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How to Ask for Real Estate Reviews: Proven Tactics to Increase Client Feedback

May 30, 2024
15 mins

As part of your real estate SEO marketing, it is essential to communicate with your current and potential clients. In today’s blog post, Promodo marketers share the best search engine reputation management SERM advice to help local realtors acquire and retain loyal clients. In this pursuit, it is vital to ask clients for reviews and encourage individual feedback across digital marketing platforms.    

Why Are Reviews Important to Real Estate Agents

Like in any other overcompetitive niche, real estate agents depend primarily on local reviews. Genuine client feedback serves as social proof of evidence about the quality and convenience of the agent’s service. Often, a client’s resonance with social media reviews becomes a final point in making an informed decision favoring a referred realtor. 

Importance of reviews for local SEO

And there’s much more to review for real estate agent. Much of the real estate business depends on reputation — a major prerequisite of a client’s trust. Here at Promodo, we regard a trusted name in real estate as the major asset a local agent or agency may ever have.

The power of online reviews


The Value of Real Estate Testimonials

Reviews for real estate agents are testimonials where clients are willingly sharing their feedback about their hands-on experience with a real estate agent. That’s of critical importance not only for sustaining your current client base but also for spreading a buzzword about your services online. That’s how testimonials will help you build your brand awareness and strengthen your online presence. 

Featured placements on popular real estate directories like Zillow’s Agent Finder will get your realtor’s name among the most reputable local agents across the industry. Take reviews of real estate agents as a golden opportunity to match with potential customers beyond your physical local outreach. Try to win more competitive advantages with options like becoming a Zillow Premier Agent. 

Herewith, bet on the younger generations of prospective clients, namely Gen Zs aged up to 27 and Millennials aged up to 43 respectively. These are your priority demographic groups of home buyers that most depend on online reviews and are likely to connect with realtors on popular social media platforms.

Real estate customer portrait

Most importantly, client reviews serve as a continued source of constructive feedback. Even negative experiences, once properly addressed, hold a major potential to improve the quality of your real estate services and expand beyond the local market.

How to Get Reviews for Real Estate Agents

Now, it’s time to dive into the best-fit approaches to make clients leave feedback on your real estate services. Promodo's real estate SEO experts follow the most effective SERM practices across the real estate niche.   

Whether client reviews may be positive or negative, our decade-long SERM experience shows that it is important to get both in the most natural manner possible. Mistakenly, many agents are trying to save only positive reviews or generate them artificially with the help of available AI tools. Practices like these are inappropriate in the eyes of your clientele and search engine algorithms.  

SERM is naturally integrated into Google's algorithms and is evaluated by assessors. SERM analysis focuses on E-E-A-T factors (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) to assess the reliability of your website's content and the overall reputation of your practice. Incorporating SERM into your SEO strategy will also help you identify both positive and negative patient reviews. Our foremost SERM recommendation is to avoid artificially generating or fabricating patient reviews using AI. Be aware that as of May 5, 2024, Google has enhanced its SERM algorithm, making it more likely to downgrade the online ratings of companies that manipulate their reputation. Vladislav Trishkin, Team Lead SEO at Promodo.

So, what are the proven ways of managing first-hand client reviews?

Asking for Real Estate Reviews

When and how to ask for real estate reviews? Pursuing natural face-to-face conversations with your clients, you’d like to know the best time to request a review. Our practice shows that the best time to ask for a real estate agent review is right after the appointment. 

That’s when your client's mind is fresh and unspoiled by possible doubts. We recommend focusing on three scenarios to ask your clients for reviews:

1. Once you email your clients real estate advice, ask them for testimonials.

2. When you’ve shown a property to your first-time buyer is a moment of physical and deep emotional touch. Alternatively, as a call-to-action, you may request reviews at the end of virtual real estate tours.  

3. Another splendid opportunity is after closing on a property. Sending a personalized email will serve as a perfect reminder of your success as a competitive realtor. 

Responding to Real Estate Reviews

Just as asking clients for reviews, it is not less important to respond to them. Be sure to value the time and effort of the clients awarding you with 4-5-star reviews. Send individual thank-you letters to this dedicated audience. Appreciating your reviewers for taking the time to share their opinions serves as proof of your good name and market reputation. 

As a client-focused and responsive real estate agent, take time to cope with each review individually highlighting the nuances of customer’s experience with you. 

This is much the case when you are bound to cope with negative feedback. Approach these cases with utter attention and sensitivity to a client’s complaint and concerns. Try to communicate each complaint as best as you can to prove your worth. 

Negative real estate reviews

The value of negative feedback is in their power to improve the quality of your real estate services over time.

Overall, sending individual responses to reviewers will help you solidify your lifetime client base and save first-time clients who were not satisfied with your service.   

Examples of How to Ask for a Review as a Realtor

As you may see, there are tons of reasons why you’ll need client reviews to promote your real estate business.

Sending personal emails 

Crafting personalized emails is the best way how to ask for a review as a realtor, This means, you should approach each client individually and consider all the nuances of their interaction with you. 

First off, you should start with a note of appreciation for working with you. This way, you’ll acknowledge your name in a positive light. 

Asking a client to take a few minutes to write a review of their hands-on experience with your service is a polite way to maintain further communication. While you should not ask for sending you a five-star review, it is always a win-win to get sincere and honest feedback that looks natural and trustworthy.

Including email signatures

Often overlooked, email signatures will do a great favor for your realtor. That’s another way you can touch your clients personally in every email you send:

  • Your name
  • Title
  • Business hours
  • Phone number
  • Your brokerage 
  • Social media accounts
  • Listings
  • Testimonial pages.

Calling your prospects

After showing your client a property, it is suggested to make a friendly follow-up call. That’s among the best ways of asking about their impressions and whether they are about to buy a home from you. 


While asking for client reviews, direct them to your agent profile on Google Business or popular local directories like Zillow and Yelp. So, there’s much more than Google reviews for real estate agents online!

Meeting your clients in person

During face-to-face meetings with prospective reviewers, figure out where have they found you online. Then, ask them for the favor of writing a review. Tell them that their experience with you will encourage more people to choose your real estate services. 

Asking customers for reviews indirectly 

You may also submit call-to-action links to the forms where customers may conveniently leave reviews about your service. This way, you’ll direct your prospects to your landing pages or your agent profiles online. These links will serve as accessible entry points during casual exchanges with your potential clients.

Asking for video testimonials

Video testimonials will serve as a great source of inspiration for your future clients. People will see and feel the emotional touch of satisfied clients you’ve worked with. Seeing the smiles on their faces will work as the best proof of quality.

Get the best video testimonials from the clients you’ve shared a great connection. Inspire them to share their story with your target audience.  

Make it all seem natural by mentioning your client’s name. That kind of live feedback will resonate with actual property needs across your immediate neighborhood and community.

As an integral part of your SERM strategy, focus on brand building by featuring your real estate name, logo, and contact details at the start and the end of your video testimonial. That’s one of the surest ways to let more prospective clients reach out.

A final bit of advice here is that video testimonials and reviews well engage across social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. 

Following up on a real estate testimonials

While requesting client reviews, always be polite and not get spammy. Ask a client for a real estate testimonial no more than three times. You may follow up for 30 days accordingly, though do not reduce yourself to begging for reviews. 

Asking for real estate reviews later

More often than not, real estate agents forget about asking clients for reviews right on the spot and even later. Once you’ve missed your golden ask-for-review opportunity, you may always do it later. That said, asking for reviews weeks after closing is a commonplce practice.

Providing your clients with testimonial templates

Throughout your client’s real estate journey, you should strategically bet on customer experience. Therefore, we advise using real estate testimonial templates on a reviews page on your website. That’s where they will be able to read other reviews and send you their own. 

It’s always a great idea to guide your reviewers with write-up questions:

  • Why have you decided to buy/sell your home?
  • What has made you choose me as your real estate agent?
  • What made your experience special with me?
  • What improvements would you suggest to improve my agent’s service?
  • Would you recommend me to other home buyers?

Reviews for Realtors: What Are the Best Platforms to Leave Feedback

Before leveraging the most popular review platforms and listings for realtors, consider the essential factors your potential property customers will look for: 

While opting for the best real estate listings, your prospects would like to see the best real estate descriptions. 

Beyond eye-catchy property images, competitive reviews for realtors contain: 


  • Property value
  • Desirability
  • Future growth potential
  • Access to work areas
  • Business infrastructure 
  • Shopping centers, 
  • Entertainment 
  • educational institutions
  • Transportation
  • Core facilities.  

Price & Budgeting 

  • Homeowners’ association fees
  • Potential repair expenses.
  • Taxes.

Property Type 

  • Condominium
  • Multi-family unit
  • Single-family homes 
  • Townhouse

External Amenities 

  • Gyms 
  • Parks
  • Security services
  • Swimming pools.

In-home Amenities

  • Energy-efficient systems
  • Smart-house features
  • White goods. 


  • Environment
  • Good schools
  • Low crime rates
  • Nice people. 

Be sure to incorporate these property value-added factors into your descriptions to ensure that your listed properties make a perfect match for the real estate needs and aspirations of your targeted clients.

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Beyond a testimonial page on your corporate real estate website, it is crucial to manage active profiles on popular listings for realtors. This way, you’ll permanently monitor your online reputation. To ease your SERM effort, leverage review management tools for real estate agents. 

Top online platforms for realtors
Top Platforms for Realtors

We suggest opening profiles at these TOP real estate listings in 2024 specializes in apartment listings, catering exclusively to renters. With 3D tours and extensive filters, it simplifies the process of finding the perfect rental.

ForSaleByOwner eliminates the middleman by connecting buyers directly with sellers. This platform is ideal for those looking to avoid agent fees and commissions, though it remains useful for agents who see opportunities to facilitate sales. addresses the full spectrum of real estate needs, from buying and renting to selling. Its snapshot feature allows users to quickly view key property details, and its collaborative searching is ideal for families and new couples., backed by the National Association of Realtors, the listing provides a comprehensive list of properties and effectively connects buyers with realtors. The platform offers detailed neighborhood insights and market trends, aiding in informed decision-making.

Redfin delivers a comprehensive experience, including mortgages, rental properties, and an agent database. Its interactive map search and detailed property histories are particularly beneficial for prospective buyers.

RealtyTrac is perfect for those seeking foreclosure and off-market properties. The platform offers detailed property information, making it easier for buyers to identify promising opportunities.

Trulia goes beyond listings by providing local insights such as crime rates, school ratings, and commute times, offering a comprehensive view of potential neighborhoods.

Zillow is a lead real estate platform, renowned for its extensive database of listings. Its key feature, the “Zestimate,” provides an estimated market value of homes, offering buyers and sellers a general idea of a property's worth.

Get More Reviews for Real Estate with Promodo

Our real estate experts are here to help you build and sustain a strong online reputation in the real estate market. That’s a major precondition of acquiring quality leads for your realtor services online. Furthermore, our featured SERM practices will help you sustain a solid client base and increase their lifetime value. Every client’s review counts!

At Promodo, we emphasize client reviews and testimonials because real estate is a sensitive and costly purchase. Before purchasing a piece of real estate, some 95% of potential buyers will be checking your online reviews. 

We process each customer’s feedback individually to make sure your brand’s online impression is spotless. With the accumulation of good reviews for real estate agents, you’ll solidify your market confidence and gain greater trust among potential clients. 

Online Reputation Analysis
We will assess your search engine reputation and develop the best SERM strategy for your real estate brand.

Google Maps Marketing
We will enhance your Google Business Profile rating and provide recommendations to maintain customer trust.

Content Creation
We will provide competitive PR articles about your real estate business to boost your authority on the first page of Google search results.

Local SEO Content Strategy
We will localize PR content and reviews to help your business achieve local success.

SERM Services & Timelines

Let’s grow your trustworthiness together. We will help you increase customer ratings and display them in ways that enhance your brand's credibility!

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Written by
Taras Bereza

Content Marketing Manager at Promodo

Taras has 16 years of hands-on copywriting experience overseas with 3000+ unique copies.

Accredited with Certificate of Proficiency in English (C2 level) by Cambridge University. Studied at Writing Launch Academy (United States) and owns an Academic Writing Certificate from Oregon University. Author of 12 dictionaries with Apriori Publishers.

Written by
Vladislav Trishkin

SEO Team Lead at Promodo

Vladyslav has been working as SEO Specialist for over 5 years.His portfolio of projects includes:, Sinoptik,, etc.

He is a fan of Ahrefs, enjoys reading Google's Assessor's Guide, and is always ready to have a discussion about SEO.His main specialization is promoting content and media projects, and he has numerous successful case studies.

Beneficial link on Vladyslav's expertise:




May 30, 2024
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