly the main content loads on your webpage. We are targeting the 1.5-2.5-second range.
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) is a user-centric metric that measures the visual stability of your pages. We are targeting 0.1 as a minimum CLS score to ensure the finest user experience on your dental website.
  • Interaction to Next Paint is the metric that marks the time when a user first interacts with your page to the first page response. We are targeting 100 msec FID to ensure a satisfying user experience.
  • Page Speed Optimisation is about increasing the load time of web pages. We are targeting the first screen loads within max. 2 seconds. 

Optimized conversions

The optimization of your website is super important to gain higher conversions. With a higher flow of visitors, more users will take the desired action on your dental website and turn into your loyal patients

2. Customized Content for Dental Search Engine Optimization

With much said about content as king in digital marketing, the success of your SEO performance will depend on your ability to generate quality, informative, and patient-oriented dental content.

The power of content

Following suit, we suggest regular blogging as the most effective content-generation practice. This way, you’ll best resonate with the immediate dental needs of your patients. 

Successful SEO marketing for dentists is primarily about generating informative content with vital tips on daily dental hygiene. This is one of the proven approaches that will help you win competitive positions for local online searches. 

The types of dental content are vast and many range from educational pieces to hygiene podcasts and dental video series. With that do your best to smartly align textual, visual, audio, and video content within your weekly blog posts.    

Regular content-making practice through blogging will soon benefit you as an effective hook for the organic patient traffic onto your website. Be sure to interlink your posts throughout social media, share your best pieces through email marketing, and experience guest posting on professional dental care platforms online.

3. Local SEO for Dental Clinics

In our recent SEO blog posts for dentists, we emphasized the importance of local SEO as a primary geotargeting strategy with great potential to boost your patient outreach. We highlighted the importance of setting up a Google Business Profile and registering on professional listings for healthcare and wellness providers, and local business directories like Yelp. These are your crucial marketing platforms where many of your potential patients will spot your brand name.  

The greater your locale is, the more you’ll have to pay for dental SEO. Established dental practices in New York or Los Angeles readily invest up to $4,000 a month.

4. How Long Will It Take to Reap Dental SEO Fruit

That’s among the most frequently asked questions we get in our SEO practice. Well, much depends on an individual client’s case while a timeline varies substantially depending on a client’s current situation as well as market competition. 

Overall, a concerted SEO effort lasts for six months before you can see tangible improvements in the local search visibility of your dental services. Providing you are a seasoned provider of dental services with an established name across the industry, the primary SEO period may last up to four months.   

Once you overcome a critical period of 6-12 months, your SEO status will mature with a stable SEO and content marketing strategy and higher search rankings.

💡 Tip #6: Major SEO Challenges for Dentists 

  • SEO assumes an ongoing process full of patience and consistency
  • There’s no one-time SEO fix  
  • You’ll be prone to regular ranking fluctuations 
  • You’ll need extra time to build authority and gain trust from search engines.

Budgeting Your Dental SEO Costs with Promodo

If you are serious about maximizing your online presence without overpaying, Promodo SEO experts are here to optimize your marketing budget. 

While every dollar counts, we see how many market players lose their potential clients due to ill-planned marketing costs. Oftentimes, inefficient spending comes as the number one reason for losing the marketing game.

SEO Customization Benefits


You are welcome to schedule a consultation and get quote on your SEO case. Our experienced in-house SEO team is here to soothe bumps in the road and make your SEO journey more efficient. We offer customized SEO contracts with tracking clear metrics and weekly SEO reporting. 

💡 Tip #7: A cost-effective SEO strategy will help to:

  • Boost your online visibility
  • Win you more loyal dental patients. 
  • Deliver considerable returns with increased patient appointments

Let’s leverage a tailored SEO strategy for your dental practice!


Let's reach top SEO goals for your dental practice!
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Written by
Taras Bereza

Content Marketing Manager at Promodo

Taras has 16 years of hands-on copywriting experience overseas with 3000+ unique copies.

Accredited with Certificate of Proficiency in English (C2 level) by Cambridge University. Studied at Writing Launch Academy (United States) and owns an Academic Writing Certificate from Oregon University. Author of 12 dictionaries with Apriori Publishers.

May 22, 2024
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