The Friday Catch-Up: Google Shies Away From the Spotlight

1Hello Everybody! We have a very special week planned ahead for you, and it’s going to be one of a kind! Have you ever seen a “News Section” without “Google” being mentioned? Well, you’re gonna!

Today, we have Pinterest, Snapchat and Twitter taking up the lead and the interesting list of posts is just as great as it always is. We hope the work week hasn’t drained the life out of you, and even if it has, cheer up! The weekend waits ahead!

We understand that the internet news may sometimes get manipulated through mainstream entertainment news, but rather than considering whether you should call her “Cait” just yet, learn the art of searching for the good stuff.

News & Updates

The Pinterest Search Interface – Streamlined and Simplified

2There have been some changes made and now Pinterest has become so much easier to navigate. The new search result enhancements lets users find exactly what they are looking for and the inclusion of spell check makes it a foolproof search plan entirely. If we rewind back to when Pinterest was launched, one of the biggest flaws in its structuring was the search experience that lacked the unique panache. The platform is however, saying farewell to those gloomy days with some great changes. Read more here: Marketing Land

The Newest Standard of “Viewability” – Twitter Transforming by Leaps and Bounds

3Twitter has recently introduced the highly seamless consumption experience for all native video content like GIFs, videos, and Vines. The rich “creative” spin will enable content to auto play across Twitter and within your timeline. The great new change has begun being rolled out to iOS, and an Android version is expected to be released very soon. Any user, when they scroll through their timelines, will be able to view all video content being automatically played, to provide a “passing glimpse”. Looks great? Read more about the great change here: Twitter Blog


Snapchat is Now Selling Sponsored Geofilters

4Enabling brands to create and sponsor their own location based stickers, and only this Monday, one of the biggest fast food chains in the world – McDonald’s became the their very first customer. Geofilters are basically digital stickers that are used to overlay Snapchat videos that any user posts on the network. These stickers are tied down to geographical locations and then triggered forward in the Snapchat app through sensors. Staring from Monday, McDonald’s joined the volumes of brands that are taking up on the venture; it’s like your brands very own digital logo for a particular platform! Check the details out: Marketing Land

Useful Posts

The Latest Social Media Researches

5There are so many researches and stats out there about how bands should be approaching the well developed phenomenon of social media, and when the details are number driven, you know we can easily sign up! Some actionable tricks of the trade can be established by observing the statistics, and such experimental ventures can actually generate a lot of attention for your business. Read about all these great analysis and find some valuable insights: Bufferapp

Retaining Your Customers in a FREE SaaS Universe

6It seems to me like the whole world is currently working to make software and the trend is only expanding and accelerating with time. Many of us have started it, and do realize how FREE SaaS is the goldmine every business craves for, and it can turn your work website into a traffic generating freak! This poses a problem for the Not-So Free- SaaS providing businesses because they are always worried about whether customers will spend on their service or not, all for a good reason! Read more and learn a few tips to help your own business make efficient use of software: Kissmetrics

Disruptive Open-Source Start-Ups

7In the late 90s, an open sourced software movement started and ever since then, open source software has become the sole transformation of the software industry. Many infrastructures that employ open-source software strategies so that the software can be marketed and win a significant amount of market shares. Open-source software strategies, however, are a very disruptive distribution plan. Read more here: Venture Beat

Rank in Google without Links? Close to Impossible!


The latest data on rank results state there are very slim chances of getting a good rank without links, and Google marketers need to revert back to focusing on building links. You should always beware of manipulative link building that enables your website to be ranked higher in the search results, and the previous data had us doubting the importance of link building altogether. Some bright minds did some much needed digging up of facts and here are their findings: MOZ

Headlines Drive Traffic the MOST

S9ome recent studies have found out that headlines are a very sturdy source of clicks when it comes to users that are consuming news across social media platforms. People choose to read a story because of its headline, and if you can’t reel them in here you can’t really reel them in at all. The findings have some very interesting insights that can be very useful for non-journalist marketers just as well, so take a look at the statistics that will define how your users respond to your links here: Marketing Land

Asian Searches Going Well Beyond Google

When advertising within social spaces, marketers have to consider the many local search engine strategies and procedures evolving across the Asian region when they are developing their marketing strategies for expansion in the region. The Chinese and Japanese markets work a little differently than the rest of the world, and if you take the example of Japan, people focus categorically on yahoo Japan or Google Japan for their search queries. Read more here about these distinct search markets here: Search Engine Watch

Instagram Promotion through the Gamification Key

10Majority of businesses should inherently be advertised an promoted through social media networking platforms, and the one of the most popular one in terms of business exposure is Instagram. The network is becoming increasingly helpful for businesses, all thanks to the sturdy visual design of the entire interface. Instagram giveaways are what brands efficiently and very commonly use and people are just starting to get adjusted to them, which means standing out from the crowd has become harder. If you’re looking for ways to promote your content on Instagram and learn a few Gamification tricks to use them effectively, here’s your chance: SiteProNews

Finding Blog Topics when you’re Stuck

11When you blog quite often, it becomes really easy to run out of ideas. Everything that you like, care about, or find interesting has been written and wrapped up, and the headlights are staring to dim away. The only thing that could be worse is when your readers are expecting a constant inflow of content, in a similar fashion as you have delivered in the past. You think and think but the boat doesn’t move, so what do you do? Before you give up, read this post: Jeffbullas

Selling Handmade Crafts Online

12Over several years in the past, the homemade item niche of the market has started from dust and grown into an entirely functional industry. There are a number of examples where online marketplaces have opened up opportunities for makers to gain exposure and create a loyal audience online, which is proving to be the best place to sell homemade crafts currently. There are affiliate marketing websites as well where individual businesses can advertise and market their products, like Amazon. So what do you need for true success in this niche? Find out here: SmallBiz Trends

Amazon on Supermarket’s Search Rating


This is no surprise, but Tesco is currently enjoying a monopoly over the grocery market and is officially the most visible brand, but Amazon has been giving it a tough muscle fight. The statistics offered by Searchmetrics reveal that Tesco rules the market in terms of visibility, and the recent algorithm update by Google has helped a lot, apparently. Read more about the research here: Econsultancy

Presentations & Videos

The Store of the Future – Creepy or Cool?

14Typically, what we assume to be the store of the future has a lot of in-store technology that amalgamates 5 different forces – data, sensors, mobile, location and social media. But we still don’t know whether our consumers are ready for it at all, and there are bad factors that are just as big as the good ones. Check out this great post to assess what works for you in the modern store, and what doesn’t: Get Elastic

The Global Broadband Speed is About to Reach a New High

There are many reports that keep emphasizing on the good tidings for the progress that the internet will soon be making, and some reports have shown brighter results than others. The global IP traffic is also evolving, and brands are trying to analyze the magnitude of the change in order to seamlessly adapt to it. Check out this updated infographic to find out more: Forbes

The Unspoken Social Media Rules


Ever since its inception, the social media networking space has evolved and transformed majorly, and today, we see that there are some established facts that brands efficiently use to gain exposure. Follow this link to view this amazing infographic, which explains everything very engagingly: Bit Rebels


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The Friday Catch-Up: Google Shies Away From the Spotlight

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