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The user interface and experience of your website can make it instantly stand out among the billions of other websites online. Design and experience is the first thing customers see and feel after landing on any web page. The thing that many business owners don’t realize is that when visitors first land on their websites, they don’t usually read the text on the page. Instead, they quickly scan it to find the phrases or images they want, and if they don’t find them, they leave. This is how you either get a sale or lose your traffic and money.

You need to think about
UX/UI if you are:

  • Going to build a new website from scratch, especially an online store
  • Thinking about existing website redesign
  • Have a low conversion rate from traffic to customers
  • Have a high bounce rate for the current traffic

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If you want visitors to stay on your website and be converted into customers, forget about heavy text articles unless you are a news website. The page and the website should be as light, easy to understand and easy to use as possible. Customers want to get the information or products they need quickly and leave. It is up to you to make it simple for them to do that. If you make it hard for them, you will likely lose most of them.

Attention to UI/UX is especially important for eCommerce websites as they have multiple stages to complete leading to the sale. Ineffective sites make it harder on customers by including unnecessary fields and too much required information during the checkout process, increasing the risk of losing customers.

User experience is also important for organic rankings as Google pays attention to bounce rate and considers behavioral signals an increasingly important ranking factor. Developing an SEO friendly Web design is the most efficient method to make your website rank highly within the search results from its launch.

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  • We have expertise in increasing ROI by improving the user experience
  • We don't rely on generic guidelines. We do website usability testing to give you the best advice tailored for your site and your business goals
  • We know all the latest design trends, and we recommend only tried-and-true user experience solutions
  • Our work is recognized by professionals on Behance and Dribble and we've been featured on Web Design Served. Check out our latest projects for Kingston on our Behance page.

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