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Christmas Email Template: How to Stand Out Among Dozens of Emails During the Holidays

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January 17, 2023
16 min

The holiday season is always full of tasks, duties, and challenges. That is why you’re probably facing the problem of catching the attention of customers during the Christmas season.

Knowing your pain, we’ve collected a set of recommendations and examples from various business niches to create a holiday email template. Let’s see how to make a stylish and effective email with a New Year’s theme and an unobtrusive reminder about “the most beautiful time of the year…”.

The Header of the Christmas Email Template

It usually consists of two parts: a brand logo or company name and a menu with information leading to the site. But this is not an axiom! Some of these parts may be optional. There are also toppers with current promotions, news, etc.

You should also insert your logo and name as images. Put them on a transparent background or in SVG format for correct display on different formats, devices, and adaptation to light and dark themes.

christmas email template

You can decorate this email part for the holidays. There are many ways and possibilities.  Nothing can limit your fantasy. Let’s take a look at the most interesting examples and ideas.

The Stylization of Brand Design Elements in the Christmas Newsletter

Every brand has something fascinating to be designed. And even if there is not, you just need to search better. Here are some points:

  1. Color. Changing the color of the logo associated with winter or holiday.
christmas email template

2. Forms. Analyze which elements to use for a pattern or picture.

christmas email template

3. A corporate mascot or character. You may wish to design a new outfit or decorate this for the holiday season.

christmas email template

4. Menu fonts. Usually, we use standard fonts in the menu for all mailers, devices, and themes. However, you can find a list of more decorative, italic fonts supported by mailers. Make sure it’s legible! The menu needs to ease the information search process, and if it can’t be read, even a good font won’t help.

christmas email template

Traditional Style

Typically, we associate Christmas and New Year with snowflakes and Santa Claus. Probably, you would like to differentiate yourself from other companies and find some extraordinary symbols that would create a cozy and warm feeling during the holiday season. We have prepared several examples for you:

  1. Patterns. Geometric, animalistic, natural.

christmas email template

2. Holiday attributes. Candles, wreaths, garlands, candies.

christmas email template

3. Background. Color blocks, curls, winter landscapes, glass effect.

christmas email template


Probably, you cannot suggest a more modern upgrade than animation. The most boring header will shine if you add animation to it:

  1. Text animation. The dynamics in the logo will look unusual, in a new way, there is no end to your imagination.

2. GIF animation. You can add any object and make it move. Just make sure that the image does not exceed 1MB.

Christmas email sample

Email Content for Christmas Newsletter Template

Emails can be of various formats: promo, selling emails with brand products, or greeting cards. The main task for us is to make the design interesting, interactive, and unusual. Let’s talk about some of the activities we’ve used for our clients.

Postcards and Promo

In the Christmas card email template, you should focus on the text with the wishes and greetings for the audience. We will reveal what to write so that words melt even an icy heart at the end of the article.

You can make such a Christmas card email template completely different from ordinary brand promos. Use static and animated banners, stylize products, and apply icons, and emojis in the text. Remember about the background of the email, which you can, for example, animate with a pattern. The design helps convey the mood of the holiday as well as attract the attention of the reader.

christmas email template

Gamification in the Christmas Newsletters Templates

Holiday emails with a game will not leave anyone indifferent. Especially if you offer a promo code. Here we go with examples of possible activities. Let’s divide them into types:

  1. Logical. All kinds of puzzles, labyrinths, crosswords.

christmas email template

2. Search. Guess the picture, find the key or the lost image element.

christmas email template

3. АМР. A puzzle in which you need to assemble an image from randomly arranged elements.

christmas email templates

4. Emails with a transition to a site with gamification.

christmas email templates

5. Roulette. The drum with discount or prize symbols spins in a circle until it stops. A difficult thing to implement, but very interesting.

christmas email templates

By the way, by implementing email gamification, we reached a 38% click rate and a 6.6% open rate for our client Karcher.

The Footer of the Template for the Christmas Letter

You may also style this block like a header. However, take into account small differences. After all, the footer is the part that stores important information about the brand, its contacts, social networks, address, applications, etc. Therefore, you should not overload and distract the reader from the essentials. Here are some options that definitely won’t hurt:

  1. Social network icons. You may decorate them with New Year’s elements or paint them in festive colors. In such a way, you will encourage the reader to click on the icon in the holiday newsletter.

christmas email templates

2. Background. You can also use both static and animation, only with less color saturation. Remember, the main goal is not to distract from what is important.

christmas email templates

Recommendations for Christmas Newsletter Texts

And what to do with the texts? We have already revealed the requirements for texts for emails not to end up in spam. Let’s also discuss how to impress the reader with your text in the Christmas email.

Start with the subject of the holiday email, which speaks about the benefit for the reader, personal offers, and the uniqueness of the promotion. But don’t be too loud. Take care of everyone. Example:

  • Complete the puzzle and get a discount
  • The best tires from different price segments
  • What will you put under the Christmas tree from (company name)?
  • Buy festive items with discounts of up to 55%

Then go to the text on the banner. Let it be festive and concise. Make it convey the main idea of the email. Let it be remembered. Example:

  • Gifts for her and him
  • Marathon of New Year’s discounts
  • Create a New Year’s miracle
  • Novelties under the Christmas tree

And finally—the main text. Here you should not overdo it with emotions, but still create a feeling of celebration, warmth, and care for the client. After all, small surprises, gifts, smiles, and discounts will not hurt anyone. We recommend you to act, but carefully. Examples:

  • Children look forward to the holidays more than anyone else. So take care of the important things for the little ones! We have collected the best ideas for gifts under the Christmas tree, which will make the eyes shine.
  • The holidays are coming. And the time to buy dream gifts under the Christmas tree is getting close. So don’t struggle, scroll through our selection of ideas and choose precious surprises for your loved ones and for yourself. And for a purchase of $199 or more, you will receive an incredible limited edition “Shining Snowflake” bracelet!
  • Hello, 2023! In the new year, we wish you strength and inspiration for new challenges. More joy, warmth, and goodness. Well, the most important thing is the realization of all your plans. For this, you will definitely need high-quality auto goods, look for them at www…!

Combine strong texts with a stylish and festive design, and capture the hearts of customers. So they will be waiting for your emails like Kevin is waiting for his parents to come back to celebrate Christmas together!


The era of boring emails that immediately went to spam is over. Holidays are a parade of beautiful, interesting, interactive emails. They allow the brand to increase revenue, and the reader to receive aesthetic pleasure. It’s an opportunity to have fun and relax. Use the offered template for Christmas letters the next holiday season. For now, you may find more ideas for holiday emails and tons of inspiration here.  

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Written by
Natali Kadegrob

Natali Kadegrob at Promodo

Written by
Kate Ochychenko

Copywriter at Promodo

January 17, 2023
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