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4 Growth Strategies in Property Management Marketing

Digital Marketing
September 21, 2023

1. Property Marketing Strategies: Reach More Leads With SEO

A long-haul investment in local search engine optimization (SEO) is a primary strategic must-have if you are serious about expanding your property management business. 

Doing property digital marketing is your win-win strategy no matter how solid is your physical stance on the local property market. So, it’s high time you’ve familiarized yourself with digital marketing for property management companies.

As a top strategic priority, local SEO is about your website optimization to make your services match with an actual demand. Driving local leads onto your website is how you gain a competitive advantage and stay above the crowd. 

Above 90% of your potential customers are seeking property management services like yours online. This understanding comes as a game changer in today’s realms of harsh market rivalry.

Google Search

Even though you may rest on your laurels and enjoy a stable clientele you’ve won for your property management company over the years, business realms have changed with digital marketing. And, even if you are the best one, you are not the only player in your niche. This means that digital marketing opens a door of opportunity in the property management market for new ambitious entrants.   

Connecting With Customers Through Local Listings

Our number one advice regarding digital marketing for property management is to list your company on Google Business Profile. That’s your strategic starting point that will bring you broader visibility. Furthermore, an innate alignment with Google tools, maps, and services will simultaneously boost your SEO effectiveness. Once Google spots your wide online presence, it will rank your services higher on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)

You need an online presence and solid visibility to make sure a local audience finds your property management services in a few clicks. While people make local property searches, they insert niche-related words or phrases to find an agent. Your task is to resonate with user intent and the most popular searches across your area.  

Benefit from Google Trends and other feasible tools online to explore popular user searches. While digital performance marketing is flexible, compare popular searches over recent periods. 

While digital performance marketing is also measurable, you will use other popular tools like Similarweb and Ahrefs. These powerful tools (esp. paid versions) will help you select keywords effectively, build a semantic core, and analyze competitors' traffic. Consequently, you’ll rank higher on SERPs and win more traffic over your closest rivals.

Pretty soon, you’ll also spot that an overwhelming majority of clients will associate your property management venture with the local presence. Potential customers will seek you online by your city, town, or “near me” area.  It generates a box with three local listings that fit their search. 

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Essentially, your Google Business Profile listings are within the local SEO 3-Pack. This is how Google displays and maps three top business local search results. Your strategic SEO task here is to cut the piece of the pie. 

To rank high locally, provide the correct name, photo, address, contact information, and a brief description of your property management company. Google will then rank you as a relevant local business player proximate to its local demand. 

Once you claim your listing, fill it out completely. Verify that your name and address are correct. You’ll also want to add additional information to your listing, like photos, contact information, and a short blurb about your business.

The wider your appearance in local searches is, the more people will recognize you as a decent property management partner. 

Enhancing your Website with On-Site Optimization

Another strategic SEO task is to craft a user-friendly website and adapt its content for local searches. If you fail website optimization, rivaling property managers will catch up in no time. 

Your win-win SEO approach is to bet on local keywords that match popular local searches for property management services. 

Among relevant commercial real estate advertising ideas, at Promodo, we use a vast pool of recommended analytical tools to explore local keyword searches and track keyword ranking. With that, we pay extra attention to metadata optimization, including SEO titles and descriptions. 

2. Content Marketing Strategies: Educate Your Audience

While property management comes as a complex issue to many, people and companies will turn to you as a reliable third-party contractor. Still, many potential customers may not know about you at all. 

Among the most relevant property management advertising ideas, we suggest educating your target audience right on the spot.  

To fill the void, you should bet on content marketing. The content on your website should resonate with an overall unawareness of property management issues. 

Launch a popular blog where you’ll reveal the nuts and bolts of property management. This way, you’ll start getting a fair share of customer reviews and feedback. That’s the finest way to engage users on your website organically. This is how you’ll soon boost engagement, gain more qualified leads, and convert them into customers eventually. 

There’s a wide variety of advice on how to ensure a seamless customer journey through your pages with smooth on-site navigation, great design, voice search optimization, and a mobile-friendly version. 

Voice Search

While all these constituent elements are super important, you are to go the extra mile in your digital marketing endeavor. 

Our top commercial property marketing advice is to resonate with the property needs and preferences of your customers by educating them. In this vein, blogging, podcasting, and vlogging will all do as feasible means of content generation.

With that, you’ll get closer to your target audience every single day. People will start associating you not only with a formal property management contractor but also with a reliable source of first-hand information. 

Needless to say, such an online presence will boost your brand awareness, enhance your authoritativeness, and help you expand your property management business beyond local. 

The more open you are to your target audience, the more organic response you’ll get. This is a vital part of your digital marketing promotion that will eventually add to your E-E-A-T value.

In your public appearances online, tell people about property management as an important business. Let them know more about the types of property you work with. Highlight daily oversight chores and daily estate management operations you are involved in.

Eventually, more and more people will rely upon outreach content and your first-hand experience, and choose you as a best-fit partner to handle their properties. 

That is why, at Promodo, we recommend digital educational content as the finest trust-building strategy. 

3. SMM Strategies: Boost your Presence To Reach More Prospects

With a vast array of social media platforms, you should network your property management venture. Social media marketing is your golden opportunity to connect with your target  audience as well as potential clients. 

Regardless of a social media channel you choose as the best fit for your case, social media networking will help you craft a common portrait of your target audience. By getting closer to people across social media platforms, you’ll soon granulate essential demographic factors, behavioral patterns, and other vital factors you’ll further use for paid targeting campaigns.    

In this pursuit, stay open and clear to people as far as you can. Speak human language and get your messages across comprehensively. Enhance your communication with visuals and infographics. 

With that, we should make clear that SMM efforts are not about direct sales or commercial property management offers. Your activity on social media platforms is about boosting your brand awareness and driving a buzzword about your business. 

4. PPC Strategies: Convert Qualified Leads

Our final piece of advice for today is to bet on well-balanced paid-per-click (PPC) advertising. While every single click is at stake here, you should well manage your marketing budget by betting on the right strategies. 

First off, explore your niche for the ongoing competition. Critically assess your closest rivals for how far they are involved in PPC.  With this knowledge in mind, you’ll know whether the competition at your local property segment is in the red or the blue ocean. 

Measurable SWOT and PESTLE analyses of your competitors are critical to estimating your bidding chances for the property management niche. These tools are also at the core of your business plan for property management company. 

The whole idea of PPC ads consists of an instant attraction of the qualified leads, i.e. your ideal customers ready to engage with your offers. 

As a property manager, bet on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising as a parallel option to your long-haul SEO journey. 

PPC advertising

Google displays paid ads tagged with the ‘ad.’ While commercial, PPC ads naturally outperform organic listings. The comparative advantage here is that you only pay for the ads whenever users click on your ads. 

Therefore, a well-thought-out PPC strategy is the best way to match qualified leads with your property management services. With that, your overall PPC success will depend on the quality of the selected keywords. Relevant keyword selection determines your ad appearance and the scope of the targeted audience.

Our expert says: You’ll face more competition from other bidders and will have to pay more for short-tail keywords. Alternatively, bid on the long-tail keywords (ideally, three-to-five-word phrases) that feature lower cost-per-click (CPC) and entail fewer rivals. Orest Fershtynskyi, PPC Expert at Promodo.

While bidding for your ad placement, you’ll spot the average CPC value to pay for. The bid for your ad will also depend on the number of players bidding for the same keyword. Eventually, your ad’s placement will depend on the maximum bid you are ready to offer and the quality score.

Just like SEO, the marketing effect of PPC strategy will necessitate a great deal of investment and time. Contrary to popular belief, PPC is a long-haul game conditioned by stiff competition.

Exemplary Property Management PPC Case Study 

In our prominent case study, we served the UAE-based ‘The Place Group,’ the chain of premium real estate spaces, that was up to enter the commercial real estate market in Dubai. 

The Place Group

While the Client initially considered using all the digital tools, it had to match the effort with the marketing budget. 

We were tasked to attract relevant traffic and leads. The pay-per-click strategy produced the greatest results as we managed to match the Client’s premises with the property demand from large companies.

The Place Group

We experimented with Google Ads campaigns to achieve the top outcome. We used Dynamic Search Ad campaigns to obtain low-frequency keywords users typically miss while filling the search feed manually. Google’s neural networks then automatically picked hidden (non-obvious) semantics based on the client’s site content.

We additionally suggested the client launch outreach campaigns on the Google Display Network. Finally, Google’s dynamic remarketing feature helped our client to remarket its real estate services through the established customer base. 

The Place Group

Owing to a sound interaction with the client over 16 months, we managed to position the brand as a competitive player in the commercial property rental market. As of January 2022, all of The One Tower’s vacant offices were occupied, which proved unprecedented demand for the client's commercial properties.

Property Management Marketing Ideas: Top PPC Practices

Promodo PPC experts have featured powerful property management marketing tools and insights on how to market a commercial property in 2023 and beyond:

  • Optimize your account and advance bidding options with automated reports and auction insights from Google Ads
  • Record the calls coming from call extensions and click-to-call (CTC) ads, and download recordings within a 30-day expiration period in Google Ads
  • Re-market the lists for products to target product/service ID searchers that have shown high purchase intent during PPC ad campaigns with dynamic remarketing lists in Microsoft Ads
  • Advertise your property services on search sites that contain Google-powered ads
  • Target audiences with boosted bids within three values: industry, company, and job function through Business Profile targeting on LinkedIn
  • Use Google’s Data Studio to link to vital data sources like Google Ads & Google Analytics
  • Promote your property management services to similar audiences and placements you’ve spotted for your PPC campaigns with Google’s Expanded Audiences
  • Spot ad campaign changes, monitor performance, and optimize your marketing budget on Google’s Account Notes Panel.

Still in doubt about how to market a property management company. Promodo experts are right at hand to facilitate your effort 24/7 with our evidence-proven property marketing services

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Written by
Taras Bereza

Content Marketing Manager at Promodo

Taras has 16 years of hands-on copywriting experience overseas with 3000+ unique copies.

Accredited with Certificate of Proficiency in English (C2 level) by Cambridge University. Studied at Writing Launch Academy (United States) and owns an Academic Writing Certificate from Oregon University. Author of 12 dictionaries with Apriori Publishers.

Written by
Orest Fershtynskyi

PPC Expert at Promodo

Orest has been in contextual advertising for over three years, working with niches such as pet products, a store selling beer and bar equipment, household, garden and garden products, jewelry, designer furniture, a mobile bank, and retailers.

Orest has worked with the following geolocations: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Sweden, France, Italy, Norway, the UK, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Finland, Portugal, and Uzbekistan.

September 21, 2023
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