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Top Plastic Surgery Marketing Strategies to Attract More Clients

Digital Marketing
June 3, 2024
11 min

With the United States leading in the total number of both surgical (1,645,435) and non-surgical cosmetic procedures (5,802,761), it's clear that competition on the plastic surgery market is huge. This is where plastic surgery marketing strategies come into play. 

Countries with the highest number of surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures
Countries with the highest number of surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures. Source: Statista

In this blog post, we will examine the strategies that can draw in potential clients who are in the process of searching for a clinic or surgeon. By leveraging targeted tactics of digital marketing for plastic surgeons, businesses can enhance their visibility, build trust, and ultimately increase their client base.

Why Plastic Surgery Marketing is Important

Marketing in the field of plastic surgery is crucial for several reasons:

  • Brand Awareness: Marketing campaigns increase the recognition of your brand among potential clients.
  • Client Acquisition: Effective marketing cosmetic surgery helps draw attention from new clients actively seeking plastic surgery services.
  • Client Loyalty: Regular marketing efforts help retain existing clients and increase their loyalty to your clinic.
  • Competitive Advantage: In a saturated market, marketing for cosmetic surgeons helps you stand out from competitors and highlight your unique benefits.
  • Education and Information: Marketing channels can disseminate important information about procedures, enhancing awareness and trust in your clinic.
  • Reputation Management: Quality marketing helps maintain and improve the reputation of your clinic in the eyes of potential clients.


Plastic Surgery Marketing Strategies: Target Audience and Funnel

When building a marketing strategy, it's crucial to understand who your target audience is and the journey a potential patient takes. Recognizing this journey helps in creating effective campaigns at each stage, from initial interest to booking a consultation or paying for surgery services. 

The Plastic Surgery Marketing Funnel
The Plastic Surgery Marketing Funnel

Every marketing channel plays a significant role in attracting patients, so it's important not to neglect any of them, and approach your potential patients with the proper plastic surgery marketing strategies at each stage of the marketing funnel.

Awareness Stage of the Plastic Surgery Marketing Funnel 

At these stage, it’s essential to introduce your plastic surgery practice to potential clients and generate interest in its services. At Promodo, we recommend using the following digital marketing tools to for surgery clinics:

  • SEO: Launch an effective healthcare SEO to improve visibility in search engine results.
  • Content Marketing: Create informative blog posts, videos, and infographics to educate and engage the audience.
  • Social Media Marketing: Share posts showcasing procedures, patient testimonials, and educational content to reach a wider audience.
  • PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising: Run targeted ads on search engines and social media platforms to increase brand awareness.

Interest Stage of the Plastic Surgery Marketing Funnel

At the interest stage, it’s critical to capture the attention of potential clients who are actively seeking information about specific procedures. Use the following digital marketing tools to maximize your plastic surgery clinic effectiveness at the interest stage. 

  • Before-and-After Galleries: Showcase impressive results on the practice's website to demonstrate the expertise and skill of the surgeons.
  • Social Media Engagement: Respond to comments and messages promptly, providing helpful information and encouraging further interaction.
  • Email Marketing: Send newsletters with informative content and promotions to keep potential clients engaged and interested.

Consideration Stage of the Plastic Surgery Marketing Funnel

Once your customers got interested in your plastic surgery services, you need to help potential clients evaluate their options and decide whether to proceed with a consultation. For this matter, consider the following tactics: 

  • Website Content: Ensure the website provides comprehensive information about procedures, pricing, and the qualifications of the surgeons.
  • Online Reviews: Encourage satisfied clients to leave positive reviews on review websites and Google Business Profile to build trust with potential clients.
  • Live Chat: Implement a live chat feature on the website to address any questions or concerns in real-time.

Action Stage of the Plastic Surgery Marketing Funnel

The last but not least is the action stage. Convert potential clients into patients by encouraging them to schedule consultations or book procedures.

  • Appointment Booking System: Streamline the process of scheduling consultations or procedures by offering online booking options.
  • Email Reminders: Send automated email reminders to confirm appointments and provide instructions for the consultation or procedure.
  • Follow-Up Emails: After consultations, send personalized follow-up emails to address any remaining questions and encourage booking procedures.

Marketing for Cosmetic Surgeons: Branding

Still doubting whether to invest in a strong brand of cosmetic surgeons? The answer is YES! It helps distinguish your practice from competitors. A well-defined brand communicates trust, professionalism, and quality to potential patients. Here’s a step-by-step guide to effective branding:

  • Identify Your Unique Selling Points (USPs): Determine what sets your practice apart, such as specialized procedures, advanced technology, or personalized patient care.
  • Develop a Consistent Visual Identity: Create a logo, color scheme, and design elements that reflect your practice’s values and are consistently used across all marketing materials.
  • Craft a Compelling Brand Message: Develop a clear and concise message that conveys your practice’s mission, values, and the benefits patients can expect.
  • Engage with Patients on Social Media: Use platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to share success stories, patient testimonials, and behind-the-scenes content that humanizes your brand.
  • Optimize Your Online Presence: Ensure your website is user-friendly, informative, and visually appealing. Incorporate SEO strategies to increase visibility in search engine results.
  • Gather and Promote Reviews: Encourage satisfied patients to leave positive reviews on platforms like Google and Yelp, and showcase these testimonials on your website and social media.

By following these steps, you can build a compelling brand that attracts and retains patients to your cosmetic surgery clinic, setting your practice apart in the competitive field of plastic surgery.

Create a Cosmetic Surgery Website that Maximizes Conversions

As the website is one of the main touch-points on all stages of cosmetic surgery customer journey, it is obligatory to have a user-friendly and attractive corporate website. Here are some essential elements to include for maximizing conversions:

  1. User-Friendly Design: Ensure your cosmetic surgery website design is easy to navigate with clear menus and a logical structure. At the same time, make sure your site is fully responsive and looks great on all devices, including smartphones and tablets.
  1. Engaging Content: Use professional before-and-after photos, procedure videos, and virtual tours of your facility to build trust and showcase results. Regularly update your blog with informative articles about procedures, patient stories, and industry news to engage and educate visitors.
  1. Clear Call-to-Actions (CTAs): Place CTAs prominently on your homepage, service pages, and blog posts to guide visitors towards booking a consultation or contacting you. Use action-oriented language that encourages visitors to take the next step, such as "Schedule Your Consultation Today" or "Contact Us for More Information."
  2. Detailed Procedure Pages: Considering the fact that potential patients may face fear and doubts about buying cosmetic surgery services, provide detailed descriptions of each procedure, including benefits, risks, recovery times, and what patients can expect. Include a frequently asked questions section to address common concerns and provide quick answers.
  3. Easy Appointment Scheduling: Integrate an easy-to-use online booking system that allows visitors to schedule consultations directly through your website. Ensure your contact forms are simple and quick to fill out, asking only for essential information to reduce friction.
  4. Trust Signals: Display logos of certifications, awards, and professional memberships to build credibility. Ensure your website is secure (HTTPS) to protect visitors' data and build trust.

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By implementing these elements, you can create a cosmetic surgery website that not only attracts visitors but also converts them into patients, ultimately growing your practice and enhancing your reputation in the industry.

SEO for Plastic Surgery: Boost Traffic and Rankings

As 77% of patients rely on search engines before booking an appointment with a healthcare provider, launching an effective cosmetic surgery SEO strategy is a must. 

Effective healthcare SEO ensures your practice appears at the top of search engine results when potential patients look for cosmetic surgery services. It helps attract high-intent visitors who are specifically searching for the procedures you offer, leading to higher conversion rates. Ranking high on search engine results pages (SERPs) builds trust and credibility, making potential patients more likely to choose your practice over competitors. 

Additionally, SEO is a cost-effective marketing strategy that delivers long-term results, reducing the need for expensive paid advertising. Local SEO strategies ensure that your practice is visible to people searching for services in your area, bringing in more local patients.

To see how effective SEO strategies can transform your practice, read more in one of our healthcare case study, where we detail the success story of a medical practice that significantly boosted its online presence and patient numbers through targeted SEO efforts.

PPC Ads for Cosmetic Surgeons: Maximize Leads and ROI

PPC advertising is an effective strategy for cosmetic surgeons to maximize leads and return on investment (ROI). By targeting specific keywords and demographics, PPC ads can drive high-quality traffic to your website, ensuring that your marketing budget is spent efficiently. Here’s how to make the most of your PPC campaigns for plastic surgeons:

  1. Keyword Research: Identify high-intent keywords related to your services, such as "rhinoplasty surgeon" or "liposuction clinic." Use tools like Google Keyword Planner to find relevant keywords with a good balance of search volume and competition.
  2. Targeted Ad Campaigns: Create targeted ad campaigns for different procedures. Tailor your ads to address the specific needs and concerns of potential patients searching for those services.
  3. Compelling Ad Copy: Write engaging and persuasive ad copy that highlights your unique selling points (USPs), such as specialized techniques, patient testimonials, and before-and-after results.
  4. Landing Pages: Design dedicated landing pages for each ad campaign, providing detailed information about the procedures, benefits, and patient success stories. Ensure these pages have clear call-to-actions (CTAs) to encourage visitors to book consultations.
  5. Geo-Targeting: Focus your ads on specific geographic areas where your potential patients are located. This ensures your ads are seen by people who are likely to visit your practice.
  6. Ad Extensions: Use ad extensions to provide additional information, such as phone numbers, location, and links to relevant pages on your website. This increases the visibility and effectiveness of your ads.

By implementing these strategies, cosmetic surgeons can effectively use PPC ads to attract more leads, increase patient consultations, and maximize their return on investment. For more detailed insights and case studies on successful PPC campaigns in the healthcare industry, visit Promodo's healthcare marketing section.

Plastic Surgery Marketing Strategies: Online Reputation Management

A strong online reputation builds trust, showcases your expertise, and differentiates your practice from others. Here are some strategies for effective online reputation management for plastic surgeries:

  • Monitor Online Reviews: Regularly check review sites like Google, Yelp, and RealSelf to stay aware of what patients are saying about your practice. 
  • Encourage Positive Reviews: Ask satisfied patients to leave reviews and provide them with easy instructions on how to do so.
  • Respond to Reviews: Address both positive and negative reviews promptly and professionally. Thank patients for their feedback and offer solutions to any issues raised.
  • Showcase Testimonials: Feature positive testimonials on your website and social media platforms to build credibility and attract potential patients.
  • Engage on Social Media: Actively engage with your audience on social media by responding to comments and messages, and sharing valuable content related to your services.

You may find the list of reliable healthcare listings in the right sidebar of this article. 

By implementing these strategies, you can effectively manage your online reputation, enhance patient trust, and ultimately grow your practice in the competitive plastic surgery market.

Social Media Marketing for Plastic Surgeons

Social media marketing is essential for plastic surgeons to build their brand, engage with potential patients, and showcase their expertise. By sharing high-quality before-and-after photos, patient testimonials, and informative content about procedures on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, surgeons can attract and educate potential patients. Regular interaction with followers through comments, messages, and live Q&A sessions builds trust and encourages consultations. Additionally, targeted social media ads can reach specific demographics, further increasing the likelihood of attracting new patients.

Get More Patients with Promodo: Proven Marketing Strategies for Cosmetic Surgeons

Promodo can help you build a robust online strategy that attracts and retains patients. With our proven marketing methods, you will see increased visibility, engagement, and conversions. Our tailored approach ensures your practice stands out in a competitive market, reaching the right audience and turning potential leads into loyal patients. Trust Promodo to elevate your online presence and drive measurable results for your cosmetic surgery practice. Start seeing the benefits of a strategic, well-executed marketing plan today.

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June 3, 2024
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