SEO Techniques for Startups

If you are new to starting a business then you probably don’t realize that SEO should be amongst the most important tools for your marketing campaign. You like plenty of others out there would be thinking that keywords and backlinks won’t really do any good to your business. But you are extremely wrong in this regard. Fact is SEO has the potential to take your business to an entire different level if implemented properly.

You might be launching really innovative products and great unique services, but your efforts will be fruitless if people don’t find an online presence for your company. You’ll definitely be creating a website as well but if the site does not show up in search engines, then no one will ever find you online.

 Utilize some or all of the following SEO techniques and make good use of them while it still is not too late.

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1.     Identify Keywords

Figure out quite a few keywords which are related to your products and services. Then target these words in search engines and accordingly optimize your website. Make sure the list includes words that clients would actually enter into search engines. Use these words into your web pages, headings and titles. Don’t ladle up your content with them but make sure you use enough for numerous search engines to find them, and include in their results.

This will generate traffic to your site. The more traffic your website generates, the higher it shows up on the results page and greater the number of people who come to know about it. This is a very effective tool in creating awareness about your organization among masses.

2.     Adopt a Brand Name

The first step in implementing SEO techniques should be to identify keywords and use them accordingly, but at the same time, starting your branding process plays a very significant role. It is difficult to manage it with all the setting up, but work on it as soon as you can. The reason behind this is that search engines love brands, especially Google which is without doubt, the most popular in the category. Search engine make use of quantifiable metrics such as tag lines and logos rather than content to evaluate the quality of the website. If your website is branded, the ratings will be higher.

Think up of a creative logo, a motivational tagline and an attractive color scheme for your organization. Use this consistently whenever you are uploading stuff about your company on the internet. If this part is hard for you, then employ graphic designing companies or advertising agencies to do the job for you.

3.     Create a Blog and Update it Regularly

Produce a blog for your company. Post updates, news, press releases or any other relevant information on it on a timely basis. There are two reasons behind this. The first is that uploading more stuff on your website will automatically increase the number of keywords. This will increase your web traffic via words you never really intended to target.  The second reason is that posting more content on your site will be a commendable start to building a good professional relationship with future clients. The bounce back rate of viewers and the last updated time plays a key role when search engines rank websites. The rank is used for sequencing entries on the results page. Actually, the rank is the position on the results page.

4.     Have a Dedicated Page for your Organization on Social Networking Sites

When people use social networking sites for their advertising campaigns, they usually focus on remaining in touch with their contacts rather than promoting their companies.  Whatever the case, social networking sites are really important for your SEO implementation. Create your company page on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and regularly share updates with all the followers. Tag all relevant prospective customers and include links to your website as well. Spending about 10 to 20 minutes on this each day would be enough.

Search engines use the links shared and brands discussed on these social websites for their ranking list. Therefore, it’s really important for you to be active on these sites. It also helps in building your organizations image because there are millions of active users on these sites.

5.     Get Google Analytics

This is another technique which is worth implementing.  For any feature that you add to your website, you should know if it is effective or not. If you don’t measure the results, you’ll never find out. There should be some means which you can use for measuring and testing different metrics.  There are many software which are capable of gathering and analyzing the data. However, Google Analytics is mostly used by organizations. There are no charges for downloading it. The user interface is friendly, and you can get access to a lot of information, which you can utilize for improving conversion rates for your website.

6.     Make Good Use of the Google Analytics Goals Features

Google Analytics Goals allows you to set tracking features, which measure your website performance. This helps you in identifying how visitors are interacting with your site. Use this information to improve your website.

 7.     Spend Money on Link Building

There are many websites which point links to other pages on the Internet. This is another factor which is used in ranking websites by search engines. The number and relevance of links pointing to your site are used for determining its quality.

Backlinks comprise 80% of your overall score. Find out tools which your competitors are using for the purpose. Majestic SEO and Open Site Explorer are widely used. Generate data using these applications, which helps you in analyzing viable linking sources.

8.     Use Guest Posting Options on Other Related Websites

This technique is good for link building. There are many websites which allow viewers to log in as guests and publish block posts, which link back to your website. If you do this on the websites of the market leaders, which provide products similar to yours, you can increase traffic to your site and get a higher position search engines’ results page. This also helps directly in getting customers.

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SEO Techniques for Startups

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