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Preprocessors: The Secret to Effective Email Marketing

Email marketing
November 30, 2023
8 mins

Every mistake in promotional emails is a missed opportunity. Incorrect product pricing, wrong product images, or punctuation errors can undermine customer confidence in your brand. How can you ensure that your message is perfect and clear? How to turn email from a formality into an effective communication tool? The answer to these questions, besides usual tips for email marketing, is preprocessors. These tools help you correct errors and create successful email marketing strategies. 

What is this tool and how to integrate it into your email marketing strategy - discussed with Vladyslav Loboda, Team Lead of Retention Marketing at Promodo.

What Are Preprocessors in Email Marketing?

Email preprocessors are tools that allow you to automatically integrate pre-prepared data into email content. This way, you can embed recommendations, current product offers, random products, specific categories, advertising banners, etc.

They allow marketers to filter online store feeds according to the necessary criteria and automatically transfer these products to template emails.

To automate the process of using preprocessors as much as possible, we have even created our own tool that easily integrates with the eSputnik service. It is ideal for businesses that want deep personalization but without complicated settings.

For example, a store has a promotion for all red dresses of brand X next week. Now, email marketers don't have to manually add the title, price, and image to the promo email. All they need to do is select the color and brand in the feed, which will be automatically included in the email with the correct price, title, and image using preprocessors.

Not only do they allow you to generate email content tailored to a specific user, but they also do it automatically and quickly. Previously, you had to spend hours segmenting your database and manually generating offers for each customer group, but now you can automate all of this.Involvement of the client's developers is always a pressing issue. Thanks to preprocessors, we can remove this task from the client, making the interaction as comfortable as it can be.

Vlad Loboda
Email Marketing Team Lead at Promodo

Without the right technology, there's a risk that your emails will be perceived as annoying spam. Pre-processors help ensure that every email you send is relevant, increasing its value in the eyes of your customer and improving your chances of conversion. They allow you to create emails that "understand" your customer and craft effective email marketing strategies.

Using preprocessors in email marketing greatly simplifies processes. Previously, a development team was required for this work, but now we have a tool that helps optimizing the task.Our solution allows you to set specific conditions for content: it automatically retrieves information from the feed and modifies it according to the specified criteria. For example, if a user buys a sapphire engagement ring, the system will focus on offers of similar jewelry - bracelets made of the same metal and with the same stones, as well as other sapphire jewelry.

Vlad Loboda
Email Marketing Team Lead at Promodo

Email Marketing Guide: Types of Preprocessors

There are two types of preprocessors:

  • Key
  • Random

Key Type

It is used to send data to eSputnik and allows you to select it by various parameters. It can be a product category, price, or even color. If you need to select additional information, you can use special fields in eSputnik.

For small groups of users, Key works best because it doesn't overload servers. For large groups (more than 2-3 thousand emails), you should use Google Sheets.

Random Type

It works best for triggered email campaigns. The system takes a few random elements from the ready-made data list and adds them to the email template. Usually, the product recommendation part of the email works well, especially if it is customized for the user.

However, it's important to note that triggered emails don't include the price of the product because it's not updated automatically.

Preprocessors are created according to the following algorithm

  1. Enter a product name and description.
  2. Select the type: random or key (with an indication of the group in eSputnik).
  3. Set the maximum number of products.
  4. Set the frequency of updates from the feed (for example, every hour).
  5. Set parameters from the feed.
  6. Choose a name for the parameters in the email.


preprocessor email marketing

The generated preprocessor is automatically created in the settings of the eSputnik account. Additionally, you can view or download the preprocessor json file, array name, parameters, and number of products.

JSON 一 is an easy and understandable file format for storing and exchanging data that is quickly processed by the system.

preprocessor email marketing

Transforming Email Marketing with Preprocessors

Maximized personalization. With preprocessors, each email becomes unique, created individually for each recipient, taking into account their preferences and habits.

Precision in segmentation. You send only what will really interest your customer, dividing the audience with maximum accuracy.

Quality assurance. Trouble with typos in your emails? It won't happen again. Our preprocessors automatically detect mistakes before sending emails.

Responsive design. You send an email that looks great on any device thanks to the adaptability of our preprocessors.

With pre-processors, your email marketing doesn't just transform - it becomes more dynamic and effective.

It should be noted that low-quality or incorrect data in the product catalog can significantly limit the effectiveness of the preprocessor. Also, if there is no information about the user, the recommendations sent may not be sufficiently targeted and personalized.

Vlad Loboda
Email Marketing Team Lead at Promodo

Preprocessors in Action: Winetime Store Case Study

Let's take a look at an example of using preprocessors in the case of our client, the Winetime store. One of the stages of our work was the implementation of promotional emails with key news and special offers. Our goal was to create and send these newsletters on a weekly basis.

The result: within 6 months of using preprocessors, channel revenue increased by 36%.

These mailings were well calculated. Each letter had a specific purpose with the right assortment for a particular client. To optimize the collection of the contact database, we automated the transfer of data that customers left during registration or subscription. Data security and accuracy were a priority for us, so we used the "double opt-in" mechanism.

Double Opt-In is a subscription system in which the confirmation of the address is made through an email that has been sent to it. Thus, we receive only true contact information.

The result: in six months, the number of our new and confirmed contacts increased by 15%.

To Sum Up

Automating email marketing tasks with email preprocessors is becoming an integral part of modern communication strategies. First of all, preprocessors allow you to build emails faster and more efficiently. They also facilitate the A/B testing process, reducing the risk of errors. Moreover, preprocessors make the interaction between marketers and designers more comfortable, which leads to increased productivity of the entire team.

Although we are focused on e-commerce, thanks to such additional customizations, our solutions are suitable for platforms such as Thus, preprocessors guarantee efficiency and accuracy regardless of the niche. This provides our clients with flexibility in choosing marketing strategies and helps them attract more potential customers.

Vlad Loboda
Email Marketing Team Lead at Promodo

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November 30, 2023
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