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6 Proven Dog Grooming Marketing Tips & Advertising Ideas to Try

Email marketing
August 8, 2023
15 mins

U.S. Pet Grooming Market Overview

Rising concerns expressed by pet parents about pet health, physical appearance, and well-being propel the growth of the pet grooming services market. There are sound prospects for dynamic development in the foreseeable future:

pet grooming market

With the rise of eCommerce in the pet care segment, we see the slight prevalence of online grooming services 57% over brick-and-mortar offers 43% respectively:

pet grooming market

pet grooming market

Take these gaps as competitive opportunities to penetrate pet grooming services across your area.

Grooming Services

A vast array of grooming services, ranging from bathing and brushing to clipping, styling, and trimming, associate you with a high-quality, premium service. This is because two generations of U.S. pet parents (Millennials and Gen Zs) are ready to pay extra for high-end grooming.

Our expert says: It is strategically important to analyze pet grooming behaviors, preferences, and sentiments shared by the vast audience of pet owners. In focus are two major generations of U.S. pet parents, Millennials and Gen Zs. These are the most lucrative demographic subgroups ready to spend extra on pet grooming services. Therefore, target this core audience with your pet grooming ads. Kateryna Husachenko, Marketing Strategist at Promodo.

pet grooming market

While dogs present the largest pet care category in the United States, we have concentrated our further research on the proven dog grooming marketing approaches that will help you boost your performance in 2023 and beyond. 

Local SEO Approach

Dog grooming business success depends on the quality of your local presence. Local resonance will eventually determine the quality of your digital performance. And vice versa, the more you integrate your business with digital marketing, the more competitive you’ll get among local communities of dow owners. 

Promodo experts prepared a bunch of dog grooming promotion ideas to help your business  succeed in a digital landscape.

While dog grooming is about the delivery of physical pet care services, use local SEO options as supplementary means to boost your online marketing performance. The approach is all about being better recognized, so be sure to ease the search of your location for local pet owners. 

As a proven digital marketing strategy, local SEO will help you make your dog grooming business way more visible online. Your task is to optimize your presence within a specific geographical region with local search terms.

Enhanced online visibility will help you grab more customers among your target audience of local dog owners.

Essentially, your business should be present online whenever someone is looking for dog grooming services in your area. If you manage to SEO optimize your local business right, it will appear at the top of search results pages (SERPs).

With your site optimization for local search, you’ll soon attract more customers who seek quality dog grooming services. Subsequently, your website will receive more organic traffic, calls, and orders from potential customers.

Making a separate page for your every dog grooming service filled with service-focused keywords: bathing, brushing, clipping, cleaning, and nail trimming among others, will help you promote supplementary services like dog sitting and dog walking. 

With digital keyword services like Ahrefs, bet on the most relevant keywords that best match user intent and the most popular search queries for pet grooming services in your area. Continuous experiments (A/B tests) with locally-based keyword phrases will help you generate core traffic organically and become far more recognizable on Google Maps.

Local SEO is also about brand awareness and building trust. Once in local search results, people will associate you with a legitimate and reliable business venture. Through an immediate connection and personal touch with local communities of dog owners, you will gain a comparative advantage over larger brands that pursue less personalized approaches. 

This is to say that a finely crafted local SEO strategy will help you compete with larger pet grooming players. This is because local SEO options are about targeting: converting a wider audience of dog owners into your end customers.

Ready to elevate your local pet grooming business?
Use the power of online marketing tools!

The Power of Google Business Profile for Pet Grooming Services 

With your branded logo and professional dog grooming pictures in your Google Business Profile, you will present your grooming service as a reputable and reliable pet care business. Make sure that the main category closely resonates with popular groomer searches across your area. Fill your Google Business Profile with professional posts about your dog grooming service, special offers, as well as images that showcase the quality of your dog grooming sessions.  Creative approaches work wonders, so fill relevant sections with dog grooming quotes or fun facts that would help you bring in more local pet owners. In terms of reviews, be sure to share your Google Business Profile link with local dog owners.

Spotting your location and adding a Google map to the website will help people find your dog grooming facility in no time. 

In addition to Google Business, benefit from a Yelp business account and use all the available options and categories to promote your local dog grooming business.  Another local SEO option is to include your dog grooming service in a Yellow Pages listing free of charge! You can also list your dog grooming business on Trust Pilot which will help you promote your services across their network.

Make Location-Specific Landing Pages

Across all possible options, it is crucial for local SEO to title your home page with the exact location of your dog grooming service. While you handle a local dog grooming business, it is strategically important to make Google show your service to pet owners across your local area.

In a title tag, use proper keywords first and your brand name last. With that, do not overuse the same words. Follow up by making unique heading, alt, and anchor text tags. Fill your content and title tags with location-related phrases.   

Our expert says: A customized meta description with a no-brainer question at the end will help you gain a sound click-through rate (CTR). This means that by answering that very question, users will make your site far more clickable. Anna Sytnyk, Marketer at Promodo.

It is also essential to maintain blogging as a reliable practice to acquire and retain your customers. While blogging is about two-way communication with your target audience, fill your blog posts with evidence-proven videos and creative images taken from your dog grooming service. Be simple and specific about the essence of every single dog grooming service you provide. Stand out from the competition by forwarding simple messages to your local audience. 

With a live chat function on your site, you will be available to the most frequently asked dog grooming questions 24/7. Chatting with pet parents live online makes the same persuasive effect if you would talk on the phone or meet your customers in person.

Take Advantage of Online Booking

Once online, pet owners are keen on reserving pet grooming services with Google. Online booking presents a world of opportunity, while the option comes as the best-fit marketing idea that promises immediate results.

Statistically, 30% of pet grooming bookings take place during the evening time, so make sure to keep your business open 24/7. An installation of the “Book Online '' button in your Google Business Profile will secure up to 86% of new bookings. 

The service itself is your golden chance to capitalize on the ‘convenience’ component so much preferred among U.S. pet parents, particularly in the after-hours. The immediacy of online response will elevate the customer experience with your pet grooming service in no time. 

after-hoursWith a sound booking system, you will soon learn major grooming preferences among your clientele:

  • The most popular hours for pet grooming appointments
  • The most popular grooming services
  • The most popular breeds subject to grooming in your area
  • The popularity of pet grooming in the after hours.

Knowing all these and other essential details about the individual preferences of your clients will define the success of your grooming business eventually.

Get Your Utmost From Social Media Platforms

In addition to on-site search engine optimization (SEO) practices, boost your presence across social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok among others are perfect marketing channels that will help you boost your online presence and brand awareness. 

Along with investments into boosted posts, generate creative content with first-hand grooming experience and share these stories across a myriad of "petworking" services. 

Your strategic task here is to generate a sufficient amount of followership and become known far beyond your physical local presence. Thinking beyond the local area is just impossible without deploying digital marketing channels of mass penetration.

YouTube For Dog Grooming Services

Another organic marketing solution is your own dog grooming YouTube channel. This is where you can promote the best dog grooming practices and share advice with a wide audience of pet owners. 

Unlike Tik Tok which is predominantly about short-span entertainment, benefit from YouTube as your grooming expertise medium. Once your videos will resonate with the pet grooming concerns of a broader audience, you’ll get in touch with pet owners directly through comments and live streams. 

The Magic Of Referral Programs

For a regular customer service like yours, take strategic advantage of loyalty programs and offer discounts to new customers. Retain your clientele with seasonal offers, pet event-focused presents, and weekly programs like ‘happy pet hours.

Reward your loyal customers with regular discounts, loyalty cards, and free appointments among many other marketing tricks. 

A customized approach will work wonders over time. Satisfied pet owners will eventually turn on word-of-mouth marketing and serve you as free referrals by praising your service among their family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers.

Leveraging Email Marketing: Case Study

Email marketing is another evidence-proven possibility to drive traffic. Write to your existing and potential audiences. Pet parents are always keen on chatting about their furry friends and they would like to have someone to care about their pet care needs and concerns.

For the trusted nationwide pet care retailer, we were tasked to increase sales from the email marketing channel, enhance brand loyalty, and generate personalized emails based on gathered data. 

We pursued the assignment by segmenting the client’s subscriber database through the data collection form, including: 

  • Pet name
  • Pet type
  • Birth Date
  • Food typ

For the purposes of user data collection, we sent two promotional emails and asked people to complete the form. As a result, we have seen a rise in subscriptions. Overall, some 20% of active users filled in the form in six months.

Based on the collected data, we pursued a deeply personalized marketing approach. In particular, we greeted pets on their birthdays by inserting relevant banners and corresponding content to emails. With that, we titled e-mail letters with a recipient’s pet name to achieve the utmost customization effect.

Further, we used email marketing as a direct channel to remind pet owners to buy food for their furry friends based on the following data:

  • Pet type 
  • Pet name
  • Preferred food package weight.

Trigger emails helped us welcome new customers with immediate messages following the subscription. Within a few days, we sent follow-up messages including relevant pet care information to keep in touch with the new subscribers.

email marketing

Dog Grooming Advertising

Along the way of your digital marketing journey, make a few investments into pay-per-click (PPC) ads.  The strategy entails measurable metrics and an immediate effect from groomer ads. 

This is the finest approach to target local dog owners with dog grooming ads who are seeking grooming services here and now. This is to say that no other marketing strategy will bring you, real customers, at that exact moment.

As an essential part of your dog grooming advertising, you may also assess keywords and phrases in terms of keyword difficulty (KD) and perform a few A/B tests on the ones worthy of your PPC investment. Knowing what works best for you will help to optimize your marketing budget and get more leads with fewer cost-per-click (CPC).

Wrapping Up

Over time, you may experiment with the finest grooming advertising ideas that best suit your case and shift throughout marketing channels. For example, blog articles with client feedback will not necessarily bring you new sales, though they will definitely help you generate leads from your target audience on social media platforms and through emailing. The audience that will resonate with your content is 25% more likely to order dog grooming services from you. 

We hope that these pet grooming advertising ideas will help you grow your online business performance and are happy to get feedback from you!

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Written by
Taras Bereza

Content Marketing Manager at Promodo

Taras has 16 years of hands-on copywriting experience overseas with 3000+ unique copies.

Accredited with Certificate of Proficiency in English (C2 level) by Cambridge University. Studied at Writing Launch Academy (United States) and owns an Academic Writing Certificate from Oregon University. Author of 12 dictionaries with Apriori Publishers.

Written by
Kateryna Husachenko

Marketing Strategist at Promodo

Expertise: agricultural market, fintech, SAAS, automotive products, children's products. 10+ years of experience in strategic marketingIn the area of ​​my competences:conducting qualitative and quantitative research of consumersdetermination of brand growth pointsformation of UTP of the brandpositioning development.

Written by
Hanna Sytnyk

Marketing Specialist at Promodo

I have been working in marketing since 2012 with an emphasis on market research and analytics. I am experienced in the following niches: food wholesale, insurance, real estate, and software distribution. I have been responsible for Promodo's cases since 2021. Doing marketing research, I focus on causes and effects, as well as measurable results.

August 8, 2023
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