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7 Ways To Boost Your Real Estate Email Marketing

Email marketing
October 19, 2023
20 mins

Real Estate Email Marketing At Play 

There’s been much skepticism over email as an effective marketing channel. Despite all critical views, our industry-focused case studies have proven that email marketing is not a thing of the past. This powerful marketing tool generates sound results across industries, and real estate is not an exception to the rule. 

While the days of email marketing are not gone across the real estate industry, realtors use the channel to engage and retain their customers. Email campaigns will equally benefit you regardless of whether you cope with local housing or pursue email marketing for commercial real estate.

Email marketing

These numbers alone signal a perfect time for realtors to nurture leads and boost their property sales with proven email marketing strategies. 

Email marketing is your strategic approach to:

🔴 Boost a full-funnel digital marketing strategy 

🔴 Build a sustainable brand

🔴 Drive traffic to your site 

🔴 Convert prospects into loyal customers. 

These competitive advantages make email marketing a significant part of building a valuable real estate business.

Personal communication is at the heart of successful real estate transactions, and that’s where email marketing comes into play. This is your golden opportunity to communicate individual property offers to your customers. 

Local homebuyers and sellers are all interested in receiving quality offers from you. Above that, they need to know you care about their property needs and individual preferences. Personal touch and empathy are of crucial importance in real estate as a deeply sensitive business. Nurturing longstanding relationships is all about your reputation as a trusted local realtor. 

While the real estate business assumes long sales cycles, the overwhelming majority of your potential clientele are not ready to contract properties here and now. This means you should prepare for a serious game by building longstanding relationships with your prospects. 

What’s good about email marketing is that this effective channel of communication is primarily about personal touch with your future clients. The strategy will serve your local realtor business as an indispensable constituent of your full-funnel marketing strategy. So, approach email marketing as an integral part of your digital effort. 

7 Best Real Estate Email Marketing Practices 

Your local real estate marketing positioning as a go-to realtor is strategically important while most of the property clients will come to you whenever they are ready to buy or sell. Mind that,    most prospects regard the estates they are about to buy or sell as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This psychological distinction explains why dealing with local properties is so different from other niched businesses.

Selling and buying local properties

Generate a pre-set email marketing campaigns that will help your prospects move down the funnel. Our digital performance marketing practice shows that automated emails are 50% more effective

Following the Awareness stage of the tried and tested AIDA model (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action), potential buyers will visit your website and sign up for essential property updates like local listings. 

At this stage, benefit from realtor email marketing as the proven way to provide your potential clients with precise data about the available properties. Use emails to guide your target audience with eye-catching presentations, video tours, and sneak peeks on the local estate. Benefit from newsletters to send open house invitations with a call to visit the best local properties you operate.

Overall, the overwhelming majority of realtors use email marketing to feature and promote new local property listings and open houses. With direct links to virtual tours, they attract the right property buyers and surge click-through rates (CTRs). 

Sneak Peek: The email click rate, often referred to as the click-through rate (CTR), measures the number of people who have interacted with a hyperlink, call-to-action (CTA), or image contained within the content of your email. The key objective of tracking the CTR is to evaluate the level of engagement.

1. Just Listed Newsletters 

Sending weekly email newsletters with “just listed” local properties to your prospects is a great way to expand and retain your customer base. This is also how you keep in touch with your leads on a permanent basis and remind them about your best local property offers.

2. Neighborhood Guides

Email newsletters also work well for sending neighborhood guides with the actual data on the local infrastructure, including nearby attractions, malls, and restaurants. 

3. Real Estate Snapshots

As a community-oriented and people’s trusted realtor, use email marketing to disseminate local real estate snapshots. This practice will serve as the best proof of your local property market expertise. Showing customers the local property market from within and the real estate trends across your neighborhood. 

4. Testimonials

Earning sound social proof is another must-have in the local property business. The big question here is about how you should use email marketing to benefit your local presence. In this pursuit, cover all transactions that feature you as a successful real estate venture. Featuring all interactions with local homebuyers and sellers across your area matters here. 

Use email marketing as the best-fit strategy to share success stories about your business efforts. This is how more people will get to know you and consider your venture as a reliable real estate service over time.

You desperately need customer testimonials to disseminate a buzzword about your property services across the local community. 

5. Property Alerts

Send targeted emails to home searchers interested in buying, renting, or selling local properties. Generating personalized emails that meet individual criteria will help you retain qualified leads who signed up for newsletters on your website. This is your target audience ready to engage with your email property content. 

6. Email Templates

The good news is that you do not need any coding to design engaging property emails. Be sure to use free email template editors for real estate agents. 

Email templates are also your best-fit choice to schedule local property visits, send verifications, and disseminate local property listings.

Further on, use email templates to show the logic of a homebuying process:

🔴 The welcoming email notifies a homebuyer about the importance of visiting your office or scheduling an appointment. 

🔴 Further, goes a reminder email to schedule a property visit with an agent. 

🔴 The follow-up email template confirms a scheduled visit. 

🔴 The final email confirms a purchase.

While this combination of steps may vary from case to case, your strategic task is to support your customers with customized emails.

Real estate newsletter templates will help you keep your customers informed about local property news and developments. These updates may come as the essential turning points that will make your subscribers decide on buying or selling properties. Your newsletter should highlight the most important bits of local property information above. With that, use effective headlines to make people read more.

7. Top Property Listings

Email templates are also about promoting your property listings. The more engaging your visual presentation is, the more users you’ll turn into leads with the help of call-to-action (CTA) buttons on your site. 

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Real Estate Email Marketing Ideas

Applying Email Templates

Having generated a substantial pool of qualified leads (people who made a targeted action on your site and are potentially interested in your services), approach them with the welcome email template. This is a prime message you should personalize in the most laconic and engaging way. 

In a week or so, follow up with a single listing promotion template to highlight the best features of your local properties. Make sure, you capture the property location and contact details. These specific emails should be sent to local homebuyers and sellers particularly interested in specific local property offers 

Email templates promoting a single real estate listing will help you highlight one particular property that may resonate with the individual preferences of local homebuyers. In parallel, benefit from multiple listing templates to capture a few property offers in one email. Here, you are welcome to feature the essential details of your properties ranging from location to the square footage and the number of bedrooms.

Educating People About Local Real Estate

In addition to sending your prospects local property listings, you may also want to educate your local community about real estate deals and property management issues. Besides blogging, social media presence, local events, and YouTube streams, use emails to send your customers educational newsletters. This piece of advice is among the most relevant real estate email ideas in 2023 and beyond.

Educational content is an integral part of your global email marketing strategy. You’ll earn wider resonance by linking educational emails to your blog posts to let people read more about real estate nuances or ask you additional questions. The addition of short videos to educational content in your emails will surge wider engagement.

Personalization Of Real Estate Emails

Effective market segmentation requires defining your strategic goals and objectives. The initial question on the email marketing agenda is what you really want:

🔴 Sales increase 

🔴 Market share expansion  

🔴 Wider brand awareness

🔴 Improvement of customer loyalty. 

The true answer will determine the course of your email marketing strategy. You’ll better understand whom to target locally Gen Z urban professionals, Millennial families, or Baby Boomer retirees:

🔴 New homeowners

🔴 First-time homebuyers

🔴 High-end buyers

🔴 Likely sellers

🔴 Empty nesters

🔴 Newly weds

🔴 Repeat customers

🔴 Local property invetors

🔴 Rela estate expired listing leads

A deeper exploration of demographic and psychographic factors will help you match the value of your property offers with an average income rate across the targeted areas.   

Beneath the selection of the right geographic and demographic segments is an in-depth analysis of the local housing market by:

🔴 Volume

🔴 Purchasing potential

🔴 Compatibility 

🔴 Profitability.

Your customer segments should be easily manageable and free of wasteful nuances that might burden your performance. Keeping your segments in a flexible manner will allow you to make regular updates and track the most recent changes in the local property market. Finally, measure segmentation results as an essential part of your digital marketing performance

Segmenting Your Audience

The segmentation of your email customer base is of crucial importance in all stages of email marketing to achieve wider engagement. This is also the surest way to save your leads from unwanted content. 

To make your email marketing strategy genuinely targeted at the right audience, segment your prospects by geographic (geographic area), demographic (age), psychographic (social status), and behavioral (lifestyle) factors. To garner lasting success, segment your local property lists depending on where your potential customer is in their purchasing journey. People’s actions on your site are also a powerful way of segmentation.

Segmenting Email Lists

List segmentation is among the most effective email marketing features. With deeply segmented email real estate campaigns, you’ll better resonate with the essential property needs of your local audience. With that, you’ll understand people’s concerns and individual preferences. 

The surest way to segment your prospects is to fill in lead generation forms on your site with detailed information. This will help you categorize subscribers into lists. Alternatively, you may email your potential clients with an in-built questionnaire that will help you sort out local demand into specific segments. Eventually, you’ll better understand local property demand shared by locals as well as the most profitable property types you should bet on.

With more personalized marketing campaigns, your email newsletters will deeply resonate with specific property interests and needs shared by local demand. The outcomes are more than evident:

🔴 Solid brand reputation

🔴 Increased conversion rates

🔴 Optimized marketing budget

🔴 Customer loyalty

🔴 Wider pool of referrals beyond local reach

🔴 Standing out from local competition 

🔴 Offering valuable properties matching individual requests. 

Customer loylaty

How Successful Are Your Real Estate Email Campaigns 

Continuous monitoring of your email marketing campaigns and local resonance to your real estate offers will help you paint a clearer picture of your marketing efforts and gauge key performance indicators (KPIs).  Customer feedback and behavioral shifts are of crucial importance to critically assess your segments and innovate your local property services and offerings.

While a highly customized approach is vital, there are challenges underway. Segmentation necessitates continuous customer data analysis. To segment a local property market, you should access reliable data sources like census data and online surveys to supply your prospects with relevant insights into the local property market. 

Herewith, you’ll need to apply statistical software, AI, machine learning, and predictive modeling tools to capture local property patterns, shifts, insights, and trends, and forecast wider market opportunities. 

Crafting meaningful segments excludes oversimplification, popular stereotypes, and any possible assumptions. You should combine a pool of geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral variables to segment a diverse property market in-depth. 

Local customer feedback will make your market segmentation far more relevant and accurate. Additional analysis of social media preferences and online search behaviors, as well as mobile app usage among your prospects, will all help you detail various customer segments. 

That is how you’ll understand individual differences in property demand and come up with highly customizable real estate offers. Eventually, you’ll define an ideal customer portrait. 

An in-depth target audience segmentation with a data-driven approach will propel the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns with more personalized and relevant local property solutions. It will also help you:

🔴 Forecast future demand

🔴 Identify market opportunities

🔴 Optimize marketing mix. 

Analyze all your email campaigns to check which emails have received the highest click rate. Regular email analysis will let you know which campaigns bring the most conversions. In this vein, your best-fit choice is to experiment with email content with A/B tests. To know which emails work best, be sure to measure all aspects of your email content starting from subject lines to send times.

In further stages of your real estate business expansion, deploy a customer relationship management (CRM) system to pursue detailed analytics, data tracking, and lead management options.

Advanced email marketing tools will equip you with insightful data to enhance your email marketing effort in real time

🔴 Open rates

🔴 Click rates

🔴 Unsubscribe rates

🔴 Bounce rates.

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Written by
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Content Marketing Manager at Promodo

Taras has 16 years of hands-on copywriting experience overseas with 3000+ unique copies.

Accredited with Certificate of Proficiency in English (C2 level) by Cambridge University. Studied at Writing Launch Academy (United States) and owns an Academic Writing Certificate from Oregon University. Author of 12 dictionaries with Apriori Publishers.

October 19, 2023
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