Content-rich websites enjoy a unique advantage in terms of SEO as they can easily be moved to the top of Google search rankings with the right optimization. Content-rich websites require a unique approach that includes strong attention to onsite SEO, efficient automation and fast indexation by search engines.

Examples of content-rich websites include:

  • Online booking services

  • News portals

  • Reviews websites blogs

  • Free classified ads

  • Social networks

  • Catalogues

Increasing the visibility of a content-rich site is the best way to get more traffic, but doing so is challenging. Google Crawler is not able to crawl a large number of pages at once, which means that they are not quickly indexed and users aren't able to find pages in Google search right after they are published.

It is essential that visitors stay on your page longer and engage with the content in order to improve your site ranking and visibility, which is especially important if your site earns money through advertising. Therefore, some of the top metrics for evaluating content-rich sites are the cost of one relevant visitor acquisition, repeat visits share, time spent on the site, and number of pages viewed per visit.

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