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Fully Booked: Chiropractic Marketing Tips for Less Than $1000 a Month

Digital Marketing
May 16, 2024
15 mins

Just like any other healthcare niche, chiropractic (manual therapy) necessitates a fair share of marketing investment. From the perspective of a full-funnel marketing approach, this may sound rather challenging to most chiropractors around the corner. 

In today’s blog post, Promodo Healthcare Marketers will share best-fit tips on launching a complex digital marketing strategy for manual therapists with less than $1000 a month. 

The Biggest Chiropractic Online Marketing Challenges

1. Boosting Online Presence in Chiropractic Niche

Beyond physical presence as a local chiropractic clinic, your strategic marketing task is to go online and win more clients. Not doing so, you’ll embrace only the ‘bricks’ part of the market without penetrating the ‘clicks’ opportunities.

While more than 90% of patients browse through search engines for healthcare and wellness services before scheduling an appointment, it is vital to show up on Google and popular social media platforms. 

The challenge is all about cutting a larger market share over time. In marketing terms, this indicates the percentage of all sales you make in the chiropractic niche. The higher your market share is, the more competitive you become as an established chiropractic venture. Further,  market share will indicate the effectiveness of your business development and its scaling capacity. 

At the start of your marketing journey, you should understand whether people know your chiropractic clinic and how much they talk about it. Here, you will rely on a share of voice as a reliable marketing metric to help you compare your brand awareness across multiple marketing channels. 

With that, you’ll analyze your market positioning against the closest chiropractic competitors, and the effectiveness of your ads, website traffic, and social media mentions.

2. Catching Up with the Chiropractic Marketing Competition

With over 70,000 licensed chiropractors across the United States, you’ll strategically bet on marketing your local community members. That’s the finest way to stand out from the crowd and make your patient outreach effective.  

Over time, however, you’ll want to expand your business beyond local and gain more clients online. That’s about showing your services to more interested patients and increasing your most loyal clientele's lifetime value (LTV).

The greatest challenge of withstanding hectic competition is not in acquiring one-time patients but in your capacity to retain a stable chiropractic patient base. That’s where you should continuously maintain your marketing budget.

There’s plenty of opportunity to stand out from local competition.

Standing Out

3. Knowing your Target Chiropractic Audience

To sustain a solid amount of loyal patients, you should first understand their needs.   

There’s no more sinful omission than failing to explore the target audience for your practice. Beyond targeting local neighborhoods and communities within a 3-6 mile range, you should dive into the immediate chiropractic needs of your patients.  

 With these questions in mind, you’ll target your prospects individually. This means that patients will soon associate your practice with individual patient-focused chiropractic services. And, that’s another source of your comparative advantage in a highly competitive marketplace.

Drawing your chiropractic patient portrait will help you optimize winning marketing campaigns. This is super important to plan and save on your marketing costs:

  • Spotting your perfect patient is about knowing exactly where to find them. If that’s a working mom, for example, then you may target working mothers in your area with paid ads on Facebook. 
  • Understanding major complaints voiced by your patients, like problems with carpal tunnel, is another way to choose you instead of your closest competitor. 
  • An in-depth knowledge of people who want chiropractic treatment and services like yours will help you customize your website by filling it with customized specials.

Chiropractic Patient Portrait

4. Complying with Chiropractic Regulations

Last but not least, beware of an ever-changing regulatory and licensing environment across the chiropractic niche. You should strictly follow updated regulations and adjust your marketing campaigns in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements. 

Beyond the federal commitment to protect patient data, you should comply with federal and state legislation that governs healthcare marketing. 

Understanding Chiropractic Marketing Budgets

At Promodo, we measure a typical marketing budget range for our clients depending on various factors: 

  • Location
  • Practice size
  • Target audience 
  • Business goals. 

Still, our digital marketing practice shows that you can manage an effective marketing strategy on a shoestring monthly budget starting at $1,000. 

That won’t include all performance marketing tools we deploy and marketing channels we cope with. However, that’s still a possible option as a starting point to make your chiropractic business go online.  

Effective Chiropractor Marketing Strategies for Getting More Patients 

Supposedly, you haven’t got an in-house marketing team to cope with all the positioning and promotional challenges. The following recommendations and our hands-on case study will help you convert more people into the quality and loyal patients for your chiropractic clinic.

1. Leveraging Chiropractic SEO

During the initial marketing period of three months, it is essential to adjust a patient-centered website to attract every potential visitor who may need chiropractic services like yours. 

Your ultimate SEO task is to optimize your branded chiropractic website for wider visibility in search engines. This is strategically important to make your website rank high on search engine results pages (SERPs). This is how you’ll attract more prospects beyond your local reach. 

Local SEO for Chiropractors assumes your vast appearance across local search results. You’ll need to promote effective local search engine optimization (SEO) during the first stages of your marketing journey. Adjust Google Business Profile as your number one local listing with:

  • Branded name of your chiropractic clinic
  • Full address
  • Phone number
  • Opening hours.
Promoting HealthCare Businesses Online

Make your business information consistent across all online platforms and popular healthcare listings.

Your further task is to generate quality content to gain organic traffic. Regular blog posts about the most related topics to your practice like chiropractic treatments will help you position your practice as a featured local expert and improve search rankings for your website.

Integrate relevant local keywords into your website’s content. Reliable online tools like Ahrefs and Similarweb will let you opt for the most effective short-tail and long-tail keyword combinations. By accompanying your content with the right keywords, you may:

  • Target specific patient categories
  • Emphasize core chiropractic treatments
  • Promote your practice through geotargeting.

Success Story 

We’ve recently provided SEO support to one of the acknowledged healthcare brands “Eskulab,” a medical laboratory serving over 1.5 m. patients a year. 

The Client aimed to scale its business by:

  • Competing with the niche leaders for organic traffic in the search engine results pages (SERPs)
  • Attracting more users to its website.

Eskulab Success Story


  • We managed to increase organic traffic to the Client’s website by +173%. 
  • With 15 time-sensitive blog posts a month, we substantially enhanced the Client’s brand awareness. 
  • Our content strategy emphasizing symptoms and diseases resulted in more website visits with non-branded queries by +204% compared to 2022 KPIs.

💡 You are welcome to boost your chiropractic business with our customized SEO packages starting at $1000 a month!

2. Optimizing Paid Advertising for Your Chiropractic Clinic

Among chiropractor marketing strategies, utilizing paid advertising is an art in itself. At Promodo, we deliver optimized pay-per-click (PPC) solutions to balance your marketing budget. 

Paid advertising is all about driving targeted traffic to your chiropractic website. These are the most interested patients in your manual therapy services. 

PPC works like this: each time someone clicks on your ad on search engine results pages (SERPs) or affiliated websites, you’ll pay a fee. Your strategic task here is to capture potential patients actively seeking chiropractic services like yours. Paid advertising will encourage them to contact you and schedule an appointment.

Patient Online Journey
Patient Marketng Funnel

To optimize your expenses, our PPC healthcare experts suggest: 

  • Identifying relevant keywords related to your chiropractic services
  • Leveraging Google Ads Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, and Similarweb to integrate the right keywords
  • Making your landing pages relevant to your PPC ads. 
  • Filling your landing pages with strong call-to-action (CTAs)
  • Setting an optimal budget based on keyword competition and the average industry cost-per-click (CPC)
  • Keeping track of your daily budget to avoid overspending
  • Monitoring ad performance with regular checks of your PPC campaign 
  • Analyzing the click-through rate (CTR) 
  • Analyzing how many patients convert
  • Targeting your ads to the immediate location of your practice. 

💡 You are welcome to boost your chiropractic business with our customized PPC packages starting at $1000 a month!

3. Retaining Your Patient Base with Email Marketing

Along with capturing referrals from various marketing channels, bet on email marketing as a substantial part of your patient retention strategy. 

The approach assumes customized communication with your patient base by delivering regular emails and newsletters.

The Magic of Email Marketing

Include a patient’s email in the registration form to further contact them. Stable communication shows that you care about your patients and are ready to praise them for their devotion and loyalty to your clinic. 

Personalized patient-focused emails will serve you as super effective triggers to:

  • Remind your patients about seasonal offerings 
  • Offer one-time discounts
  • Greet your patients with their birthday or other events
  • Play on the individual offer 
  • Invite patients to affiliate marketing programs 
  • Share educational content about chiropractic treatments
  • Send personal stories to emphasize patient success
  • Announce upcoming local events.

Tailored email marketing campaigns for chiropractors will help you connect your core services with immediate patient needs and attract new clients. 

Our proven email marketing tips to build relationships and encourage patients to trust your practice: 

  • Gather a list of email addresses ethically with patients’ consent
  • Create value-added content for your recipients
  • Segment your audience for closer personalization of your emails
  • Add design solutions to make your emails visually appealing 
  • Make your emails mobile-friendly. 
  • Automate your email campaigns
  • Track your email campaign success with analytical metrics
  • Make your subject line short, engaging, and informative
  • Adjust your content to patient interests and therapy needs 
  • Offer real value.
  • Include clear and compelling call-to-action buttons
  • Send emails weekly 
  • Avoid spamming 
  • Become a local voice of expert chiropractic information.

4. Benefiting from SERM in your Chiropractic Business

After each visit to your chiropractic clinic, ask patients to leave feedback or post patient reviews on your website or popular listings for healthcare providers. 

You may also use emails and SMS to ask patients for reviews.  

Patient reviews are an integral part of another marketing strategy known as search engine reputation management (SERM).  

You should work with patient feedback both positive and negative and stimulate a continuous flow of patient reviews on popular healthcare listins.

This is much about your good name and reputation in the chiropractic niche. Your task here is to encourage patient feedback with:

  • Free appointments
  • Seasonal gifts 
  • Appreciation days
  • Thank-you letters.

Make sure to reward every patient who praises your chiropractic services with 4-5-star reviews

SERM is organically integrated in Google algorithms checked by assessors. SERM analysis emphasizes E-E-A-T factors to check the reliability of content on your website as well as the overall reputation of your practice. The integration of SERM into your SEO strategy will also help you spot positive and negative patient reviews. Our top SERM advice here is to never grab patient reviews artificially or make them up with the help of AI. Beware that since May 5, 2024, Google has intensified its SERM algorithm, which is now more likely to pessimize online ratings of the companies that manipulate reputation online. Vladislav Trishkin, Team Lead SEO at Promodo.

To avoid bans for your chiropractor website, our SERM experts will help you carefully process negative reviews on a vis-a-vis basis with your patients. We know how to communicate a problem, address individual complaints to sweeten a bitter experience, and make patients come back to your clinic. 

💡You are welcome to boost your chiropractic business with our customized SERM packages starting at $1000 a month!

5. Reaping Fruit with Social Media Marketing for Chiropractors

You’ll leverage the power of social media platforms as an effective means of reaching potential patients for your chiropractic clinic and building a loyal community of lifetime patients. 

Social media marketing is an efficient strategy to engage directly with your target patient audience, share hands-on success stories, and utilize targeted advertising to reach users who need your services.

Top Social Media Channels

Top tips for your social media advertising success: 

  • Interact with your followers continuously to boost your public visibility online. 
  • Post regularly to keep your brand at the forefront of your audience
  • Respond promptly to comments to show you care about your followers. 
  • Share patient testimonials to boost social proof of your practice 
  • Run targeted ads to reach a specific demographic
  • Measure the success of your ads with in-built analytics tools.

6. Getting Chiropractor Patients with Referral Marketing

On a local scale, spreading the good word about your chiropractic business is the best strategy to gain more patients without spending upfront costs.

Despite your location or your practice size, your marketing success on a local level will depend on the immediate word-of-mouth effect. What people are saying about you is not less important online.

Referral marketing is about recommending your chiropractic services to other people. While offering one-time discounts or seasonal offerings is only part of the game, you should get referrals from your satisfied and loyal patients. 

The Power of Referral Marketing

Reveal the magic of affiliate programs to make people share information about your practice and promote it. Reward these active participants of your marketing process who help you spot potential leads and provide referrals.

Reaching further and scaling your business up, experiment with an influencer marketing by investing in your brand promotion on a wider scale. 

Major Takeaways 

Once all marketing channels are involved, it is vital to track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and make the necessary adjustments. The shifts are often caused by external factors like market fluctuations or changing trends across niches. 

Positive Client Feedback

Promodo marketers are available 24/7 to help you promote your chiropractic services and boost search engine rankings. 

To SEM Provider

How Promodo Can Help You

Promodo is here to help you develop an effective marketing strategy to attract and retain more patients for your chiropractic business. 

Foremost, our healthcare digital marketers prioritize patient retention and lifetime value. We take your strategy as a long-haul journey beyond local reach.

You are welcome to schedule a free consultation to get hands-on advice on internet marketing for chiropractors.  

Written by
Taras Bereza

Content Marketing Manager at Promodo

Taras has 16 years of hands-on copywriting experience overseas with 3000+ unique copies.

Accredited with Certificate of Proficiency in English (C2 level) by Cambridge University. Studied at Writing Launch Academy (United States) and owns an Academic Writing Certificate from Oregon University. Author of 12 dictionaries with Apriori Publishers.

Written by
Vladislav Trishkin

SEO Team Lead at Promodo

Vladyslav has been working as SEO Specialist for over 5 years.His portfolio of projects includes:, Sinoptik,, etc.

He is a fan of Ahrefs, enjoys reading Google's Assessor's Guide, and is always ready to have a discussion about SEO.His main specialization is promoting content and media projects, and he has numerous successful case studies.

Beneficial link on Vladyslav's expertise:




May 16, 2024
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