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A Comprehensive Guide To Content Marketing For Financial Advisors

Content marketing
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September 12, 2023
15 mins

The red ocean market for financial advisors is exceptionally competitive. Finding the way to stand out often requires expert help with content marketing. Being distinct from other financial advisors will take lots of legwork.  Professional help from the content marketing specialist will solidify your individual market stance and enhanced visibility.

In this article, we will dive deeper into the basic marketing strategies applied in  financial advisor content marketing. We recommend them to connect with your target audience and start growing your business. 

Content for financial advisors is far beyond creating engaging blog posts or connecting with your audience  on social media platforms; you need a robust strategy that starts by leveraging the essentials of successful marketing your rival advisors are likely already using. 

Why Financial Advisors Need Content Marketing

🔎 Boosting visibility: A content marketing strategy will rank you atop of the competition in the financial advising niche while you’ll  now have more content to draw from. Content marketing can help with your search engine (SEO) rankings and make your service far more visible to potential clients because you’ll get noticed across more social media platforms. 

🤝🏼Enhancing trust:  Clients are unlikely to contact you if they don't know much about your business and do not feel they can work with you. Suppose you start giving away small bits of information for free and educating your clients with content that resonates with their financial needs.. This is how  you'll demonstrate your knowledge, build trust, and engage clients by introducing your approach. 

👥Generating new leads: A solid  financial advisors content marketing approach with keyword-rich content will  improve your search engine rankings and attract potential clients. You will get quality leads from clients seeking financial advisors or the ones working at your service area.

📈Saving the budget: Content marketing will significantly reduce marketing expenses by attracting and retaining customers organically. By delivering relevant information and building trust, you no longer depend on costly  advertising methods, resulting in a more efficient allocation of marketing budget.

Content marketing statistic

💬Open lines of communication: Apart from enhancing trust by introducing yourself, you can keep lines of communication open with your content marketing strategy. Regular blog posts and social posts will help you engage with your clients regularly and foster more encouraging relationships where they feel more inclined to reach out to you.

📝Keeping clients educated: Content marketing financial advisors should educate clients about complex financial concepts and help them make informed decisions. The information you post online for your clients will boost your website  visits and help you work together to improve the success of your services and their portfolio. 

🥇Staying competitive: Many advisors now use this strategy to gather quality leads and dominate search engine results in their service area. You risk being left behind if you are downplaying an engaging content strategy. 

Understanding The Target Audience For Financial Advisors

Target audience for financial advisors

When crafting any content for your content strategy, you need to have a target audience in mind as a cornerstone for success. 

To choose your target audience, start picturing your ideal client or some of your most loyal clients while you start crafting content or establishing your unique  voice on the market. While most of your clients are working with you to plan their retirement, write content primarily driven towards retirement savings within the client age group. If most of your clients are starting their financial journey, it could be more critical for you to focus on an educational content strategy driven toward beginner investors pursuing to engage their own clients. 

Read more on how to find out what your clients’ needs are in this article.

As you begin to profile your ideal clients through the voice that you'll be writing in for your content strategy, more factors start to come into focus, such as their income level, career stage, financial goals, and common challenges  they are facing. Once you identify some trends across these demographic groups, more content ideas will start flowing to target other potential clients within the same population. 

Another good investment in your content strategy is to get in touch with a SEO expert. They will research what your potential clients browse for  to get financial insights, the keywords still unused  by your closest competitors, and what kind of content will bring the most organic traffic to your website. Contact our SEO professionals to build the converting content strategy.

Take care to view analytics as well and look at your most popular platforms as you start publishing content. That will tell you a lot about the type of content your  potential customers are eager to consume and the best-fit marketing  channels you should opt for to enagage more leads. If you realize that you want to target Gen Zs or Millenials, they may be more apt to watch videos as a primary content channel or stick to podcasting. Older generations like Baby Boomers might look for content on social media platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook instead of Instagram. Whatever the generational choice is, we suggest deploying various channels and media sources to market your financial services.

Content marketing statistic

The final adjustment to make in demographics comes down to language use. If you're trying to target beginners, cut out financial jargon. This way, you’ll communicate with your target audience far more comprehensively without using professional terms.  It is always a good idea to use simple language to put your message across.  

While you gain a more thorough understanding of your target audience, you can fine-tune your content to resonate with them and get closer on their favorite networks. 

Content Marketing For Financial Advisors: Developing A Strategy 

Content strategy

You'll need to define your goals as a financial advisor as you hone in on your marketing strategy. Why do you need a marketing strategy? We covered the topic in detail in this article.

If publishing your content aims to increase website traffic to your main page,  make sure every piece of content you have links back to that page and includes a call to action (CTA). If your goal is to enhance client engagement, ensure there's always a good piece of free information to engage users with your posts. Think about what you want from every post and start brainstorming ideas for titles and topics that will help you publish work that fits your content strategy goals. 

Consistency is the next piece of your strategy, and you should ensure you have a schedule. Taking the titles you've worked on and placing them into a calendar where you can balance various types of content like making an educational blog post one day, an engaging video the other day, and an infographic the day after, will make sure your content doesn't get too stale. Be sure to post at least two-to-three times a week on your network to continue engaging with your audience and proliferating your base of valuable content.

How To Create High-Quality Blog Posts On Finance

☐ Make it original: Create images and blog posts written in your own voice with original content only.  Borrow a few quotes or charts from others, as it will detract from the marketing value of your content.

☐ Optimize: Writing your blog post with optimization in mind and relevant keywords will help improve your content visibility on search engines. 

☐ Think about your goals: Always have a plan in mind for your post, and include a call to action that aligns with your goals at the end of your post, i.e. schedule an appointment with me; comment below if this post has helped you, etc.

☐ Proofread: Proofread, edit, and check any of your content for errors to maintain a professional image. 

☐ Think about the value: Regularly post content that adds value to your clients. Choosing relevant topics like free tax tips or your expert opinion on the trending financial issues will keep people reading and sharing your posts.

☐ Make content readable: Break up your content with images,  bullet points, and headers so it's easy to read.

☐ Keep it simple: If you're going to use financial terms, explain them at the beginning of the article and try not to overwhelm your readers if you're speaking to an audience of finance experts.

☐ Hook your readers: Work on the titles and headlines of your posts to hook readers and get more clicks.

☐ Followup: Analyze stats on your content to see what's popular and create other posts that branch out on the topic or add to it. Keep engaged with the comments on your post to encourage readers to comment and speak to you.

How To Utilize Visual Content In Finance Posts

To make great content, you need to have great visuals. It can be overwhelming to see a wall of text while trying to create quality content. An excellent way to break up your text is to fill it with financial diagrams, charts, infographics, or even with real-life images of your hands-on financial experience .

Using images in text statistic

Pictures can help break down complicated concepts and help your readers feel more connected. Make sure that every image you add is of high quality and relevant to the topic. Edit them to fit your professional style.

How To Leverage Social Media Marketing As A Financial Advisor

Social media marketing

Content creation is only an aspect of a content marketing strategy. Leveraging social media to connect with your client base on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram will help you share valuable content and offer professional insights and financial tips. Social media platforms are among the best ways to engage with your audience through messaging and sharing. 

Utilizing a content strategy across several social media networks is an excellent way to improve your engagement. Be sure to research the platforms your clients are using  most and actively participate in themed discussions across these networks. 

Implementing Email Marketing Campaigns As An Advisor

Email marketing is another valuable tool for financial advisors to reach out and establish communications with their prospects. An email newsletter or cold email communication is your golden opportunity to deliver personalized advice and share new and relevant content. 

Email marketing statistic

Arranging a market watch email newsletter or connecting with your clients once a week to share financial news on market changes are relevant to the target  recipients across your mailing list. As you add more value to these emails, you can build a better sense of rapport with your clients and establish trust by providing them with free financial advice. Here you can learn more about what it takes to launch a successful email campaign in the financial industry.

Be sure to include a clear call to action (CTA) in every email to make clients schedule appointments with you, attend webinars, or forward your emails to their friends and family members. This is how you’ll get more quality leads  over time.


How often do financial advisors need to post content?

While this question has no easy answer, consistency is the key to content marketing. You could start with posting once a week or delivering a weekly or monthly email newsletter, but with most types of social media content, you should post at least two to three times a week to see the results. 

What types of content help financial advisors get more clients?

Various types of content serve different purposes for financial advisors. Blog posts make an excellent way to provide in-depth explanations and help describe financial terms. Videos are perfect to connect with your prospects and highlight  your personality. Posting images or infographics display complex financial data,  while launching a podcast can be an excellent way to interact with the audiences  who prefer financial advice on the go. You will have to mix these media types based on demographic targeting of your audience. Also, be sure to do some fine-tuning based on the analytics and engagement with each media type. 

How do I measure the success of my content marketing strategy?

Most financial advisors are measuring the success of their content marketing strategies with crucial performance indexers based on the content goals. These can be website traffic hits from the links in their content, comments on their social media posts, open rates on their emails, or lead conversions through on-site forms. When you begin a content marketing strategy, watch the stats of your content performance to make further adjustments where necessary.

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Written by
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Content Marketing Manager at Promodo

Immersing myself fully in any topic I explore and my appreciation for simplicity are the driving forces behind my work.

September 12, 2023
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