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Link Building for Real Estate: Simple Strategies for Success

March 12, 2024
10 mins

There’s a big question out there asked by our real estate clients: “Why is link building important for a prosperous niche like real estate?” 

While there’s no magic in the air, we simply take backlinking as an integral part of an effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

While there’s no one-size-fits-all backlink strategy for real estate agencies of all sizes, we suggest a bunch of reliable backlinking approaches that will help you: 

🏠 Generate wider traffic

🏠 Convert more quality leads

🏠 Boost revenue

🏠 Stand out from the crowd. 

Why Link Building is Essential for the Real Estate

The role of link building in SEO promotion is hard to overestimate. As a local real estate player, your strategic task here is not to downplay it. 

🏠 Why top real estate agents are leveraging backlinks?

🏠 How to pillow backlinks for higher SEO performance? 

🏠 What are the white hat link building trends for 2024?

🏠 Why gaining niche-focused backlinks is so much important for real estate agencies?

To most small-to-mid-range real estate agencies, real estate link building sounds unusual. You may be surprised, but there are a few market players aware of the benefits they would reap with a proper real estate link building strategy

With the mainstream transition to doing business online, you’ve got no other choice but to enhance your online presence. 

First User Touch in Real Estate

Delving deeper into real estate link building, we would like to emphasize strategic off-page SEO approaches with the potential to rocket the market positioning of your real estate agency.

Today, Promodo SEO experts will explain why earning quality backlinks is essential for real estate agencies. We are here to share top link building strategies with you! 

The number one reason is about wider visibility in search engines: that’s because search engines use links to crawl between various pages. That’s where quality backlinks enhance your real estate website authority. Subsequently, that leads to higher rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs).

The second reason is increased traffic: that’s about getting direct referrals from linked sites. With that, you’ll substantially increase organic traffic to your website and earn more qualified leads concerned about property listings and about to make inquiries.

The third reason falls into the authority of your real estate website: getting quality backlinks from reputable real estate sources will make your real estate website way more authoritative in the eyes of search engines and trusted by your potential clients.

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Crafting an Effective Link Building Strategy for Real Estate

The strategies we share today will enhance your link building mastery. 

Leveraging Real Estate Content 

Before pretending to get external references to your site, be sure to fill it with quality textual, visual, and dynamic video content. That’s what tells people much about the authority and expertise of your real estate agency. 

Grasping E-E-A-T

Part of Google’s E-E-A-T (expertise, experience, authority, and trust) framework, be sure to offer a fresh real estate perspective that will make people want to get a closer look. Do not go overboard here, though; keep your business local and communicate with your audience through the perspective of a local real estate player. 

Along with your local hands-on real estate experience, another crucial ‘E’ regards sharing expert knowledge. Your ability to share niched real estate expertise in a fresh and enlightening manner will bring you loyal customers with high lifetime value (LTV).

Always comment on current market trends and hot property locales to further engage your potential customers. The same is true about exploring lesser-known nuances of the real estate business that will help you raise local authority and earn trust. 

While revealing local real estate insights, ask your readers to share their views and foster wider communication with your prospects.

Enhanced online positioning will bring you wider brand awareness and will help you win more loyal clients over time. 

Issuing Real Estate Guides

Pursuing a proper content strategy will generate a buzzword about your real estate agency. 

You may start with informative real estate guides to explain complex real estate topics in layman’s terms. 

You may also issue local market reports so that potential clients understand the most popular offers. 

Property spotlights will highlight area-specific properties and help your potential clients develop a more focused look.

A piece of actionable real estate advice will benefit newbies and seasoned property seekers & sellers. Issuing informative guides is also a great way to follow current market trends and comply with regulations.

Arranging Virtual Real Estate Tours

360-degree property views provide a splendid opportunity for visiting your properties online. The technologies like WPVR enable great virtual tours on your real estate website. 

With compelling imagery like high-quality photos of properties, you’ll make more users stay longer on your site.

We also suggest leveraging infographics as a sound way to split your real estate content into visual stories.

Crafting dynamic videos is another way to showcase your best property offerings and engage your site visitors with a cinematic experience.

Pursuing Geo-Targeted Real Estate Content

Geo-targeted content will help you guide people across your immediate locale. Offering insights into location-specific properties will boost trust in your local property expertise.

Part of the legwork here is to embrace area profiles, including detailed descriptions of nearby infrastructure, including amenities, transportation, malls, schools, parks, and local entertainment.

The Magic of Guest Posting

Now it's the right time to knock on the door of established real estate platforms online. This is where you stand a chance of getting backlinks to your website and gaining wider popularity. 

Your hunt for backlinks (aka. inbound links, in-links, or incoming links) is all about seeking the right fit. Incoming links tell search engines that the content on your site is valuable and reliable. Therefore, backlinking is an ideal way of matching content with your perfect audience. 

The more you niche down here, the better. Niche-focused real estate blogs are your battlefield that will help you sell your content to potential buyers.

Tell a local real estate story based on your agency’s hands-on experience so that people resonate with it. 

That’s when you’ll get higher traffic to your website. Authoritative real estate web platforms with considerable readership will maximize your outreach.

The more discussions and comments your content gets, the more people will engage with your real estate offers.

Reaping Real Estate Fruit with Backlinks

In the realms of a highly competitive industry like real estate, it’s okay to peek into niche playbooks that offer superb insights. 

In this vain, it is vital to dive into the link building strategies pursued by your closest rivals.  

Analyzing Backlink Portfolio 

Once you take backlinks as the path leading to your local property offers, you’ll get the most from a backlink portfolio analysis. Link tracking tools for real estate agents like Ahrefs or Semrush are tried and tested ways of seeing where your rivals are getting backlinks from.

Your job here is to understand the relevance of real estate websites with the backlinking potential. Get an idea of how often your competitors are gaining new backlinks to their sites. Also, be sure to check how diverse is their backlinking strategy: whether they get links from various sources, or are okay with backlinking from a single real estate platform.

Building Local Connections 

Take your local prospects as part of a great community. Foster connections by building networks with businesses that will serve you as local advocates. Through mutual promotions, you’ll earn high-quality links that will raise your authority before search engines and prospects. 

Here, you may opt for joint venturing by partnering with nearby businesses for mutual promotions or shared events. You may also sponsor local events to gain wider visibility across your immediate community. Finally, you may pursue shared content by co-creating articles or videos that would highlight local insights or mainstream trends.

Staying on Local Listings 

It is crucial to maintain a consistent local presence online. That alone will direct potential clients to your local properties. Take local directories as prominent signboards that will guide potential clients to your real estate office. 

Do your best to follow the patterns set by your closest competitors: 

🏠 What data do they place on local listings? 

🏠 How often do they respond to reviews?

🏠 Who are their readers?

Getting listed on popular local directories necessitates keeping your property details consistent and updated.

Link Building on Social Media 

Take social media platforms like Facebook and Linkedin as essential link building spots.

Building links on social media is a proper way of reaching a wider audience, fostering strategic relationships, and propelling your online presence.

Pursuing Shareable Content

Shared content filled with engaging visuals and catchy infographics will help you attract general attention and hook more visitors to your real estate website. 

The same is true about sharing value-packed tips across social media. With helpful bits of actual real estate information, you’ll outperform many competitors who downplay these essential options. 

We suggest betting on sharing bite-sized pieces of advice that may cover anything from valuable local investment insights to home decor tips. 

Make a difference with interactive real estate content on various social media platforms. Polls, questionnaires, quizzes, or live Q&A sessions about real estate nuances will all help you engage with your target audience. 

Grasping the Power of Influencers

Collaborations with influencers will serve your link building strategy as a game changer. Influencers are online bloggers enjoying an extensive follower base. Your task here is to engage with the right people whose online resources resonate with 

🏠 Real estate

🏠 Property management 

🏠 Urban lifestyles

🏠 Home design.

Fruitful collaborations with influencers will open the world of unknown opportunities for your real estate agency: 

  • Property tours: you may invite a shared audience to exclusive online walkthroughs through your properties.
  • Guest takeovers: you may get fresh perspectives by letting influencers manage your social media for a day.
  • Joint giveaways: you may arrange contests or giveaways that would draw your audiences closer.

Evaluating Backlink Profile

Having done on-page and off-page SEO legwork, your further task is to get rid of spammy links. The latter are uncertain connections with the risk of harming your website's reputation and SEO rankings.

Gaining Quality Links

The reliable online tools Ahrefs and Semrush will help you check out whether link sources backlinking to your site are qualified. You should eliminate any links coming from low-quality or irrelevant sites.

Beware of cautious anchor texts. Take an influx of repetitive backlinks as a sign of trouble. Also, stay away from rapid link gains. Monitoring of site penalties with Google Search Console will help you detect penalized websites tied to spammy backlinks.

Anchoring Text Analysis

Make sure backlinks to your real estate site are both diverse and relevant with an in-depth analysis of anchor texts. Ahrefs will help you conduct diversity checks to ensure the right mix of 

generic, branded, and keyword-rich anchor texts.

Part of SEO optimization, do not overoptimize a single keyword as an anchor. It is essential to make sure that the content around the anchor text is relevant to the context of your real estate site. Otherwise, Google will perceive the mismatching anchors to the content you link to as deceptive.

Monitoring Link Velocity

It is essential to track the link acquisition rate with Semrush or other available tools. The practice will show how fast you gain or lose backlinks 

Not less important is to spot unnatural spikes indicating spammy link-building or negative SEO attacks.

Gaining Quality Backlinks

Make sure you gain the backlinks from relevant real estate sites. It is also important to fill your website with backlinks from real estate sites whose audience is interested in your local property offers.

In your link-building pursuit, you’ll want to hunt for sites with solid domain strength. Real estate resources with high domain authority are recognized as industry leaders and hold the most value. 

Acquiring links from trustworthy sources like established news outlets will boost the credibility of your real estate website.

Link-building KPIs

Real Estate Link Building Tips for Getting Better Result

To gain maximum effect from link building for real estate, start with on-site SEO by creating valuable content.  Research competitor backlinks, and reach out to reputable real estate platforms and blogs with guest posting.

These are real estate link building tips based on the most popular questions asked by local property agents:

How do I enhance my web presence?

🏠 Build quality inbound links to make search engines rank your website higher

🏠 Make sure your (linking) real estate site is of high quality before soliciting inbound links

🏠 Engage qualified leads with local real estate search keywords like ‘houses near me’

🏠 Beyond greater visibility in search engines, be sure to target homeowners and homebuyers. 

How would I find proper real estate websites for link building?

🏠 Use industry-specific directories

🏠 Connect with local real estate agents and associations

🏠 Activate your presence at online real estate forums 

🏠 Involve with local communities.

How do I generate more backlinks?

🏠 Bet on networking and new relationships across your immediate locale

🏠 Leverage your local contacts to gain good incoming links.

🏠 Collaborate with other real estate agents, local businesses, communities, and chambers

🏠 Reach out to reputable real estate blogs and industry websites

🏠 Partner with business associations and social groups.

Hot Tip: With more links referring to your real estate website, and greater name recognition, you’ll learn how to capitalize on geo-targeted links at the expense of competitors beyond your local reach. Location-based targeting is at the core of link building and driving traffic to your website.

How do I leverage location-based content?

🏠 Create the type of content that will resonate with the interests and needs of people in your community.

🏠 Diversify geo-targeted content with new property listings and what’s trending across the real estate industry.

Hot Tip: Go the extra mile to craft blog posts featuring popular spots in your town to attract people who are not looking for real estate offers. This type of content will benefit you in the future while web searchers will recognize you. In their turn, websites and social media platforms featuring popular local places you’ve mentioned will backlink to your post.

Link Building for Real Estate – Do It with Us!

Shared link-building recommendations and tips will help you enhance your online presence, increase visibility, and win more clients. 

However, the trick of on-page and off-page SEO optimization is that it requires time and resources. The key to success is in optimizing your link-building effort with trusted SEO experts from Promodo

We are here to further promote your real estate business to the highest industry standards. Take a few minutes to look at our prominent real estate case studies to learn more about the quality of our international service.

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Written by
Taras Bereza

Content Marketing Manager at Promodo

Taras has 16 years of hands-on copywriting experience overseas with 3000+ unique copies.

Accredited with Certificate of Proficiency in English (C2 level) by Cambridge University. Studied at Writing Launch Academy (United States) and owns an Academic Writing Certificate from Oregon University. Author of 12 dictionaries with Apriori Publishers.

March 12, 2024
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