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How To SEO Optimize Your Real Estate Website: Featured Case Studies

December 12, 2023
15 mins

Promodo SEO experts are here today to share tried and tested website optimization approaches fit for the real estate industry. 

Our featured SEO article explains evidence-proven ways to optimize your real estate website. Let’s dive into the finest ways of driving more traffic and conversions!

The Value of Real Estate SEO

The pursuit of real estate SEO will help you optimize your digital content to drive more organic search traffic. Your strategic choice here is to develop and implement robust search engine optimization.

Organic search

Essentially, real estate SEO is about: 

🔴 Establishing wider online visibility 

🔴 Boosting engagement

🔴 Driving incoming traffic

🔴 Attracting target audience and qualified leads 

🔴 Positioning as a trusted source of local real estate expertise

🔴 Fostering trust among your audience 

🔴 Making your content more valuable to user intent

🔴 Enhancing brand positioning 

🔴 Advancing customer interaction with your company

🔴 Increasing brand awareness 

🔴 Achieving higher conversions 

Consider real estate SEO as an integral part of your marketing and sales funnel. The major point of real estate SEO is to aggregate lead generation points by directing your target audience toward various conversion opportunities throughout your website: 

🔴 Pop-ups

🔴 Contact forms

🔴 Free newsletter downloads

🔴 Email subscriptions

🔴 Local-driven market reports, and 

🔴 Call to action (CTA) buttons.

Still, the big question is: How to do SEO for real estate website?

Website Optimization in Real Estate

1. Analyze Competitor SEO 

The analysis of your closest SEO rivals will feature the best website SEO company for real estate. 

Further exploration will show you how to get higher through search engine rankings. You are always free to adapt competitive strategies and benefit from the most effective approaches and tactics deployed by local real estate agencies. 

While there is no best real estate website for SEO, make a robust analysis of how your closest competitors optimize their websites. Benefit from readily available online analytics tools like Similarweb to compare key performance indicators (KPIs). 

By examining competitor content and page structure, you’ll advance your SEO strategy over time.

2. Research Keywords 

Not yet the best website SEO company for real estate? Securing a top position on search engines demands a profound understanding of the keywords your potential clients use whenever they search for housing offers. 

Investigate outreach potential of local real estate keywords, considering search volume and competition. SEO platforms like Siteimprove SEO will help you unveil the top keywords your competitors use to rank high. 

3. Use Long-tail Keywords

SEO success is not merely about high-volume keywords. Local-specific long-tail keywords with low search volume are way less competitive. A long-tail keyword phrase, highly relevant to your audience's real estate needs, will help you rank higher on SERPs. Local niche keywords hold tremendous potential to capture a specific audience.

4. Craft Client-focused Content 

As a core focus on user experience (UX), SEO should help your site visitors easily find what they need on your website. In this vein, you should craft customer-oriented content with the right keyword combinations. By responding to their immediate real estate queries, you’ll definitely stand out from the crowd. 

All the content on your website pages should fully resonate with the immediate real estate and property management needs of your target audience. 

While the content is king for your real estate SEO strategy, it should:

🔴 Correlate with your global business goals, objectives and key results (OKRs)

🔴 Be clear and up-to-the-point

🔴 Bear sense and purpose

🔴 Adhere to Google E-E-A-T requirements

🔴 Resonate with local real estate search intent 

🔴 Make users want to read more and take action on your site

🔴 Create an emotional bond with your brand.

5. Arrange Technical Site Audit 

Want to get the best real estate website for SEO?  To secure an affordable SEO optimized real estate website, start with the website audit:

🔴 Rectify response codes’ issues

🔴 Evaluate website structure 

🔴 Identify orphan pages

🔴 Optimize internal linking

🔴 Implement canonical and hreflang tags

🔴 Duplicate URLs 

🔴 Duplicate content issues

🔴 Resolve problems related to duplicate URLs and content.

🔴 Verify the correct setup of XML sitemaps and the robots.txt file

🔴 Confirm the presence of SSL certification for enhanced web security

🔴 Identify and address any harmful backlinks 

🔴 Resolve crawling and indexing issues

🔴 Detect broken links and outdated URLs 

🔴 Address missing or inaccurate sitemaps

🔴 Delete duplicated pages

🔴 Increase page load speed

6. Bet on Local Real Estate SEO

Adopting a local SEO approach will ensure the alignment of your online presence with your physical location. Google My Business listing will showcase your real estate brand in relevant locations. Be sure to list your services, incorporate relevant posts, and localize your website's content with essential contact details.

Given the ever-growing popularity of real estate platforms like Redfin and Zillow, property listings will help you garner wider visibility at the forefront of search engine results whenever interested users are seeking real estate offers like yours online. 

In addition to prioritizing local-bond keywords and backlinks to rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs), ensure a positive user experience (UX) so that the content on your effectively addresses user needs.

7. Do Schema Markup

Schema markup (structured data) by incorporating a relevant website HTML code. With that, search engines will interpret your website's information accurately. This will improve the user experience (UX) of your potential real estate clients. 

Among specific schema markups for real estate businesses, leverage RealEstateListing and RealEstateAgent schema. 

Real estate listing schema allows you to provide clear information about your company to search engines and potential clients:

🔴 Publication date of your listing

🔴 Location

🔴 Home price

🔴 Lease duration, etc. 

Effective use of schema markup will induce Google to place your content as a featured snippet in search results.

8. Perform SEO Analytics

Available SEO analytics tools will let you track and monitor user behavior on your website. Performance indicators will enrich your real estate SEO strategy with invaluable insights you need to boost your website performance. 

🔴 Google Analytics 4

🔴 Google Search Console

🔴 Google Keyword Planner

🔴 Google Data Studio

🔴 Ahrefs

🔴 Semrush

🔴 Yoast SEO

🔴 Moz On-Page Grader and

🔴 Moz Link Explorer

🔴 Screaming Frog

These tried and tested tools will help you:

🔴 Collect and analyze data regarding the actions of your current and potential clients on your site

🔴 Pinpoint the most effective keywords for targeting your real estate website

🔴 Refine your website's content and structure in line with the top search preferences of your target audience

🔴 Gain valuable insights and comprehensive data on user behavior

🔴 Foster backlinks from reputable websites that will help you enhance your website authority.

🔴 Monitor progress on core metrics and ROI.  

Also, be sure to benefit from Google My Business, Moz Local, Yelp, and BrightLocal to expand your geographic reach. These effective local SEO options will help you precisely target your potential clients in specific areas and attract more qualified leads locally. 

seo tools

9. Segment Your Target Audience 

Segmenting your user data is the surest way to gain a perfect customer portrait compatible with your real estate offers. With this sufficient background, you’ll tailor customer-focused content across different customer groups. 

As part of an effective lead generation strategy, integrate the best SEO optimized website real estate practices to customize individual real estate preferences among user segments: 

🔴 Users seeking to buy properties 

🔴 Users seeking to lease properties 

🔴 Users looking to sell their properties

🔴 Users who are about to invest in local properties

🔴 Users who need property management services.

10. Mind Internal Search

Still lack an affordable SEO optimized real estate website? The functionality of your website predetermines a seamless user experience. Most users will prefer an internal search bar on your real estate website to search for all necessary information directly.

Internal search

In terms of SEO, the quality of the internal search engine performance will affect your conversion rate. Your search bar should produce accurate results without broken links or time-consuming re-directs. 

Beyond improving user satisfaction, a well-functioning internal search engine on your real estate website will provide users with valuable insights fit to their individual property preferences. 

Take an internal search engine as another opportunity to enhance content and streamline the user journey on your site.

Internal search

11. Optimize your Website for Mobile Users

Doubt how to do SEO for real estate website? Among the top tasks of your SEO homework is to optimize your real estate website for mobile search. 

Given the prevalence of mobile device searches, there’s a major shift towards mobile indexing. 

Mobile Marketing

Google primarily crawls websites that use mobile bots. It is crucial to optimize your website for mobile users, as mobile bots treat your site similarly to a mobile device. 

Enhance the mobile user experience for your real estate target audience by optimizing:

🔴 Page speed

🔴 Website design 

🔴 Compatibility with smaller screens

🔴 Mobile proneness to pop-ups.

12. Do E-E-A-T

What else do you need for the best real estate website SEO? It is essential to craft the content on your real estate site in adherence to Google’s E-E-A-T requirements: expertise, experience, authoritativeness, and trust. 

Essentially your estate and property management expertise and hands-on experience will determine the level of authority and overall trust in your local brand name. 

While users will come to your website with precise user intent, search engines prioritize the E-E-A-T framework as decisive for maintaining solid rankings and a decent flow of traffic. 

You should optimize your key pages (About, Contact, and Homepage) with credible information that presents you as a trustworthy local real estate authority. Whenever you have proven evidence to share: accolades, accreditations, and awards, do it on your site!

13. Ensure Equal Opportunity 

Last but not least, ensure equal opportunity on your website for people with disabilities in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). 

Just like at your physical office, eliminate any digital barriers on your site. It is also vital to avoid any legal issues. We recommend utilizing automated accessibility website checkers to assess your website's ADA compliance.

14. Test Your Pages

SEO is not a one-time journey with guaranteed success. To reap the most fruit, continuously test pages on your site and refine your content strategy. Dynamic actions like this will help you boost conversion rates over time. 

While everyone is about increasing real estate website SEO, the whole idea of digital marketing is in continuous experimentation as the surest key to success. SEO practice is no different. To discover the optimal formula, you should try and test various tactics and approaches. And, even through stumbles and falls, there is no guarantee of perpetual success.

To enhance user experience and boost conversions: 

🔴 Test different versions of your pages

🔴 Evaluate the effectiveness of various website elements 

🔴 Enhance visitor interactions with your website

These essential SEO steps will help you craft an affordable SEO optimized real estate website, achieve improved rankings, and convert visitors into qualified real estate leads.

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Featured Website Optimization Case Studies in Real Estate 

We’ve selected premium real estate SEO case studies that prove our expertise in the real estate niche. Promodo SEO Team has successfully optimized several websites for international real estate clients.  

60% Traffic Growth for

Our Client is selling premium real estate in Turkey to international clients from the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, and Asia. 

SEO case study by Promodo

The Client wanted us to ensure traffic growth in major cities like Bodrum, Fethiye, and Istanbul. We were also tasked to research the keywords targeted by the Client’s three closest competitors.

Consequently, we achieved 60% traffic growth on the Client’s conversion pages. The surge led to overall website traffic growth of 113%. 

Our expert says: while the total traffic volume showed an upward trend, the increase primarily stemmed from informational visits to blog pages. The tendency marked lower conversion rates by contrast to product and catalog pages. Service pages initially received insufficient traffic when we started the Project in September, though by December the implemented improvements led to a gradual traffic growth, Rimma Vasylieva, SEO Expert at Promodo.

Quadrupling Traffic for

We audited the website design layout of for its compliance with tech SEO requirements. 

SEO case study by Promodo

The Client is a real estate website offering properties for sale and rent. They wanted us to increase website visibility in Google and boost website traffic.

Given the absence of internal linking on the Client’s website, we interlinked all categories, cities, districts, and streets in the website code. That allowed the search bot to easily browse through these pages. Content optimization for the categories with the highest demand led to a higher ranking of the Client’s website and more traffic.

Our expert says:  every new page created through the demand analysis serves as a fresh gateway to the website. Moreover, when a page precisely aligns with the user intent, there is a notable boost in the conversion rate, Rimma Vasylieva, SEO Expert at Promodo.

Over eight months of the Project, we optimized the Client’s core pages with distinctive content. Our content strategy significantly enhanced the website's visibility on Google across all categories and enabled the Client to quadruple organic traffic.

Want to Score the Same Optimization Results? 

Our featured real estate case studies prove the ultimate importance of SEO optimization for your real estate website

Expert SEO tips for increasing real estate website SEO will help you boost your website rankings in SERPs.  

To save you time and money, we’ve got proven SEO optimized website real estate solutions. With 19 years of hands-on SEO experience in real estate and other featured industries, our top SEO experts are at your service 24/7. 

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Written by
Taras Bereza

Content Marketing Manager at Promodo

Taras has 16 years of hands-on copywriting experience overseas with 3000+ unique copies.

Accredited with Certificate of Proficiency in English (C2 level) by Cambridge University. Studied at Writing Launch Academy (United States) and owns an Academic Writing Certificate from Oregon University. Author of 12 dictionaries with Apriori Publishers.

Written by
Rimma Vasylieva

SEO Expert at Promodo

December 12, 2023
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