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4 Benefits of Running PPC Ads in Real Estate

Digital Marketing
September 27, 2023
15 mins

What’s At Stake: PPC In Real Estate

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is about reaching your real estate clientele right at the moment they need your service most. That’s what is PPC in real estate in layman’s terms. 

While the approach assumes an immediate outcome: people click on your ads and get onto your site, many digital marketing commentators reduce the PPC value to targeting relevant keywords. Just as search engine optimization (SEO), PPC is a long-haul strategic journey with lots of experimentation underway. 

Google Ads

In its essence, the PPC approach is supplementary to organic traffic generation through search engine optimization. 

Paid Search Ads

While you are paying for every click per ad, you can measure and compare PPC results immediately. That is why many marketers consider this digital marketing strategy as the quickest way to earn customers.

The downside of the niched PPC journey, however, is that the real estate market is highly competitive and unpredictable. 

The good news is that PPC outcomes do not depend on the size of your real estate business. You may pursue the strategy either as a single real estate agent, a small-sized venture, or a real estate broker. 

U.S. Real Estate

PPC, therefore, is the most effective way to show your real estate services to users who are interested in properties across your area. This means that you spend money on your potential clients.

PPC Real Estate Marketing: 4 Major Benefits 

Essentially, PPC is about matching the quality of your digital marketing performance with the cost you invest in paid ads. This is because Google charges you once someone lands on your website.

As a real estate company, your primary objective is to match potential buyers and sellers looking for properties across your area. Herewith, PPC comes in handy as a highly customized digital marketing channel with a targeting capacity to penetrate specific demographics and locations to reach your best audience.

PPC for real estate

1. PPC Campaigns Are Measurable

The major benefit of running PPC campaigns is that they are measurable. This means you can always track progress and monitor results. Depending on the effectiveness of your ad campaign, you may change or terminate it. This is to say that you have full control over the PPC process at your Google Ad Manager.

While PPC is assumingly about fast results, take it as a continuous effort consistent with a rational marketing spend. Experiment by running a few PPC campaigns at once to spot what works best for you. 

You should, therefore, manage your marketing budget smartly and pursue bidding options rationally. And, while PPC is primarily about cost-effectiveness, approach it as a measurable strategy to optimize your advertising effort. 

2. PPC Campaigns Are About Quality Keywords 

Once you start investing in local real estate and property management keywords, you want to make sure that your every marketing dollar counts. 

While you bid to set the price-per-click, you invest in the strategically important keywords that will bring you potential customers. This is how the keywords you bid on match with the user intent across the real estate market. 

3. PPC Campaigns Are Targeted At Qualified Leads

A further advantage of PPC campaigns is that they are targeted at qualified leads. These are the prospects for your real estate offers. This is your target audience with high search intent for buying or selling real estate.

What matters in PPC is that every qualified lead strategically counts. This is because you pay your marketing dollar for every single click on your real estate ad. 

PPC strategy in real estate is about exposing your brand name for high-volume searches. 

Running PPC ad campaigns continuously will ensure higher client engagement. The more qualified leads you engage on your website, the more people you’ll convert as the end customers of your real estate services.

4. PPC Campaigns Are Competitive

A holistic PPC strategy will also help you stay above the crowd within your local real estate market. Over time, more and more people will associate you with their best property management choice. This is how you expand your brand awareness and make your name known beyond local reach.

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Running Real Estate Ads With Google

Given the strategy’s potential to drive traffic and revenue, PPC is much about A/B testing and experimentation. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach that will work wonders perpetually. 

With the highly targeted nature of PPC ad campaigns and the flexibility of your ad spend, you are more than welcome to apply this digital marketing strategy.

Bidding with PPC Campaigns 

The first thing you should understand here is that the approach assumes a high level of competition from other online bidders. 

Google Ads

Investing in text search ads on Google means that whenever someone puts the same keyword in the search feed you’ve bid on, there’s a PPC match. That is how you target qualified leads that will potentially convert into end customers on your site.

Three Pillars Beneath Your PPC Success

While PPC advertising in real estate is all about investment, your spending will primarily depend on your: 

  • Strategic goals
  • Target audience
  • Marketing budget capacity.

Depending on one’s market stance in the real estate niche, players may express various business goals ranging from greater brand awareness to driving more conversions.

PPC ads for real estate

Knowing your audience is among the preliminary homework chores you should do before investing in paid advertising. The better you do it, the higher the chances you’ll target your ideal audience and spend less on bidding. Explore innate property needs and interests shared by the local dwellers across your location. While crafting your PPC property management campaigns, apply all feasible means to generate a compound customer portrait. Consider major demographic and behavioral factors, as well as property ownership preferences shared by the locals. 

The more targeted is your customer portrait, the more your PPC ads will resonate with actual demand for properties and real estate services. 

PPC budget optimization is about regular monitoring of your performance. 


Watching figures in real-time will tell you about the actual progress of your PPC campaigns:

  • Whether your ads have reached the right audience
  • How many clicks and conversions you’ve generated this week
  • Is it high time you adjusted your ad spending 
  • What are the ways to optimize your PPC investment

With these crucial metrics in place, you’ll know how to move further and engage more potential property customers.

Real Estate PPC Strategies: Pursuing Local Property Keywords 

Start your PPC journey with local keyword research. An in-depth look at relevant keywords that match user intent and popular real estate searches across your area will come as your win-win outcome. 

The effectiveness of your ad appearance in relevant search results will depend on whether you’ve bid on the right keywords. Most importantly your strategic PPC goal is to make your ads seen by the qualified leads within your area.

Our expert says: Bid on long-tail keywords containing three to five words. We suggest trying various PPC approaches while broad key terms provide better results than narrow ones. Therefore, bid on the long-tail keywords that assume lower cost-per-click (CPC). On the contrary, bidding with short-tail keywords assumes more competition from rival bidders. Orest Fershtynskyi, PPC Expert at Promodo. 

While keyword research & development is not the end of your PPC effort, you should track keyword performance in terms of measurable results. We suggest expanding your ads with new keywords depending on your keyword efficiency. Continuous PPC ad optimization is all about regular testing. That’s the only way to improve your PPC performance.

Google Ads. Competitive Metrics

Essentially, there are two types of PPC strategies: optimization and expansion.

Our Expert says: Once your PPC budget is limited, we suggest including the keys like request + buy, i.e. ‘buy real estate in Cleveland,” or ‘the cost of real estate in Cleveland.’ If you are already well-known as a local real property agent, bet on the branded keyword combinations. Say your company’s name is ‘Point.’ Then bid with ‘buy Point real estate in Cleveland.” Having optimized your campaign for these keys, craft new ad groups with broader keys to reach a wider audience. Orest Fershtynskyi, PPC Expert at Promodo.

Google Keywords Planner is a must-use tool that measures the number of keyword searches and the percentage of impressions of your campaign. Google Keywords Planner also shows the number of monthly queries in a particular region. We used Cleveland, OH to test it:

Google Ads. Keyword Plan

Our expert says: Large real estate companies are working on all levels of keyword development as they operate sufficient marketing budgets. They win bidding competition as they can afford new users at a higher bidding cost. Orest Fershtynskyi, PPC Expert at Promodo.

We’ve gathered a bunch of competitiveness indicators in Google Ads to emphasize what’s crucial for your PPC performance

Google Compeitiveness Indicators
Google Ads. Competitiveness Indicators

Real Estate PPC Management: Managing Your Bids

Once you bid for your ad placement, you’ll pay for the average CPC value. Here are some hands-on PPC consistencies: 

  • The ad cost depends on the number of competitors bidding for the same keyword. 
  • Once there are four competitor bidders, Google sets the highest ad cost per the third bid accordingly.
  • Your best ad placements will depend on maximum bids and quality scores.
  • Once your advertisement is of high quality, the cost-per-click (CPC) will be lower. 
  • The ad cost also falls with the higher percentage of clicks.

Now you have an idea of how to run Google ads for real estate. If you need further advice, our PPC experts are right at hand to ease your advertising effort.

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Written by
Taras Bereza

Content Marketing Manager at Promodo

Taras has 16 years of hands-on copywriting experience overseas with 3000+ unique copies.

Accredited with Certificate of Proficiency in English (C2 level) by Cambridge University. Studied at Writing Launch Academy (United States) and owns an Academic Writing Certificate from Oregon University. Author of 12 dictionaries with Apriori Publishers.

Written by
Orest Fershtynskyi

PPC Expert at Promodo

Orest has been in contextual advertising for over three years, working with niches such as pet products, a store selling beer and bar equipment, household, garden and garden products, jewelry, designer furniture, a mobile bank, and retailers.

Orest has worked with the following geolocations: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Sweden, France, Italy, Norway, the UK, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Finland, Portugal, and Uzbekistan.

September 27, 2023
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